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Download Epub Format Á Succubus Lord PDF by ó Eric Vall Disclaimer This Series Is About A Guy That Summons A Harem Of Hot Succubus Women And Then Battles Demon Lords To Save The WorldDisclaimer It S Way Raunchier Than My Other Novels You Ll Probably Love It This is definitely raunchy than the author s other books but is mainly in the character interactions.
I don t remember there being any descriptions of the bedroom antics that the MC gets into or the supporting characters The only idea of what happened is really talk about it afterwards or jokes made at the villian s expense.
The MC and his imp sidekick are a pretty funny duo with how they act towards one another They have a good bro friendship and are always happy The imp is a stoner stereotype, smoking all the time and being smart on the weirdest of topics The MC is always in a good mood and just takes what life is giving him as it comes With the succubi always in the forefront of his mind, it is hard for him to get upset unless he has to to use his powers Just be prepared for a lot of frat humor between the two.
The succubi are prett Looove this book a lot keep it up love your progress just make your books little faster and you might just be my favourite author i read a lot of your books so keep it up The Kindle store suggests books based on your recent reading, and I generally like this kind of fiction.
However, this book was simply terrible The writing was just poor The action scenes were boring The sex scenes were boring.
There was no character development.
I will actively avoid this author from now on.
This entire book is immature The descriptions, the dialog, even the world building was completely immature.
Some examples are The best room at a casino hotel, that has 500 bottles of champagne is 250 a night.
The author thinks an alternator starts a vehicle.
The roommate of the MC blows half the rent money on a demon book and the MC laughs about it.
The story has potential action and snark abound, sex scenes not so much It promises much but doesn t really deliver kinda like the super hot woman who only teases Definitely a maybe on any books The book is fine, very entertaining and funny The plot isn t very original, but is fairly good The magic system is very creative and well done.
The characters are good, the MC and his buddy are very funny and well developed But the women are one dimensional they are there for the fanservice and the needed exposition They aren t very appealing characters.
There is a trend in these books, one I don t like, that the MC embraces his new life and all its craziness at ones, without any hesitation I understand this kind of book doesn t have much depth, but the way they act is weird, and the quickness to develop and use the magic is too much A person has to train years of years to master something it doesn t use his recently acquired powers with mastery in a few minutes and definitely not to defat This is a fun read Some of the mythology is off I think but the text speaks to my interest in heaven and hell politics.

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