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Trailer ¶ Sundays Will Never Be the Same PDF by Ì Darrell Waltrip I am not a NASCAR fan although I have watched portions of a race or two at my son s house I bought the book for him but thought I d read it first It was very well written the story flowed seamlessly, and the characters were colorful and interesting It is really Darrell Waltrip s story, but it gives a glimpse into the NASCAR fraternity and its growth over the years I was taken in by the story and read it quickly Darrell portrays himself as an ordinary rural kid who loved to race and had the good fortune to make it big time I enjoyed the book and recommend it, especially to NASCAR fans.
Sped through this pardon the pun journey through Darrell Waltrip s NASCAR career Easy but informative read The chapters about the death of Dale Earnhardt during the 2001 Daytona 500 are particularly well written and, therefore, tough to read.
For true NASCAR fans, this is a must read Waltrip is as entertaining as ever Quite the pompous ass in his younger days I really enjoyed reading about interactions with his fellow drivers The premise of the book is Daytona 2001, and how Sundays Will Never Be the Same since the death of Dale Earnhardt Senior Learn the behind the scenes details and dramas of pit road Feel the emotion.
happiness and heartbreak on that fateful day Waltrip overjoyed that his brother one the Daytona 500 his first win EVER in NASCAR s top tier racing body after 400 starts , to the devastation of losing a good friend Add Waltrips endless chatter and uncanny ability to speak his mind before he thinks, and you have an entertaining must read This book relives what happened at the Daytona 500 on 2 18 2001 and it s true, Sundays are not the same Even though I am a huge NASCAR fan, I had forgotten some of the happenings leading up to the crash I thoroughly enjoy books written about NASCAR the people involved are like extended family to me Let s be honest, I spend time with them for at least 36 weekends a year I think even though he is working with a writer, DW s unmistakable personality comes through in this book, his brashness, his faith, and his raw sorrow at the death of his friend as well Sunday marks the 12th edition of the Great American Race since the loss of 3 and I will watch the coverage pre race, post race and flag to flag Sundays aren t the same but I still love them.
DW has been my favorite announcer since I started watching NASCAR back in 2010 ish And so when my brother got this book, I knew that I wanted to read it as I knew that DW had been a driver but that was before my days as a fan The story jumps the way that most biographies do I ll never understand that but to me this was than just a book about Darrell Waltrip, it was a nod to all things NASCAR and a touching look at Dale Sr by a man that seemed to know him better than most.
It was an easy read filled with funny antidotes about DW s life and his wife and how he met The Man in Black , a friend turned frienemy due to battles on the racetrack It wasn t all funniness and humor as the book took a darker turn when remembering the crash that took Dale Sr s life.
But I thought that it was handled

What can I say Nobody can tell a DW story like DW Simply enjoyed this book.
February 18, 2001, was the day NASCAR racing changed forever It was the first race of the first season of Fox NASCAR coverage they had been covering speedweeks for the last two weeks it was Darryl Waltrip s first race as an announcer it was Michael Waltrip s first Daytona 500 win, and it was the day Dale Earnhardt crashed in the next to last lap of the race and died.
This book is than a discussion of Earnhardt s death Waltrip covers his career from young dirt track racer, to NASCAR, to the announce booth Although encouraged by his parents, he created his career from the ground up He was lucky, sincere, and hard working He was also honest and funny He tells how his faith in God helped him overcome his bad boy behavi I don t give out 5 star reviews very often.
usually only to books that have a profound impact on my life or a book that just literally moves me emotionally This is one of those books Granted, I m a big NASCAR fan, so no doubt that allowed me to really enjoy this book, but Waltrip wrote the book with Larkin s help in such a way that it brought to the surface his ever changing relationship with Dale Earnhardt as he describes how he grew up and became a racer from the small town of Owensboro, KY The last two chapters, which describe his racing career coming to an end and moving into the broadcast booth, and that fateful day where he witnessed Dale s accident and subsequent demise are pure gold If you like NASCAR, you need to read this book.
I read this book knowing it would be tough Once I finally picked it up, I never put it down Waltrip did a great job at telling the stories of his life At points I laughed, hard At some points, I was so tense I had to make myself relax Knowing beforehand what ultimately happens is what made it so hard to read The accounts of that day and the immediate aftermath were heartbreaking, again You ll learn a lot about Waltrip, where he came from, what drove him, his relationships and his ultimate love for the people and his sport One thing that really weighs heavy on my mind, though, is what he didn t say about Earnhardt It may not be obvious to some, but those pick up on it are sure to be saddened.
