Ä Tenjo Tenge, Vol. 1 (Tenjho Tenge #1-2) ☆ Download by í Oh! Great

Ä Tenjo Tenge, Vol. 1 (Tenjho Tenge #1-2) ☆ Download by í Oh! Great Another rating 8 10 for whole series Synopsis Soichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara have always been the meanest street brawlers around When they enter Todo High they plan on carving out a reputation as the strongest fighters in their new school easier said than done in a place that s dedicated to training its students in the art of combat After realizing they re the new fish swimming in a tank full of sharks, Soichiro and Bob enter the Juken fight club as rookie members However, the Executive Council the archrival of the Juken Club soon launches a surprise attack Soichiro and Bob have a chance to show their stuff, as long as they don t get curb kicked in the process My Thoughts I ve wanted to read this manga for years I never read the CMX releases because I d heard about how heavily edited they were and I wasn t going to pay money for that I can g Soichiro Nagi And Bob Makihara Have Always Been The Meanest Street Brawlers Around When They Enter Todo High They Plan On Carving Out A Reputation As The Strongest Fighters In Their New School Easier Said Than Done In A Place That S Dedicated To Training Its Students In The Art Of Combat After Realizing They Re The New Fish Swimming In A Tank Full Of Sharks, Soichiro And Bob Enter The Juken Fight Club As Rookie Members However, The Executive Council The Archrival Of The Juken Club Soon Launches A Surprise Attack Soichiro And Bob Have A Chance To Show Their Stuff, As Long As They Don T Get Curb Kicked In The Process It s a low four I plan to continue reading the series, but this first volume has set my expectations to that of a B action movie where its just getting to the next fight and there s nudity just because and minimal plot development I would describe it as schlock manga.
4 Natsume Stars I ve always been a fan of the anime, and finally got my hands on the uncensored, full contact editions of the manga The manga doesn t have a lot of the little filler the anime does and I keep finding myself comparing the two I think it s why I couldn t give the first volume 5 stars That s in me, not the manga.
Just as a warning, there is a lot of nudity that the anime only hinted at, so watch where you re reading this I tried reading it at work and got the shock of a lifetime.
This book is an omnibus containing volumes one and two of the original series newly uncensored for the first time from what I heard for English reading audiences Having seen the animation of this series I already had an idea of what I was getting into with this book though the ending of the anime left me a bit unsatisfied bad animation idea or brilliant marketing So after seeing it on the shelf years later I finally got around to reading the manga and I was not disappointed.
Oh Great yes that is the nom de plume is not known for cute characters or friendly scenarios and this book proves it Within these pages set in a school crammed with fight crazed delinquents this series has had nudity, blood, violence, a rape scene, a marriage proposal, and much as each character s personality and past comes to light as their mastery of fighting increases.
If you like books that are not afraid to d So finally I had a chance to read the famous Tenjo Tenge in an uncensored version and I really liked it Not really sure why Probably because it was impossible to put it down Well, not exactly in a Cross Game ish way, but still The story is really just average fighting manga with tons of fanservice but there are some really well done pages and some nice artwork, too So I believe the story will get much better later I immediately ordered the next omnibus, anyway Oh, and the book is one of the most beautiful manga I own Oversized format, nice paper a color pages Bravo, VIZ

7tuud6ududr6udud Although at times it feels like I m reading a hentai, Tenjo Tenge is a pretty decent read It is paced well and the art is nice, crisp, and clean the majority of the time That s than I can say for most manga, which often has chaotic art that makes it really difficult to figure out what s going on I got a lot of laughs out of this first volume which helped lighten the load of the graphic rape scene they kept dwelling on that happened in the first third of the book Hopefully they keep the use of rape low, as while I m fine with gratuitous sex and violence, I don t really like gratuitous sexual violence Looking forward to seeing where Ohgreat takes the series.
When it ended and I next have volume 2 with me cries

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