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è Summer Half Ù Download by ï Angela Thirkell The Denouement Of Philip Winter S Ill Begotten Engagement To Featherbrained Rose Birkett Is Enacted In Full View Of Southbridge School S Extended Family During A Holiday Break Everyone, Including Her Parents, Is Rooting For Philip S Escape Which Occurs When Rose Breaks It Off As The Utter Dullness Of Being Engaged Overwhelms Her Along The Way, We Enjoy The Tea Party Where Rose, Through Sheer Want Of Personality Brings The Talk To Her Own Level And Confounds Her Audience By Insisting That Hamlet And Shakespeare Are Both Names Of Plays And Probably The Same One As In Many Of Thirkell S books, The Characters Refer To A Body Of Literature, Both Classic And Modern, With A Casualness That Would Be Improbable Today The Assumption Of A Shared Background And Culture Having Been Lost The Ceremony Of The Cleaning Of The Pond By Lydia, Eric Swan And A Much Improved Tony Morland Brings The Holiday To A Satisfactory Conclusion I m quite enchanted What a pleasure to immerse oneself in Angela Thirkell s 30s world of ordinary but endearing and amusing people I particularly loved the subtleness of Kate and Carter s romance He is introduced to her, and he thought he saw his journey s end What a lovely and perfect description of the beginning of true love at the first meeting Kate not being a flashy beauty, so the feeling is certainly not lust based I admired how well they all know their classical literature and quote from it in all the right places, with that self deprecating humour that saves them from sounding stuffy or snobbish That s one of the reasons I like Dorothy Sayers Peter Wimsey novels, too And I m happy because there are at least 3 4 of these books for me to savour.
Every time I go to my book guru s little book shop in town located deliciously and somewhat dangerously nearby I stumble upon something unexpected Yesterday I went in to see about a lovely old first edition of Heinrich Harrer s Seven Years In Tibet she foundfor me try not to notice the bragging when I discovered that after all this time, she did have some Angela Thirkell I was gobsmacked I wish you all had a book guru Better than Cheers, her establishment even has two cats to greet you, one evil, one sweet If you like that sort of thing and being spoiled by your bookseller, go visit Ms Bobbie at Baytown Bookbarn Proper review to follow Now here s my review I m happy to report that Angela Thirkell s writing is every bit as delicious as I hoped it would be Her prose is very witty and intelligent like only the English can be The setting is a boy s boarding school and a man This book provides a comprehensive impression of English gentry life between wars with its descriptions of boarding schools, steam trains, country homes, punting on rivers, picnics, tennis, clothes, cooks and housekeepers all woven together with a cast of interesting characters who engage in misunderstandings and romantic interludes while speaking brilliant dialogue, frequently using literary quotes and Latin terms to express themselves Nobody does it better than Thirkell, although I found the main characters slightly less interesting in this fifth novel than those in High Rising, the first Barsetshire novel which set the bar high for the entire series.
Angela Thirkell wrote over a dozen novels set in the English countryside between the wars Almost all are reliably silly and very light The characters have grand houses and domestic staff, only a few of them work for a living, and if a man and a woman happen to kiss, they marry soon after Light as they are, her books also include intelligent, sensitive observations of human behavior and references to literary classics and world history The language is elegant, and the stories are tasteful and enjoyable caveat Thirkell will occasionally express a casual bigotry that is consistent with her own time and place Summer Half is a fine example of her work, and it s a restful and enjoyable read.
Colin Keith thinks it s high time he start earning his keep It will be ages before he can practice law and though his dad is a generous man, Colin feels he ought to do to support himself He takes a job at a boys school for the spring term until he can take up the study of law with his father s new friend, Mr Merton Colin s sister Kate also has plans for her future and his little sister Lydia just wants to read and discuss literature The boys are sometimes tough to deal with but even harder is dodging Headmaster Birkett s beautiful daughter Rose Rose is engaged to fellow teacher Philip Winter but flirts with every eligible man around This story didn t interest me much It was way too slow for me and I had to skip over most parts set in the school because the subject is not something I can relate to, not being a boy or having attended boarding school The parts ou Love Angela Thirkell What a lovely story with a happy ending.
Tony Morland makes another appearance.
He is such a wonderful boyish character.
She has an eye for detail which is told with wit and charm.
If I ever need cheering up one of her books are the ones I turn to.
Highly recommended.
A bygone era of class and servants beautifully written.
Marvelous, as Rose would have said How I missed all those people Most of all Lydia and Tony I adore them.
And Thirkell s wit simply wonderful The adventures of Hacker with the chameleon let s say it again marvelous You d love the cook She s a perfect angel, and doesn t mind drowning kittens a bit.
Swan and Morland dematerialised, and suddenly reappeared at the far end of the room, absorbed in books.
I wish you d split that frock for me I loathe it Of course, there was also the wisdom that is always visible in Angela Thirkell s novels When we are young we all look through our elders, to see what lies beyond And when we see what is there, we are the elders ourselves.
On the scale with Thirkell s books that I have read, it wasn t one of the best reading, perhaps because I knew what happened later to the characters So, 4 stars from me, but comp Three and half stars Full review Half by Angela Thirkell was my second foray into the Thirkell novels set in the fictional, rural English province of Barsetshire derivatised from Anthony Trollope s Barsetshire of the Barchester Chronicles series.
I feel that one must be prepared mentally before embarking upon a Thirkell novel While she lacks the sharp wit of Barbara Pym, the superior plot of Stella Gibbons, the excellent writing of Nancy Mitford, there is a soft sleepy British humour in her novels that makes them irresistible to me Therefore, I feel that one should not start reading the novel with a lofty sense of literary expectation.
The books have a weak plot but are filled with a cast of unmistakably middle class British characters who belong to a bygone era Some of them are perturbed with the state of political affairs in pre World War 2 Europe, but for the most part An Angela Thirkell book can always lift my spirits Lovely.

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