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[Robert Greene] ☆ Art of Seduction [basketball PDF] Ebook Epub Download à 18 18 toxique 4 6 15 Octobre 18 Since I started reading The Art of Seduction, I ve recommended it to just about EVERYONE because everyone seriously needs to read this book It gave me so much insight into people s desires and the reasons why we re attracted to others I feel like my mind has completely opened up As a writer and reader, I feel like I have better insight into character relationships, and I want to explore these new things I ve learned in my fiction Now I watch almost every movie that involves a love interest through the lens of what Greene has taught me Even better, what I learned from Greene isn t only applicable in romantic situations, but in professional situations as well It may sound manipulative, but it s really not Seduction is the ultimate form of power Those who give into it do so willingly and happily There is rarely any resentm The Season S Most Talked About All Purpose Personal Strategy Guide And Philosophical Compendium, Said Newsweek Of Robert Greene S Bold, Elegant, And Ingenious Manual Of Modern Manipulation, The Laws Of Power Now Greene Has Once Again Mined History And Literature To Distill The Essence Of Seduction, The Most Highly Refined Mode Of Influence, The Ultimate Power Trip The Art of Seduction Is A Masterful Synthesis Of The Work Of Thinkers Such As Freud, Ovid, Kierkegaard, And Einstein, As Well As The Achievements Of The Greatest Seducers Throughout History From Cleopatra To John F Kennedy, From Andy Warhol To Josephine Bonaparte, The Art of Seduction Gets To The Heart Of The Character Of The Seducer And His Or Her Tactics, Triumphs And Failures The Seducer S Many Faces Include The Siren, The Rake, The Ideal Lover, The Dandy, The Natural, The Coquette, The Charmer, And The Charismatic Twenty Four Maneuvers Will Guide Readers Through The Seduction Process, Providing Cunning, Amoral Instructions For And Analysis Of This Fascinating, All Pervasive Form Of Power Just As Beautifully Packaged And Every Bit As Essential As The Laws Of Power, The Art of Seduction Is An Indispensable Primer Of Persuasion And Offers The Best Lessons On How To Take What You Want From Whomever You Want Or How To Prevent Yourself From Being Taken I thought it was going to be another annoying to get him to do this flick your hair Love this book, it is filled with little inside novela type of things, historical facts, and it has just some of the most interesting people in history I love history so this book really did it for me I could read it over and over not even for the seductive element but just because it is so good in my opinion The little side note quote and stories are a must read, don t skip over them, too wonderful you d miss a whole level to the book Best book I ve read in a very long time As for the seductive element of it, it achieves its job You find yourself reading and relating so much I can t count the amount of times I ve said I do that or He did that I recommend the book it also has a lot of books as sources that have raised my curiosity and I shall be checking out.
Forewarning Due to it s misleading nature and implications one could be lead to believe that the sections in this book may be used to seduce another.
In modern society the need to seduce another would have unhealthy implications and in my opinion comes from a waek try hard mindset It s like saying who I am isn t good enough so I ll put on a fallacious act and be that cool attractive person Sure it might seem like a good idea but ultimately doing such a thing would cause you to lose connection with your own identity, values and tastes and reduce your ability to build rapport with others If you re not really being who you are then how can you expect people to build a sense of rapport and comfort around someone who isn t being themselves It s dishonest Now on to the actual review The book is very entertaining and left me wanting anticipating It contains information This is not your Karrine Steffans vixen manual.
This is your comprehensive manual of how to seduce not only men but an entire empire With this manual I have received a proposal, gained a stalker and experienced a riven heart It was great lol

I can t find the perfect word to convey how awful this book is It espouses a completely manipulative style of dealing with other people in which they are all prey to be hunted It s noxious I also believe that I know one of the master seducers who is referred to in the book under a pseudonym, which was terrifying in its own right It s not about how to do what I would call seduction It s about how to control, direct, engineer, exploit, manipulate, machinate, maneuver, steer and hunt others If that s what you want to know, read it, I m sure it s great But since those are not my goals, I was supremely disappointed in it.
Almost hypnotically repetitively at times, this might be the book that Machiavelli could have written about love if he had been a jaded modern Unfortunately for those determined to be nice in the world, there is scarcely a line in this book that does not ring true For better or worse depending on your stance , Greene is persuasive that seduction is a game between equal partners where the victim is willing enough for what they will get out of the process It is about the flow of power between sexually alive people and no means to be compared with the game genre of Neil Strauss and others Far sophisticated than Strauss manuals for adolescent losers and the sexually autistic, Greene is not interested in seduction as a mechanical application of rules for sex He writes of art, not science.
What he is showing us is something closer to a dance or a ritual think of the tango perhaps whi

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