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[ Pdf Sweep of the Blade Ò reference PDF ] by Ilona Andrews ☆ Maud Demille Was A Daughter Of Innkeepers She Knew That A Simple Life Wasn T In The Cards, But She Never Anticipated What Fate Would Throw At HerOnce A Wife To A Powerful Vampire Knight, Maud And Her Daughter, Helen, Had Been Exiled For The Sins Of Her Husband To The Desolate Planet Of Karhari Karhari Killed Her Husband, And Maud Had Spent A Year And A Half Avenging His Debts But Now All The Debts Are Paid Rescued By Her Sister Dina, Maud Had Swore Off All Things Vampire Except She Met Arland, The Marshal Of House Krahr One Thing Led To Another And He Asked For Her Hand In Marriage She DeclinedTry As She Might, She Can T Just Walk Away From Arland It Doesn T Help That Being Human Is A Lot Harder For Maud Than Being A VampireTo Sort It All Out, She Accepts His Invitation To Visit His Home Planet House Krahr Is A Powerful Vampire House, And Maud Knows That A Woman Who Turned Down The Proposal From Its Most Beloved Son Wouldn T Get A Warm Reception But Maud Demille Never Shied From A Fight And House Krahr May Soon Discover That There Is To This Human Woman Than They Ever Thought PossiblePublished As An Online Free Serial Before The Book Is Compiled And Self Published Shortly After Completion I read this book as a full novel not a serial.
It s hard to describe how utterly enthralled I was by this novelFrom the very fist moment I was consumed by the story Of course Maud is so very different from Dina book 1 3 Different but also similar in some ways, which makes sense since they grew up in the same environment But still, both are very distinctive and unique in their personality Maud was incredibly smart in regards to interracial relations, and knowledgable about all kinds of dos and don ts She could be brutal, efficient and ruthless when protecting the people she loved I adored seeing her in action with and without sword Her willingness to give the relationship with Arland a real chance, to give her best, to not let anyone Maud s novella so far is a drippy, uninspiring romance with absolutely boring world building The first four installments consist of Maud approaching the planet where her non fiance vampire is from, landing on the planet and overhearing a gossipy conversation between two women, and then flying with her boyfriend to someplace else Vampires, in this book, stand in for conquistadors, royalty, billionaires or that other ruling house in their Texas series that I also didn t read the romance trope of powerful bad ass family that has orphaned and poor woman both socially and economically unmatched Clearly, the Andrews moving and social media drama has taken a toll, because there s nothing of their normal character building, humor, or world building here Not sure I ll continue, bu Update Upping my rating to 4 stars for the final enhanced version, which is quite a bit detailed and smoother than the original online serial Full review to come original review With this installment in Ilona Andrews Innkeeper series, the main character shifts to Maud sister of Dina, the previous main character Arland, the space vampire, has fallen head over heels for Maud and wants her to go to his planet, marry him, and live with him there and help him rule over their vampire clan, House Krahr Maud is a widow who was previously married to another vampire, and it ended up being a horrible experience for her Now she has a 5 year old half vampire daughter, Helen, and really isn t keen on vampire society But Arland is tremendously attractive and all, and a good guy in spite of being, you know, a vampire, so Maud agrees to visit Arland on his planet and see Loved this, finished in one day Couldn t put it down Review to come when I m back from Alaska 1st read throughout 2018 read as it was released as a serial 2nd read January 2019 Reread online when the serial was complete 3rd read July 2019 Final published version Well that was bloody awesome The whole story is now available to read online , it usually stays up for a couple of weeks or so before it s taken down, so if you want to try it while its free you should get to it ASAP It ll then be taken offline, properly edited with extra adult material added and then published made available to purchase usually as an ebook and in print.
I always love reading the instalments as this is written but I m planning to read the whole thing again from the beginning very soon in one big binge Then of course I ll be buying the finished version to for the Maud Arland sexy times LOL.
Ilona and Gordon have started posting instalments of the latest Innkeeper story on their website This is go I do not comprehend this species How have they ever managed to achieve interstellar civilization without self destructing Finally, after about one year of updates, the epilogue in December And finally, finally the view spoiler longingly awaited HEA, hide spoiler I read this book in a single day, because Ilona Andrews I fan girl this writing team so hard it isn t even funny So with that said, I am obviously unbiased I can t seem to write a review for this but here s my crappy attempt at it This feels a little like Kate Daniels, in that Maud has a lot of knowledge and also knows how to kick ass Also, Arland has a whole lot of tradition and authority responsibility he has to uphold, which seems to conflict directly with his choice of Maud as his romantic interest much like the early Kate Curran relationship Oh and throw in a kid, Helen, whose mixed heritage makes her a lot dangerous than her childhood counterparts much like Conlan However it s not like Kate Daniels in that there is space travel, vampires who are like humans, and there are political machinations on a universal scale.
So all in all, this felt familiar and y Re read 31 7 194.
5 stars 2 12 18We have finally reached the end my friends If you want to read this for free, in it s entirety, this is your chance now before it gets taken down to be edited and published.
Enjoy Many, many thanks and deep gratitude to the authors for all their work on Innkeeper and sharing it with us for free Free online serial at updated on every chapter release, usually every week.
Chapter 1 Part 127 12 17Best Christmas present ever Many thanks to both authors for sharing this with us, especially during the holidays and while moving.
Here we go again Chapter 1 Part 25 1 18I never cared much for appearances, he said His eyes were soft and warm Inviting.
She needed to get her head examinedPoor Maud, she s gonna have her hands full with Arland.
Chapter 2 Part 112 1 18Chapter 2 Part 220 1 18It s beautiful, Maud said honestly It s home, This review is for the instalment version that the authors were magnanimous enough to post for free on their website It will disappear when the updated version is published so please be aware of that if you wish to read the tamer PG version Now I said tamer but honestly these Vampires are vicious, vengeful and absolutely addictive I m sure Arland would quickly reach for his blood mace at the suggestion he s anything but a brutal fighting force of nature but I m referring to the lack of erotic scenes although this couple sizzle even when dressed in full armour Yes I said couple and it seems remiss to leave Maud out before now , so what can I tell you about this mother who would go to the ends of the galaxy for her daughter Helen and those she loves Now here s the truth and that is that I actually preferred Maud to her sister Dina Clean Sweep and honestly I m shocked at that myself I

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