Trailer É Spellbound (The Books of Elsewhere, #2) PDF by ✓ Jacqueline West

Trailer É Spellbound (The Books of Elsewhere, #2) PDF by ✓ Jacqueline West Mysterious evil lurks at every corner in the second installment in The books of Elsewhere, Book 2 Spellbound It has only been a few weeks since Olive buried the sinister painting of Annabelle McMartin and has broken the magic eyeglass frames of creepy Aldous McMartin Of course, Olive feels obligated in trying to save her friend Morton from his permanent purgatory of being a painted person instead of being human So, she tries again to search for clues in her home with her three feline friends, finding trouble everywhere she goes.
SPOILER ALERT Featured in this second story is my favorite cat, Harvey, who happily lives in many guises and delusions, but you get the feeling this feline is just crazy like a fox, and dons his goofy personalities to throw people, animals and otherworldly creatu This sequel was just as appealing as the original book Olive, who lives in a house formerly occupied by a family of witches and filled with paintings that are portals to mini worlds, continues to interact with the people in the paintings She has to resist the seductive power of the house to divert her from her real goal trying to save a boy who s been trapped in one of the paintings for eighty years and battling others who are either responsible for or complicit in his entrapment The talking cats who live in the house play a bigger role than in the previous book and they are good for comic relief especially Harvey A new character, Rutherford, an eccentric neighbor boy, befriends Olive and he, like Olive, is a nice rounded character We also learn about two women in the ne Loved itand so, it seems, do the young readers who ve been anxiously waiting since last summer for this second in the Elsewhere series The power and charm of West s writing for children seem to lie in her delightful sense of humor, her sensitive portrayal of young characters, and her unerring recall of even the most detailed childhood experiences Yes, those Freeze Pop bags do sort of cut the inside of your mouth while you re sucking the last of the flavor out of the icicle inside I m enjoying the book again on my car s CD player this week.

Fast paced, weird, mystery and a dash of spooky I liked this a lot nod Spellbound, the second novel in The books of Elsewhere series features Olive a young girl who is determined to help free her friend Morton from the painting he is trapped in Where in book one Olive had magical spectacles that allowed her to enter paintings, now she will need something Something that seems to be calling her to release it from the clasp of a pair of large bony hands Will Olive be able to convince the three guardian cats of the house to help her Or will the new boy next door have the key to freeing Morton I absolutely adore this story in part to the author s style of descriptive writing and use of imagery Especially with the addition of the inquisitive next door neighbor boy and the mysterious Mrs Nivens I also really love the illustrations which contain equal parts of spooky and suspense Olive is such a fun character who I think many peopl I liked it It s spooky, mysterious, and pretty good.
read full review on Cracking the Cover Spellbound opens where The Shadows left off Olive successfully stopped the McMartins, but Morton is still trapped inside Elsewhere Olive s magical glasses broke in the battle, and she has no way to get back inside the paintings on her own The three guardian cats could help her return, but they re reluctant to help.
With each day that passes, the weight of leaving Morton behind grows So when Rutherford, Olive s new neighbor, suggests the McMartins may have had a spellbook, a new hope blossoms With the spellbook she might be able to save Morton.
Olive thought the house s secrets had been uncovered, but at each turn, are exposed, and if Olive s not careful, they might just suck her b The Mysteries Grow Deeper And The Secrets Darker In The Second Volume Of The New York Times Bestselling books Of Elsewhere SeriesWith No Way Into The McMartin House S Magical Paintings And Its Three Guardian Cats Reluctant To Help, Olive S Friend Morton Is Still Trapped Inside Elsewhere So When Rutherford, The New Oddball Kid Next Door Mentions A Grimoire A Spellbook Olive Sees A Glint Of Hope If She Can Find The McMartins Spellbook, Maybe She Can Help Morton Escape Elsewhere For Good Unless, That Is, The Book Finds Olive FirstThe House Isn T The Only One Keeping Secrets Any You Ll Never Guess What Happens Next In This Thrilling, Chilling Fantasy Series, Perfect For Fans Of Pseudonymous Bosch, Coraline, And Septimus Heap This is proving to be a really delightful, well written series It moves along at a nice pace, without feeling rushed or thin Marvelous storytelling Excellent, likable, well developed characters, and a rich, imaginative plot Ideal for middle grade and junior high readers and listeners, but I m also having a great time reading it aloud.
This second book in The books of Elsewhere series is just as magical as the first Olive is still searching for a way to save Morton, the boy trapped inside a painting Now that the spectacles are broken, Olive must rely on the permission of one of the three cats to enter the paintings But nothing she tries is working So when her new neighbor, Rutherford, mentions that there may be a spellbook left by the McMartins, Olive immediately begins searching When she finds it though, she may not be ready for what it brings with it Plenty of adventure, magic and surprises await the reader.
West writes with an ease, a comfort that makes the book read quickly At the same time, she does use imagery very well, especially wh

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