Ç The Boy Who Lost His Sight Û Download by Ï Bella Zamri

Ç The Boy Who Lost His Sight Û Download by Ï Bella Zamri can i give this 10 stars definitley my new favorite on wattpad 3 You know how people always say even the hypocrites don t judge a book by its cover In this case, people Well that same rule applies to Ellie Burke when she meets the most interesting and mysterious boy she s ever encountered since moving back from her old town So, she did the only thing that no one has ever done since this boy became the blind freak, and talked to him And it was probably the best thing she ever did.
This story is probably one of the most touching and interesting books I have ever read Only because it tells the real meaning of true love in its own unique way read The Boy Who Lost His Sight and join Ellie and Riley s complicated ride to finding their way to each others hearts.

Why is it that all the good wattpad books aren t made into real books They re sooo good, loved it This is one romance story that never gets old to me.
Cute ,simple and just too darn easy to love.
One of the best stories in wattpad.
First of all, I was so excited to read this book and the reviews plus the views on wattpad was so high It got me all pumped up to read this cute little book It also has such a great blurb at the back of the book Everything seems so good and tbh, this book did not disappoint me entirely but it went a little downhill for me as it didn t hit that high expectation I set in the first place.
Being the first full Malaysian English novel that I read, it was not bad at all I enjoyed reading it The Boy Who Lost His Sight had such a pleasant story line, it was eventful, the idea was there But somehow there were a few things that I didn t enjoy that much.
First, THIS BOOK WAS ABSOLUTELY SCREAMING CLICHE at my face the entire time Cliche usually works on me I like cliche love story But this one so Such a cute story Well done Bella first of all, seriously dear writer i give my thumbs up because i think your writing is absolutely good i mean for a malay and malaysian girl to write in a simple yet interesting way is really an achievement which i envy second, for the storyline.
i guess i can know what your age are the story is good but somehow it is lack of maturity at first i think this story happen in our society, in our country but it turns out that the settings is in florida wow maybe for a teenage girls, students feels that this story is an interesting one cute boy with flaw and cold character ordinary girl with bad past time but positive and cheerful it seems like the typical hollywood high school story with no drugs or sex.
but it is lack of i dont know it feel like something could be discussin detail for example we can know how well john green can write I am hunting down all my wattpad favorites here This was an unforgettable read Riley and Ellie are soulmates I dont want to give away the whole story but The romance and friendship between a tortured recently blind,ex popular boy and bubbly innocent new in the town ellie is just magic Give it a try.
Away From Lenoir, Ellie Burke Found A Place To Breathe Again A Brighter Home Surrounded With Her Loved Ones A Once In A Lifetime Chance To Change Her LifeEverything Seemed Perfect Enough Until She Met Riley FlynnA Mysterious Young Boy With A Devilish Smile, Silently Living With A Traumatic Secret Buried Away From Others In The Midst Of Rain, Uncertainty And Burning Desire Ellie Burke Finally Found Her SalvationBut When There Is Hope, There Is Always A Risk For A Major Heartbreak There were two best friends One was blind and one was broken Life crushed them in two different ways, leaving both of them behind with nothing but scars But, one scar is visible and one is not The Boy Who Lost His Sight shut his life away, his soul as dark as his sight His friend s life remained bright but his soul never did.

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