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Ü Read Ö Sit. Stay. Love. by Karis Walsh Ë City Girl Alana Brendt Accepts A One Year Contract As An Event Coordinator In Remote Yakima, Washington, To Reboot Her Career So What If She Padded Her R Sum A Little Doesn T Everyone Then She Discovers She Has To Lead Trail Rides And Whitewater Adventures, Not Just Coordinate Them Add A Litter Of Puppies Underneath Her Rickety Farmhouse S Porch, And Alana Is Desperate Enough To Accept Help From The Local Vet The Gorgeous, Sexy, Outdoorsy Vet Who Is Absolutely Not Alana S Type At AllVeterinarian Tegan Evans Avoids The Tourist Side Of Yakima, Venturing There Only When An Animal Needs Her Tourists Only Break Your Heart Still, She Can T Resist Helping Alana, Who, Despite Being In Over Her Head With Rambunctious Puppies And A Job She Is Barely Qualified To Perform, Seems Determined To Make A Success Of ThingsAlana And Tegan Both Know They Don T Belong Together Only Problem Is, They Re Falling In Love There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to read Sit, Stay, Love by Karis Walsh The moment I saw that gorgeous furry face with the sad eyes, floppy ears, button nose, and cute little red eyebrows on the cover, I was hooked Then I saw the author s name, and I was evenhooked I didn t even read the blurb that went with the cover This could have been a book of Ms Walsh s grocery lists for the past year, and I would have gotten it I can t help it I m a sucker for a cute furry face.
Thankfully, this is way better than a compendium of grocery lists It s actually a lovely, feel good romance that will leave you smiling long after you close the cover The main characters, Alana and Tegan, are likeable and well developed, as are the secondary characters around them The setting is beautiful and perfect for the story And the This was an enjoyable piece of fluff I ve been a Walsh fan for a while Her writing really works for me Even though her books arelow key, not a lot of excitement or drama, they are comfortable stories which is a nice change of pace Walsh is also really good about using the setting and her character s jobs very purposefully which really adds to the reading experience Her choice of places and jobs are almost never exciting, but it doesn t matter as she sucks you into the setting and the character s lives and you can t stop reading I don t know any other author who constantly does that like Walsh does so I have to give her some major credit There have been a ton of reviews for this book already so I m going to keep mine on the shorter side and I m skipping the summery I really don t have much to complain about except I wish the book was a tad longer I was enj

This is one of the cutest books I ve read in a long time, and not just because there are animals but also because, you know, puppies After being betrayed by her boss, which, according to her, is worse than being betrayed by a girlfriend, Alana ends up in Yakima, Washington, far from the deluxe hotels she s always aimed to work for Refusing to be bitter about the situation, she does her best to do right by her new boss, a sweet guy who s way in over his head with his new dude ranch Tegan is the town vet and understands right from the start that Alana is out of her element At first wary of her, she soon realizes that Alana could very well be the one who will break her heart.
I liked Alana from the start She s smart, kind, sweet, open minded Tegan is also really nice and of course they are meant for each other The rom Puppy love Alana fudges her resume to get hired on as an activity planner for a yet to be opened hotel in Yakima Now she is expected to hop on a horse and do trail rides with guests Only problem is that she has never been on a horse before Tegan is the local Yakima vet She goes to the hotel to administer some shots to the horses and can sense something is off with Alana The writing had just the right amount of description to set the scenes.
I felt as if I was on the ranch with them The relationship between Alana and Tegan was sweet and grew naturally The writer gave them valuable time and experiences together that made their connection believable The end seemed a little bit rushed to me But it was sweet nonetheless I recommend this to those who want to read about romance, ranches, hospitality, horses, and puppies I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest review.

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