Download Epub Format ☆ Sahara Man: Travelling with the Tuareg PDF by ß Jeremy Keenan

Download Epub Format ☆ Sahara Man: Travelling with the Tuareg PDF by ß Jeremy Keenan Jeremy Keenan Travelled To Algeria In Search Of The Tuareg, The Fearsome Indigo Veiled Nomads Of The Central Sahara With Whom He Had Lived As A Young Anthropologist A Chance Meeting Set Him On His Way To The Tuareg Traditional Fortress, The Vast Mountainous Area Of Ahaggar, In The Tracks Of Bandits, His Tent Pitched Beside Caves Decorated With Pre Historic Paintings Here He Discovered That The Tuareg, Who Had Learned To Survive As Tourist Guides After The Horrors Of Algeria S War Of Independence, Were Now Being Starved Out Of Their Livelihood By The Violence In The North This Vivid And Fascinating Book Takes Us Into The Heart Of The Sahara And Into The Lives Of The Tuareg, Into Keenan S Own Past And Into The Fearful History And Present Day Experience Of Algeria Itself

The author returned to Algeria after many years away and , I guess, went searching for ghosts of his past He bumped into a younger man, Mokhtar, and they took a look at the Hoggar region together It s a very simple story but it does give an insight into return and to making a new, and different, connection with a region.
A great travel book Keenan is a respected anthropologist who in recent years has perhaps been slightly too enamoured with conspiracy theories about CIA involvement and false flag operations in North Africa But don t let that deter you this book is a wonderful account of Algeria, the Tuareg and how things had changed for both in the c.
30 years since he had been there.

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