Trailer Ù The Book of Robert E. Howard (Book 1) PDF by Û Robert E. Howard

Trailer Ù The Book of Robert E. Howard (Book 1) PDF by Û Robert E. Howard Much like The Second Book of Robert E Howard , which I read first, this was well worth the read It s another Glenn Lord edited Zebra collection with Jeff Jones art, full of stuff that hadn t been put in collections yet at that time A major advantage to that is the broad variety of genres on display here, unlike most Howard collections which focus on the sword and sorcery with some horror and general adventure tossed on to pad things out This one has got historical romance, boxing stories, comedic westerns, weird menace, detective stuff, and some weird variations There s even a bizarro historical thing called Etchings in Ivory that was unexpected to say the least The prologue is up front about the lack of Conan and Solomon Kane stories, which I think is Just wrapped this collection of stories, edited by Glenn Lord I had read many of these, but there were several new ones for me including Red Blades of Black Cathay, The Voice of El lil, and Black Wind Blowing I was surprised how much I enjoyed the Black Wind Blowing horror story which is certainly one of my favorites from Howard Lord gives some interesting and brief backgrounds before each story and many of these had not been printed prior to 1976 Overall, a great collection of poems and atypical stories.
Berkley Book s Black Canaan collection was a set of miscellanea scraped together as a curiosity for the truly devoted This has a taint of that, but is less picked over and sampler It really is a little of everything boxing story, weird horror, farcical adventure, western, spicy adventure , and poetry with the caveat that Glenn Lord was going for pieces that haven t been published and which weren t tied up by Lancer books at the time.
It has the sampler problem, where a reader is almost certain to find an amount of not my thing material, and possibly into the realm of a piece or two that is actually displeasing.
Personally, the poetry wasn t doing it for me, nor were the pieces that had a comic tone Or the boxing story, The Pit of the Serpent.
The gem of it all is the Jones artwork, which melds fine ink linework with thick shadowy brushstrokes, so that a portrait of a

The Book Of Robert E Howard is a real treat Published in 1976, it collects several stories and poems that hadn t seen publication in decades.
The selection of stories is outstanding and represents several of the genres outside the sword and sorcery Howard is so well known for Right out the gate, you get the superb weird tale, Pigeons From Hell, one of the creepiest stories Howard ever wrote Also present is the wonderful, somewhat Poe esque The Curse Of The Golden Skull You get a high action sport story in The Pit Of The Serpent, a detective story in Black Talons, a little humorous tall tale action in Gents On The Lynch and a straight western, Knife, Bullet And Noose In an attempt to make a living as a writer, Howard tried his hand at many kinds of stories If not for this financial incentive, we may well h This is another of the heavily edited collections of Robert E Howard s stories I am a purist when it comes to a writers works I know some of these stories are no longer PC but they should be read as Howard wrote them and understood that he wrote in another time period Don t read this book unless you just can t find any others of Howard s unedited books to read Message me if you need a list of what is good from this awesome fantasy and action writer.
A collection of hard to find tales and stories by HowardThis is a sampling of his work from all sorts of publications Some boxing stories, some fantasy, some erotic writing, some horrors, a western What s curious is that almost all of it is easy to read, entertaining, and action packed He does use similar tricks to get this to work, but it DOES work so I won t complain.
Now thinking to dig up some classic Conan tales and re read those, if I can find them This book is a strong sampler of Howard s obscure not Conan, King Kull, Bran Mak Morn or Solomon Kane work Intense, violent, fast paced pulp fiction better written and exciting than the work of many of his contemporaries this is what Howard was meant to do.
From The Mighty Pen That Created Conan, Kull And Cormac Comes This Sweeping Collection Of Stories Of Sword And Sorcery Trembling Tales Of Horror Fantasies So Weird They Defy Description Here Is Some Of Howard S Best WorkContents Introduction By Glenn Lord Pigeons From Hell Recompense Poem The Pit Of The Serpent Empire Poem Etchings In Ivory Prose Poems Proem Flaming Marble Skulls And Orchids Medallions In The Moon The Gods That Men Forget Bloodstones And Ebony Thor S Son Poem Cimmeria Poem A Sonnet Of Good Cheer Poem Red Blades Of Black Cathay The Dust Dance Poem The Bar By The Side Of The Road Poem Knife, Bullet And Noose The Gold And The Grey Poem Gents On The Lynch A Song Out Of Midian Poem She Devil The Day That I Die Poem The Voice Of El Lil Black Wind Blowing The Curse Of The Golden Skull Black Talons Notes My copy from Zebra has a different cover This book collects some of Howard s stories and poetry.

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