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[ Read Online Seasons of the Witch Primer Å abuse PDF ] by Victoria David Danann ð I enjoyed reading this, in spite of the numerous typos and the one or two duplicated paragraphs This is essentially self published by 7th House, and those sorts of issues are typical in independent press releases The Primer is one of the few books that I have used a highlighter in there s a lot of good information here There is also a bit of author bias, the same as any other witch book, but I think that even if you disagree with some of Victoria s views, you will still pick up something that will prove useful in your practice I had to read it once, set it aside and let everything sink in, then pick it up again a few months later and re read.
I also use 7th House s Seasons of the Witch Planner, and while I don t think having the Primer is necessary to use

So much great information This is something I will keep around and read multiple times Make sure to also get a Seasons of the Witch Planner This is another of the reference books you can find in my library It goes perfect with the seasons of the witch calender that comes out each year.
Magick As Art, Skill And Craft Companion Guide To Seasons Of The Witch Calendars And Planner Systems Victoria David Danann Outlines The Magickal System And Philosophy That Serves As Foundation To The Details Of Our Annual, Dated Product Line Reference Section With Alphabetical Listing Of Power Days, Their Meanings And Explanations, Suitable To Keep In Your Planner

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