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[ Read Online The Apprentice Ü fractured-fairy-tales PDF ] by M.L. Hall Á I think it was OK, but not However, I think I will give Hall another chance, and read one in the series My biggest problem, was that I just didn t feel like I got to know the characters There was a lot of time spent describing fights in detail, but not much character building Maybe the book should have been longer, or focused on just one character Much of it was also a bit too clich for me The Lancelot and Gwenivere story has been done a couple of times before.
After Five Years Of Apprenticeship, Artamos De Spada Travels North On A Trial Mission That Will Bring Him To The Climax Of His Training In The King S Secretive Black Knight Society Accompanying Him Is His Mentor, Adrian Rizzo Rizz , And Fellow Black Knight, Falita Kain Artamos S Mission Is Simple Escort Of The King S Betrothed Safely From The Cromanian Boarder To Caltania It S A Five Day Travel In Which Artamos Is Required To Lead Rizz, Falita, And Others But The Trip Is Wrought With Danger, And While Artamos Struggles To Maintain Command In The Face Of His Youth He Must Work To Protect The King S Betrothed From Bandits While Facing Forbidden Love And Betrayal Pretty good world building, interesting storyline without a stock villain, which is an excellent thing , and believably flawed characters But this one has something of a we destroyed the village to save it feel, SPOILER ALERT with honorable knights destroying their personal honor to protect that of their organization END SPOILER The ending twist has such a perfect set up that the twist is the only ending possible One star subtracted for poor proofreading if a new edition is released, I ll revisit it and edit the review For now, three stars.
adult situations This book was short and I would have liked to see plot development out of it.

I might be biased but I really enjoyed reading this book I found the character to be well developed and the plot moved along nicely My favorite character was Rizz with Falita coming in a close second I loved the back and forth conversations between the characters I felt that this really brought them to life for me.
I have let my Husband review this as he has read it first First of its a novella and back in the old Astounding Stories day it would have fit in perfectly In true novella style 90 Pages it cuts straight to the gist of the tale about three Knights protecting a princess Now the story revolves around a young knight named Artamos and I must say it does impinge slightly on the Three Musketeers in part of the story but all for one and one for all it is not, in fact with a little work and no doubt Mr.
Hall must have been tempted it could have made a good novel in its own right.
as it is its an enjoyable read leaving one with the thought that you would like to know what happens next, always a winner for the Author So good Novella In fact a lot better than some books I have read lately a cross between the Cardinals Blade and The Three Musketeers Bring on the follow up Please.

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