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[Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra] ☆ Super Panalo Sounds! [x-men PDF] Read Online ç I like his poems better Dont Be Scared, I Wont F You Anyway The subtle sarcasm may be seen in that title of a fictional, twisted love song but SUPER PANALO SOUNDS by Lourd De Veyra still reminds me of Tom Wolfe s Electric Kool Aid Acid Test and the film Almost Famous with ultra hot Kate Hudson as the lead groupie chick since as soon as you begin to enjoy the rise of the greatest postmodern pinoy rock combo, you will be doused with an ice cold beer to realize that the end also, has just begun Typical ending for a good story that would have best represented a rock n roll generation if only this book was published in the 90 s But this central theme will probably make De Veyra s novel a distinctive one given that first I cannot remember a great Filipino novel that centers on the life and death of a rock n roll band and second the obvious wa Super Panalo Sounds Is The First Novel By Award Winning Writer Lourd De Veyra, Who Is Also The Main Man For The Rock Band Radioactive Sago Project This Book Takes Us On The Rough And Tumble Journey Of The Greatest Band You Never Heard, A Story Of Drugs, Rock And Roll, And The Depths Of The Human Soul We Witness Both The Exhilaration And The Ravages Wrought By The Rock Scene Tracing Pinoy Rock History While Creating Its Own Alternative Mythos, Where Rock Gods Walk On Water, Bands Record Mythical Albums And Then Vanish From The Scene, And Kids From Projects Can Change The World With Music, Super Panalo Soundsis A Mind Opening, Mind Altering Cautionary Tale Of How High And How Low You Can Go When You Re Rocking And Rolling Okay, so I m a Lourd de Veyra fan girl This doesn t mean I will be biased in reviewing his first ever novel I actually really give it 3.
5 stars.
I ve read Lourd s poetry, and he has a way with words that match the music he is also well known for Of course, when he dabbled with TV through Word of the Lourd, he became the poster boy for the intellectual astig So when I heard he was releasing a novel, I had a toned down Mondomanila Norman Wilwayco in mind.
So when I opened the pages of SuperPanalo Sounds, I was surprised to find it written in English Facepalm moment Of course he writes in English Duh To be continued Amazing I didn t expect this from Radioactive Sago Project s Lourd De Veyra I read from somewhere that people are claiming De Veyra as the modern day Rizal I couldn t agree In this novel your eyes will be opened to the dirt Manila hides behind it s busy traffic Drugs, crimes, and true pinoy rock and roll It s different from anything I ve ever read Definitely a great find You ll never look at Manila the same way again And as for the music Super Panalo Sounds s music will be trapped in your imagination forever, to each his own Different in every person s head, but still as amazing.
Wow Ang Galing Nya Magsulat Ugh, tatlong beses na palang recipient ng Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature Ngayon ko lang nalaman Ang alam ko lang eh yung mga kalokohan kakulitan nya, at ang nakakatuwang blogs nya Wala, fan na ko, ang galing eh At naenjoy ko talaga yung paraan nya ng paglarawan sa mga sitwasyon at pangyayari, ang galing Clear, creative, real Berigud Sana maging ganun ako Pero ugh, I super suck at writing Anyway, it s a really nice book, you should read it It s about music, drugs, drugs, drugs, and a hell of rock and roll Nice di ba Haha Well, it s also about dreams, opportunities, struggles, failures, reality, lifeDax, Milo, Budik, Zorro and Vic Asan na yung album 1st kong pumunta sa MIBF at 1st time ko rin nakita ang wasak na wasak kong idol na si Lourd de Veyra Binili ko to para magpabooksign din sa kanya Yeah Astig ng novel niya tungkol sa magkakabanda sina Budik, Vic, Milo, Dax, and Zorro Sa sobrang astig, I almost had a nosebleed on those highfalutin words Sir De Veyra used LOL just kidding Sarap basahin Wasak na wasak Sir Lourd, wala akong masabi ASTIG NIYO Cheers At the beginning of this book I already had a bad feeling In the middle, I realized it wasn t a book about musicians who are drug addicts but rather about drug addicts who are musicians.
But when I finished it, all I could think of was, If this were a film it would be a bloody one that would be hurtful to watch but you won t be able to help yourself In short, it s self destructible.
I swear to God.
The twists never end.

Prior to reading this book, I did not know anything about Lourd de Veyra except when I sometimes saw his image on the television while I was at the gym and when he I read his inspirational talk to the graduating students of UP Mass Comm a couple of years ago That commencement exercise speech was written in Tagalog and hit the nail on its head practical, direct to the point and just simply inspiring That gave me a push to line up this borrowed copy of his first novel, Super Panalo Sounds But it took me 2 years to finally crack this open Not because I did not really have the interest but there were just too many other books that competed with my attention for my next read s.
This is my first book by him Never had a chance to visit his blog Never saw him speak Never met him in person It was just that commencement exercise and my friend Emir Book 148 for 2011Fan ako ni Lourd de Veyra Nung nakita ko itong aklat sa National bookstore, binili ko sya agad Ito ang unang nobela nya.
Ang nobela ay tungkol sa musika ang mga magagandang bagay at kadalasan ang mga mga tentaci n at panganib ng mundong ito Kaya nagustuhan ko ito at tinadtad ng post it ang mga paboritong linya ko.
Mapalad ako at nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na magpa autograph kay Lourd Ano ang sinulat nya na dedication Maan, wag tularan ang mga ito SPOILER ALERT Nalungkot ako sa ending Pero siguro sinasalamin lang nito ang totoong buhay.

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