[ Read Online Poems of Fernando Pessoa Þ american-revolution PDF ] by Fernando Pessoa ↠´ usobet.co

[ Read Online Poems of Fernando Pessoa Þ american-revolution PDF ] by Fernando Pessoa ↠´ Fernando Pessoa, early 20th century favorite of C.
K Williams, W.
S Merwin, Mark Strand, and other poetic illuminaries, took the childhood game of imaginary friends to another level He developed various personas to write under, and this collection from City Lights books in San Francisco includes a few of them.
Though I found many poems lackluster and or treating on topics that didn t stir much interest, I ll accent the positive that the good poems brought for me as a reader The first persona featured is Alberto Caeiro Here the translators Edwin Honig and Susan M Brown include segments from a long poem called The Keeper of Sheep Caeiro is used to present a distinct view of life as seen, for example, in VI To think of God is to disobey GodBecause God wanted us not to Fernando Pessoa deu lhe vida em Lisboa, mas levou o a viver no sossego do Ribatejo trazendo o de volta capital para morrer tuberculoso ainda muito novo.
Foi assim, simples e sem sobressaltos a vida do meu Pessoa favorito poeta da natureza, da objetividade, das sensa es.
A sua poesia fala por si, na linguagem simples e ing nua de quem s fez a 4 classe, um louvor aos sentidos, alegria de viver contemplando a realidade, sem pensar e sem necessidade de explica es Apela a uma vida sem dor, sem desgostos e sem receio da morteQuando vier a Primavera,Se eu j estiver morto,As flores florir o da mesma maneira as rvores n o ser o menos verdes que na Primavera passada.
A realidade n o precisa de mim Se depois de eu morrer, quiserem escrever a minha biografia,N o h nada mais simples.
Tem s duas datas a da minha nascen a e a da minha morte.
Entre uma e outra coisa todos os dias s o meusPerdoem me a At Last, At Last, At Last, Pessoa Again More Pessoa One Of The Very Great Poets Of The Twentieth Century, Again And And One Of The Fascinating Figures Of All Literature, With His Manifold Identities, His Amazing Audacities, His Brilliance And His Shyness I Think I Have Under Control The Reluctance I Feel In Having To Share Pessoa With The Public He Should Have Had All Along In America Until Now, Only The Poets, So Far As I Can Tell, Have Even Heard Of Him, And Delighted And Exulted In Him He Is, In Some Ways, The Poet Of Modernism, The Only One Willing To Fracture Himself Into The Parcels Of Action, Anguish, And Nostalgia Which Are The Grounds Of Our Actual Situation C K Williams Pessoa Is One Of The Great originals A Fact Rendered Striking By His Writing As Several Distinct Personalities Of The European Poetry Of The First Part Of This Century, And Has Been One Of The Last Poets Of Comparable Stature, In The European Languages, To Become Known In English Edwin Honig S Translations Of Spanish And Portuguese Poetry Have Been Known To Anyone Who Cares About Either, Since His Work On Lorca In The Forties, And His Selected Poems Of Pessoa Was A Welcome Step Toward A Long Awaited Larger Colection W S Merwin Fernando Pessoa Is The Least Known Of The Masters Of The Twentieth Century Poetry From His Heteronymic Passion He Produced, If That Is The Word, Two Of Our Greatest Poets, Alberto Caeiro And Lvaro De Campos, And A Third, Ricardo Reis, Who Isn T Bad Pessoa Is The Exemplary Poet Of The Self As Other, Of The Poem As Testament To Unreality, Proclamation Of Nothingness, Occasion For Expectancy In Edwin Honig S And Susan Brown S Superb Translations, Pessoa And His Others Live With Miraculous Style And Vitality Mark StrandFernando Pessoa Is Portugal S Most Important Contemporary Poet He Wrote Under Several Identities, Which He Called Heteronyms Albet Caeiro, Alvaro De Campos, Ricardo Reis, And Bernardo Soares He Wrote Sublime Poetry Under His Own Name As Well, And Each Of His Voices Is Completely Different In Subject, Temperament, And Style This Volume Brings Back Into Print The Comprehensive Collection Of His Work Published By Ecco Press In The poet is a faker Who s so good at his act He even fakes the pain Of pain he feels in fact.
N o sou nada.
Nunca serei nada.
N o posso querer ser nada parte isso, tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo Stanza of Alvaro de Campos Fernando Pessoa Segue o teu destino,Rega as tuas plantas,Ama as tuas rosas.
O resto a sombraDe rvores alheias Fernando PessoaO que que me tortura Se at a tua face calma S me enche de t dios e de pios de cios medonhos N o seiEu sou um doido que estranha a sua pr pria alma Eu fui amado em ef gie num pa s para al m dos sonhos Fernando Pessoa 35 Fernando Pessoa .
Fernando Pessoa is all humanity compressed in one soul Pessoa is torn into many personalities, because he has too much to say and because he can t say anything Words are smoke, love a delusion, existence a sham, truth a perception, idea a dream and the only reality is Nothingness The only truth is the ineffability of emotions The rest, as Nabokov said, is rust and stardust Whether we write or speak or do but lookWe are ever unapparent What we areCannot be transfused into word or book.
Our soul from us is infinitely far.
However much we give our thoughts the willTo be our soul and gesture it abroad,Our hearts are incommunicable still.
In what we show ourselves we are ignored.
The abyss from soul to soul cannot be bridgedBy any skill of thought or trick of seeming.
Unto our very selves we are abridgedWhen we would utter to our thought o

Alberto Caeiro o heter nimo mais naturalista, mais contemplativo das realidades despojadas de cultura e de cria o antr pica e mais entregue s filosofias simples mas que encerram as verdades mais universais de um dos poetas mais multifacetados da poesia europeia Caeiro nasceu, segundo Pessoa, rf o de pais, criado por uma tia av idosa, num ambiente campestre, um simples guardador de rebanhos , express o aproveitada por Pessoa para a inserir no conceito mais metaf sico e filos fico poss vel Caeiro o poeta contemplativo, o poeta do olhar n tido como um girassol , o poeta que v , da sua aldeia tudo quanto se pode ver no Universo , o poeta que n o se importa com as rimas, que sonha com a sua vida como um carro de bois , que almeja ser o p da estrada , que se contenta com o misticismo e que exige que, se um dia lhe quiserem oferecer, em l Some might consider it eccentric that I could feel closer to Pessoa, this restless and mysterious Portuguese poet with a rather tragic life, than to actual living people with whom I share real conversations in my everyday life He was a Shepherd of ideas, poetry his only way of existence, he who embraced solitude and anonymity with grace He chose writing as his only release Well then, I choose him And I do it gladly So, I allowed this shepherd of thoughts to drag me into his world of unsettling and intoxicating verses, where there is no line between real and imaginary lives was he pretending or acting out of sheer spontaneityThe poet is a forger who forges so completely that he forges even the feeling he feels truly as pain He was a thousand different persons in one, always using several literary heteronyms, and with his endless thirst to experience, he pushed his mind to t .

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