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Trailer Û Tell Me Everything PDF by ↠´ Sarah Enni read this review and others on my blogI ve been a loyal listener of Sarah Enni s First Draft podcast since 2014, so I was psyched to pick up a copy of her debut novel Tell Me Everything follows Ivy, a sopho photography nerd who s been struggling with growing distance between her and her BFF Harold To take her mind off her absent, over scheduled friend, Ivy becomes engrossed with the new app VEIL, which allows users to view Instagram style anonymous pictures local to a five mile radius The book follows Ivy as she attempts to uncover the secrets of the students at her school posting on VEIL.
It s a cute, short book that I read in less than twenty four hours I really enjoyed the local art scene focus, and I fe A timely and thought provoking book about social media, anonymity, art, and being yourself for yourself Ivy s voice here is fantastic and the perfect blend of funny, snarky, confused, and insecure This book is absolutely for teens, with dialog that s real and situations that resonate among teens learning how to navigate long time and newly budding friendships At the heart of the story is the VEIL app, which Ivy turns to to better cope with a summer away from her brilliant best friend VEIL allows users to share art anonymously and it s seen by only those who are local to them for 24 hours Ivy takes what should be something straightforward art for art s sake and uses it to try to connect with people who, by using the app, preferred to be anonymous This, in the end, bites her when she realizes she makes some terrible assumptions about peop I wanted to love this book I really really wanted to However, I definitely think its target audience is in the 7th 8th grade range vs high school, despite the subject matter, and I just couldn t fully buy into Ivy and her character Some of the social media stuff was hard hitting and would be great for kids to read, but some of the other events were just cringeworthy I m eager to hand it to my 13 yo daughter and see what she says my view may just be skewed because of my age and the fact that I m not the target audience My 3 star rating is NOT a bad rating, it just means I finished it and found it partially worthy, didn t love it but didn t hate it, nothing majorly problematic, won t be shouting about it from the rooftops but will recommend it to peo

This was a fun, quick read While I loved the portrayal of the town and the app VEIL, the themes in this book felt a little on the nose and overly simplistic Maybe this is just a result of me reading older YA and having unfair expectations for a book that s decidedly younger Tell Me Everything is definitely out of my wheelhouse, and I probably wouldn t have picked it up if I wasn t already familiar with Sarah Enni from her podcast which, by the way, I highly recommend This is of a 3.
5 for me but I m rounding up to 4 stars, since I think other readers would get a lot out of this.
Tell Me Everything follows sopho Ivy who is a shy artist except for when she decides to get into everyone s business, doing good deeds for people whose identities she figured out or thinks she has from posts to an anonymous art sharing app similar to Yik Yak or After School This culminates in her deciding her best friend is gay and throwing a coming out party for him because she thinks he hasn t felt supported enough by her to tell her so obviously the solution is to kind of out him She realizes this was wrong, of course, but is this, a book with a straight main character learning it s really awful to out someone, the sort of book we need in 2019 I don t think so.
This whole book feels like one giant meh, and a whole lot of wasted potential I will say, though, that the chapter number pages is that what they re called The first page of each chapter I guess were absolutely gorgeous, with pretty paint patters on them, so there s that to love There were definitely some interesting and important conversations about social media and internet privacy A significant part of the novel concerns the decision of whether or not the identity of someone who makes a hateful post should be allowed to be revealed, something which Ivy is very passionate about, and even makes comments about freedom of speech and being allowed to post whatever you want even if it can be considered hate speech For the most part, I definitely enjoyed this commentary.
I also really loved the emphasis on art that this book had It was so c Have you ever felt, even before you ve read something, like it was written just for you That is how this book felt to me Not only did I feel this way when I heard about this book, and when I waited for it, and when I ordered it, but I felt that way when I read it This book felt like it was written just for my teen self I felt every feeling Ivy feels I felt every feeling Harold feels If you were to merge the two of them into one person, that person would be me when I was in high school And this book felt both so real and so timely to what it is like to live now, with social media, but it also felt like how it feels to be someone who is scared to share who they are with the world Reading it felt like how it feels to wait for someone to look at a piece of art you ve made and pass judgment on it It felt like that feeling you have when you close your eyes and you don t know w YOUR SECRET S SAFE UNTIL IT S NOTIvy Is The Shy Artist Type And Keeps A Low Profile So Low That She S Practically Invisible To Everyone At Belfry High School Except For Her Best Friend, Harold As Sopho Year Begins, Harold Takes Up A Hundred Activities, Leaving Ivy On Her Own Luckily She S Found A Distraction The New Anonymous Art Sharing App, VEILSoon Ivy Realizes That One Of Her Classmates Is The VEIL User Who Needs New Paintbrushes And Another Is The One Visiting The Hospital Every Week And Another Is The One Dealing With Their Parents Messy Divorce While She S Too Scared To Put Her Own Creations On The App, Ivy Thinks Of An Even Better Way To Contribute By Making Gifts For The Artists She S Discovered The Acts Of Kindness Give Her Such A Rush That, When Ivy Suspects Harold Is Keeping A Secret, She Decides To Go All In Forget Gifts Ivy Wants To Throw Harold A Major PartyBut When All Those Good Intentions Thrust Her Into The Spotlight, Ivy S Carefully Curated World Is Thrown Into Chaos Now She Has To Find The Courage To Come Out Of The Shadows About Her Art, Her Secrets, And Her Mistakes Or Risk Losing Everything And Everyone She Loves The Most Not terrible but not great.
Ivy is an artist who loves a social media site called VEIL It allows people to post their art anonymously and while she doesn t post anything herself, she figures out who some of the posters are and plans to surprise them with things she thinks they need When an anonymous person starts posting homophobic rhetoric, parents become involved and pressure the creator to reveal who the poster is.
That would be enough for most books but the main part of the story is how Ivy figures out what each poster is missing in their lives and tries to fix it for them She makes a lot of mistakes which turn her into a social pariah but it all gets neatly wrapped up in a couple of chapters I found I love Sarah Enni s podcast and I love this book I work at a high school library and I see the effects of social media every day So many students come to me because of things posted about them online, how they feel people are judging them because of it, etc Having this book in high school libraries is so important Beyond that, this was just a really great book to read about self identity and esteem, relationships, and the high school experience Full review to come on www.

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