Ò Rookie Mistake (Benched #1) Ý Download by Ñ Misha Horne

Ò Rookie Mistake (Benched #1) Ý Download by Ñ Misha Horne 3.
5 4 StarsYou have Mackey, a no nonsense coach.
Then you have Kyle, a rookie college baseball player with one hell of a cocky attitude.
Ooops Let me get you a better view.
Im sorry Let me try again The third time is the charm.
Ahh Here we go.
Where was I Oh yeahdespite his teammates warnings about coach having an interesting way of disciplining, Kyle found himself being interested and turned on rather than scared He knew the elastic straps of his jock framed out his ass like a target, curving around the tops of his cheeks and the backs of his thighs He wasn t the only guy on the team who went commando under his jockstrap But he was the only one about to get spanked that way You will not find an relationship status int his one other than teachet student But there s 4 books in the series, so there s definitely room for things to happen I for one Meh Not interesting at all, maybe because this wasn t even a relationship I found these stories by this writer much better Free M M spanking short Yes, please.

There is just something inherently wrong with this flat pancake ass cover for such a baseball bubble booty licious story The writing s catchy and competent, and the content is spank me f ing hot Got it FREE on and fueled up with some garden variety booty shots.
which complimented it much better.
That was fun.
oh yeah, hot virginal college freshman discovers his need to be disciplined by his coach it s all good Kyle Kelley Is A Center Fielder With An Ego As Big As His Potential He S Always Been The Star Of His Team, The Star Of His School, The Star Of His Town But He S Finding Out College Is DifferentCoach Mackey Is Gorgeous, But Wow, What A Jerk He Doesn T Seem To Appreciate Just How Lucky He Is To Have Someone Like Kyle On His Team He Accuses Him Of Slacking Off At Practice, Expects Him To Follow Every Stupid Rule, And Benches Him During A Game, Just For Mouthing OffWhen His Teammates Warn Him The Coach Has An Interesting Way Of Disciplining Rookies With Bad Attitudes, Kyle Thinks It Sounds Too Good To Be True Until Mackey Calls Him Into His Office And Gives Him A Choice He Can Get Cut From The Team, Or He Can Learn To Behave The Old Fashioned WayThis Word M M Story Includes College Baseball, Locker Rooms, Sexual Situations, And An Over The Knee Spanking Of An Arrogant Ballplayer By His No Nonsense CoachRookie Mistake Is The First Book In The BENCHED SeriesLook For BENCHED Double Play In July, This Is A Stand Alone Story And Does NOT End With A Cliffhanger A coach has to teach his new team members to follow directions One baseball player likes the lessons than the other guys The story of a cocky athlete with an interested cock Enjoyable short story.
When cocky baseball jock, Kyle, disobeys his coach for the last time, he s in for some hard spanking discipline.
Overall, not a bad book I understand it s the first part of a book or a first book in a series so there s still a lot of things to develop and evolve So I am definitely not shying away for some part two.

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