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5 stars usually it s the middle book in a trilogy that I would give the lesser rating to but in this case Taltos was my least fav of Mayfair witches It s a shame this book follows after The Witching Hour and Lasher, arguably two of the best and scariest novels in Anne Rice s catalogue This book is a mess.
I m not even going to review this shit.
Rice S New Novel Continues The Epic Occult Saga That Began With The Witching Hour And Lasher Taltos Takes Readers Back Through The Centuries To A Civilization Part Human And Part Of Wholly Mysterious Origins, At Odds With Mortality And Immortality, Justice And Guilt The grave of bones scene in this book is creepynot a good way to die Rice remembered all the detail but forgot to throw in some story to go with it First two books were great Maintain a safe distance from this one.
I loved this trilogy so much and the last part doesn t let it down Rowan and Michael are great characters and the usual southern new Orleans setting works so well for these books The talamassca is in these than her Vampire novels and it was great to learn about the shadowy organisation.
Mona Mayfair is another good character and in this book she gets a lot time as she is central to the storyline We also find out just who Lasher was, where he came from and the whole history of the Taltos race It makes for fascinating reading All your questions from the first two books are answered very well.
There are some huge surprises and I love Ash, the century s old Taltos Rowan and Michal find A brilliant end to the trilogy and there are two good tie ins to the Mayfair Witches in blackwood farm and blood canticle which are her last two Vampire chronicles books I d definitely recom So, I am writing this review many, many years after the fact This was my third Anne Rice novel after The Witching Hour which I loved and Lasher, which was OK And along comes this book I just couldn t get into it It was so horrible, squicky and stupid In fact, my best memory of it was the woman at the laundry in Georgia who saw me reading it and warned me not to delve into books like this, they would only wreak havoc with my soul If only she knew how prescient that comment was Just not in they way she intended You are dead to me, Anne Rice Dead to me Because of Taltos.
Every time I read an Anne Rice novel I come away from it feeling as though for a while I were peeking into another world, a world I would very much so like to exist in Knowing my luck even if I did exist in this world she s created I d never happen upon one of these amazing creatures, and so I d still never be the wiser or I d become a part of a short tragic scene Taltos is another example of Anne s amazing skill as a writer, and master story teller Her words are the paintbrush while your mind is the canvas I just simply love Anne s work so much, and highly recommend it to everyone.

Tim Curry narrates, so time for a re read D If you ve already been sucked into the Mayfair trilogy, you re going to have to read this book I m sorry It s not good Really though, this series is worth finishing, even if you LOL your way through the last book because it s so freaking ridiculous There is a good explanation for what Lasher is, and how he came to be involved with the Mayfairs, and what the Talamasca knows about it you re going to want to know this stuff Unfortunately, the characters particularly the family members have all lost their minds Some poor relations come out of the swamp which is pretty cool, but they re just as crazy as the rest of them, except functional Keep a punching bag handy.

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