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[ Read Online Self-Published Kindling ✓ young-adult-paranormal PDF ] by Mik Everett ✓ The beauty of Mik Everett s writing can be summed up in her own words It s a bit funny how we came to live in a motorhome in the first place It s not funny at all, but it s a story I can tell like a joke The beauty of her writing is how easy she makes it to relate to desperate situations Her key tool in this aim is Humor I use the capital, proper noun, form of the word because her jokes have farin common with masters of Satire, like Twain, than they do with the peddlers of offense like Daniel Tosh.
Both have their audience, obviously, but unlike comedians that mock a situation for a quick double shot of Schadenfreude if you don t know German, or haven t seen Avenue Q, it s a German word for the enjoyment of other people s failure or pain , Everett s humor has a clear ever present purpose to it The points she makes, what ridicule she The topic failing at running an independent bookstore while grappling with homelessness is potentially of both professional and human interest to many people If you re reading it to learn about their bookstore business, however, be aware that the subject doesn t begin in earnest until about 20% into the text The text also ends rather abruptly without a resolution There are formatting errors for Kindle indentations, spacing, line breaks.
The bookstore owners seemed to genuinely care about the authors they sold or tried to sell They reached out to local self published authors and stocked their books when no one else would They hosted readings They didn t manage to move any product, though, and sometimes they A Young Family Opens A Unique bookstore To Help Independently Published Authors Tell Their Story But As The Traditional Publishing Industry Begins To Fall, E books Dominate The Book Market, And The Economy Slows, The Family Winds Up Homeless A Big Secret To Keep, As Business Owners While Some Authors Struggle With Addiction And Others Struggle To Tell Their Story, A Young Family Struggles Simply To Survive An excellent book Desires a wide audience Between its heart, humor and message, this was a compelling book with some heavy duty writing in it Consider it an instruction manual.
I love indie literary works, and this book won me over when I read At night when I can t sleep, I string verses together, memorizing them a line at a time I say it craftily like that People appreciate the metaphor Living out of an RV in a Wal mart parking lot with her husband and two children, Mik offers an intimate view of the working poor Through all the bullshit dealings with social services, running her bookshop and keeping her children fed, she still found the time to watch movies with her husband, take her kids to the park and share food and joints with her parking lot neighbors Affliction memoirs are hit or miss, and this was a hit There was no self pity here frustration, need, and even bursts of humor, but no wallowing, resentment or alienation Even down and out, she held on to her compassion and kindness.
For someone so young, Mik has had one hell of a I have been following Mik Everett s burgeoning writing career with heavily piqued interest for a little while now At first, I was just aware of her as a writer on Tumblr with a seriously shitty and long run of misfortune then I realized that through the entire struggle, she was writing, editing, formatting, and working to publish a goddamned book.
It seemed impossible to me that someone could bang out a memoir in a few weeks while being homeless, on the road, and raising a young child It was even harder to imagine that the book would be this gripping and simply well written Which it is Mik is an accomplished and professional grade writer already at 22.
But I didn t go into this book expecting that I jumped in becau This isthan just a book about homelessness Our society compartmentalizes homelessness we put it aside It is us and it is them Mik Everett s Self Published Kindling breaks down the wall between us and them Even beyond that, it is the story of a young mother attempting to do the best she can for her children while running a business The secrecy surrounding the family s situation forces us to think how many people do I know that may be secretly homeless The book also serves as a critique of our modern publishing industry, and it brings issues to the forefront that I had never before considered John s rant regarding jobs and the economy explains how just about every Millenial feels about our situation in this economy All in all, the book serves as both a social critique as well as an economic one More tha Homelessness remains a taboo subject in a city of riches, where there is wealth there cannot be poverty Where there is social mobility, poverty becomes merely a result of laziness and not circumstances Homelessness becomes a self inflicted condition, it becomes internal and invisible No longer does it remain part of something far larger economic devastation, the recklessness of banks or the work of circumstances We choose to avert our eyes, refusing to entertain the thought of how homelessness and poverty remains situational and often circumstances do not discriminate The stereotypes, generalizations and assumptions we form about the homeless are in part due to societal pressure but also out of necessity It becomes incomprehensible and terrifying to think that somebody farhardworking, qualified and successful that yourself could lose their job, savings and home all in one fell sweep

Disclosure I know the author and am represented in the text, as well as quoted But, big but, I had no idea that notes being taken and a book being written was going on, nor was I aware of any of the author s back story All I was aware of was that this person owned and operated a bookstore in Longmont, Colorado, in the Spring of 2013 That said, I m going to be brief.
This book is raw, shocking, disturbing, heart wrenching, and unambiguous Insurgent and emergent You SHOULD read it buy it if you re interested in the current state of writing, publishing, small business, homelessness, and or family poverty in America To be clear I don t condone all the behaviors acted out, positions taken, or choices made by the author, but it is a remarkable book This memoir is audacious and honest and the author, all of t I really enjoyed this book I found it shocking, and absorbing, and very thought provoking.
The book explores the reality of homelessness and self publishing in gruesome detail In a quiet way, it reveals the truth about the US the heartlessness of authorities who ask a woman with a young family to submit endless paperwork before they ll give out food stamps, the businesses who want homeless people moved on, the landlords who evict the family over the weekend when they have no access to services and then the kindness of other homeless people who buy food and pitch in to help in a way that should shame the richer members of society On the one hand, reading, I felt, hmm, this isthan I need to know in terms of the minutiae of daily life but on the other hand I thought,

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