Trailer  Saving The World and Other Extreme Sports PDF by ✓ James Patterson

Trailer  Saving The World and Other Extreme Sports PDF by ✓ James Patterson There were so many plot twists in this book that I don t even know where to start Max and the flock are back to save the world and travel it as well Angel s mind altering ability comes in very handy this time around and Ari is back with a new attitude The School has begun eliminating the failed experiments and Max and her flock are on the list They just need to stop the Re Evolution plan first The action is non stop and Max s sarcasm keeps a smile on your face Old friends are revisited and new ones are made The short chapters make this a quick enjoyable read I really like the flow of the story line and looks forward to continuing the series.
This is actually the third book in the series I have not read the first two but When the Wind Blows of which this series was based on, is one of my favourite books by James Patterson.
When I heard that Patterson had written a children s novel I was surprised Knowing what his adult books are like, I couldn t imagine how he could write for children without being to scary I find his writing style completely different in this book, it is hard for me to think of the books as having the same author.
Speaking of writing styles, the book is written differently than most books It is like there is a narrator who is sitting next to me, telling me the story Quite a few times the reader is directly addressed This put In MAXIMUM RIDE Saving The World and Other Extreme Sports, The Time Has Arrived For Max And Her Winged Flock To Face Their Ultimate Enemy And Discover Their original Purpose To Defeat The Takeover Of Re Evolution , A Sinister Experiment To Re Engineer A Select Population Into A Scientifically Superior Master Raceand To Terminate The Rest Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, And Angel Have Always Worked Together To Defeat The Forces Working Against Them But Can They Save The World When They Are Torn Apart, Living In Hiding And Captivity, Halfway Across The Globe From One Another Okay, I would love to give this book ever so many stars, but nothing ruins a book like half a ed politics.
I mean, really James, or whoever really wrote this who is brilliant and the object of my emulation in so many ways , do you really want all children to be socialist democrats It s just hilarious to me how present players refuse to learn from history the alternative being that they are students of history, bent on repeating it over and over again, not caring how many people die as long as it s the right people.
Boo on that.
Oh, and kids with sticks and rocks overthrowing a huge, top secret, billion dollar facility with no mention of casualties Like most of the book, I m pretty sure that s just a pie in the sky dream for Max, and if it wasn t so dangerous and historically flawed I could let it go The French wanted to kill their royalty, the Germans blamed their problems o view spoiler Max and Fang Two peas in a pod I ve got your back, you got mine, kind of relationship Right That s all it is Wrong Fang and Max share a kiss Awkward While things remain weird and unsolved amongst them, they end up stuck with the whitecoatsagain Once they are able to escape, Max makes a spur of the moment decision She decides to spare the life of a former enemy who once tried to kill her and invites him along Fang utterly disagrees He believes Ari, the former enemy, whether the decision to help them escape was honest or a scam, can t be trusted Max believes differently Max and Fang both believe strongly about their opinion and can t agree They end up going their separate ways Max, Angel, Nudge, Total, and Ari go one way Fang, Iggy, and Gasman go the other Will Max and Fang be able to make things right Or will Fang and his group be too late to h Hi, I said lamely Unfortunately, finding out who my parents actually were had not improved my social graces by leaps and bounds Oh, wellThe quote above shows exactly why I like this book Max is so sarcastic and I love the touch she gives to converstations For example the way she mocks Ter Borcht and the scientists is so funny Loved to read those parts When I was finished, I was so scared that this great series would be over, but thanks to Mr Patterson, there is much to read I give this book 3 stars Can t give the book , because this book is so full of action and plot twists, that I can t keep up with it Sometimes it s just too much and it gets unbelievable at some points Also I don t even have time to process some of the plot twists, because a new one gets slammed in my face already A little less would be better in this book, to my taste.
And I m kinda Just like the last two books, Max is on the run Evil Erasers are after her, only now they re robotic And there are evil scientists, all ready to be the most clich villains imaginable.
I actually took notes on this book It was so bad I didn t want to forget a single moment.
The book opens with a two page scene in which the main villain introduces herself by casually ordering everyone to die Only it s not scary so much as flat, cheesy, and so cardboard evil I almost laughed First two pages, and you can predict everything the bad guys are going to do.
Next chapter, the necessary summary of the previous books, as this is the third book in the series Only instead of working it into the plot, like any sane book, Max basically takes a time out, reminds the reader you re reading a book here Those of you who picked up this book cold, even tho

This book starts pretty much where the last one left off Itex is all part of the evil military industrial complex and has an evil plan That plan is to kill about half the people on the planet, those not good enough and recreate the world It s up to Max and the flock stop their sinister plan Like the previous books, the pace is fast and fun The author gives a couple of nods to Ian Flemming s James Bond, and that s pretty much the way of his villains They go to great pains to capture the heroes and promise death to them all the book opens with that order , yet they seem to prefer needlessly involved, complicated, and risky plots to eliminate our heroes None of which work In the end, like Bond, this is the villain s undoing Further, Patterson replaces Erasers with remarkably Terminator like replacements Fortun There was a metaphorical hole in my heart A spiritual void and yearning for oblivion My hands didn t want to turn the pages of the many books I own Too lazy What s the point I ll still be me Nothing on tv All of these channels and NOTHING on It s probably broken There s no way that the same show is on every channel I was bored There was nothing to do Pretty much the mental equivalent of food in the fridge and there s nothing good tasty to eat I ve got nothing I m a wasteland There s no party in my mouth and no one is invited All alone Fifth graders are probably smarter than me I could find out for sure but I m too lazy and there s nothing on tv And in the dead television set a voice spoke to me To me It said, Mariel It was eerie, believe me Not only was it broken, it was also unplugged And it knew my name and it wasn t Hey, you You reta HATED IT I never hate books This was so poorly written, such a mess of mixed up voice, bad dialog and improbably situations A total waste of paper.

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