Great book by a really good guy From The Former NASCAR Racing Champion And Current FOX Sports Announcer, An Intimate Account Of One Of The Most Dramatic And Tragic Days In The History Of NASCAR The Daytona The Day That Racing Legend Dale Earnhardt, Sr DiedREE TIME NASCAR CHAMPION DARRELL WALTRIP Knew That Big Changes Were In The Wind On The Morning Of February , For The First Time In His Long And Storied Career, Darrell Would Be Watching The Race From The Broadcast Booth High Above The Track, Explaining Its Complexities To A Television Audience Of Millions His Younger Brother Michael Waltrip Would Be Among The Starting Drivers Michael, Who Had Competed In NASCAR Races Without A Win, Would Be Piloting One Of Two Cars Owned By Legendary Driver Dale Earnhardt Earnhardt Would Be Racing Too, As Would Dale Earnhardt Jr The Runner Up For Rookie Of The Year Sundays Will Never Be the Same Opens With A Heart Stopping Account Of That Dramatic Race By The Time The Sun Set On That Day, Michael Waltrip Would Have Captured His First Checkered Flag In NASCAR S Biggest Race, Dale Earnhardt Jr Would Have Placed Second, And Dale Earnhardt, The Sport S Brightest Star, Would Have Passed Into Eternity The Sudden Death Of Dale Earnhardt On The Final Lap Of The Daytona Was A Traumatic Loss For The Entire NASCAR Family, And Few Were Affected Deeply Than Darrell Waltrip During The Course Of Their Tumultuous Thirty Year Association, Dale And Darrell Had Been Friends, Then Frenemies, And Finally Friends Again Darrell Regales The Reader With His Earliest Memories Of The Fiercely Competitive Kid From Kannapolis, And He Describes The Highs And Lows Of Their Relationship Through The Twin Arcs Of Their Overlapping Careers Along The Way, Waltrip Provides A Fascinating History Of Racing In Daytona And Offers Glimpses Of Some Of The Sport S Most Colorful Characters, Including Bill France, Junior Johnson, Cale Yarborough, Bobby Allison, And Richard Petty He Weaves The Story Of His Own Unlikely Journey From The Small Town Ovals And Rural Roads Of Kentucky Where His Talents Were Largely Devoted To Running From The Cops To The Grandest Tracks And Richest Purses In Motor Racing With His Customary Candor, Darrell Gives Us An Insider S View Of Some Of NASCAR S Greatest Battles And Most Memorable Moments This Is An Epic That Only A Storyteller With Waltrip S Access And Experience Could Write Sundays Will Never Be the Same Reaches Its Crescendo With A Heart Wrenching Insider Account Of That Pivotal Weekend In Daytona, Including A Poignant Pre Race Interview In Which Dale Rhapsodized About His Family And His Plans For The Future After The Wreck, Waltrip Takes Us Along On His Frantic Ride To The Trauma Center And Into The Waiting Room, Where Dale S Family And Friends Struggle To Accept The Unthinkable Darrell Recounts The Weeks That Followed The Shock And Disbelief, The Outpouring Of Grief From Around The World, And The Top To Bottom Safety Changes NASCAR Eventually Made In What Would Become The Most Enduring Tribute To Dale Earnhardt And His Legacy With Touching Nostalgia And His Trademark Wit, NASCAR Hall Of Famer Darrell Waltrip Recalls Scenes From His Remarkable Life, Vividly Recounting Memorable Moments With Some Of The Giants Of The Sport Such As This First Encounter With The Young Man Who Would Become His Frenemy, NASCAR S Legendary Superstar, Dale Earnhardt One Evening A Bleary Eyed Mustachioed Young Man Wearing A Dirty T Shirt And Hush Puppies Wandered Into The Shop Carrying A Half Empty Fifth Of Jack Daniel S He Regarded Me Silently For Several Minutes, Taking An Occasional Pull From The Bottle Finally Robert Introduced Us This Here S Dale, Robert Said, In His Virginia Twang He S Married To My Daughter Brenda You May Have Heard Of His Dad, Ralph Dale S A Driver And A Mechanic I Walked Over To Dale And Stuck Out My Hand Darrell Waltrip, I Said Nice To Meet You Dale Drained The Bottle And Tossed It Into A Nearby Barrel, Where It Landed With A Clatter, Then He Wiped His Mouth With The Back Of His Arm This Your Car He Said

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