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The plot is similar to Kafka s Metamorphosis, but he turns into a giant breast rather than a giant cockroach I just couldn t get with this book Maybe I m not interested enough in breasts But I m male, so that seems unlikely I give up.
Like A Latter Day Gregor Samsa, Professor David Kepesh Wakes Up One Morning To Find That He Has Been Transformed But Where Kafka S Protagonist Turned Into A Giant Beetle, The Narrator Of Philip Roth S Richly Conceived Fantasy Has Become A Pound Female Breast What Follows Is A Deliriously Funny Yet Touching Exploration Of The Full Implications Of Kepesh S Metamorphosis A Daring, Heretical Book That Brings Us Face To Face With The Intrinsic Strangeness Of Sex And Subjectivity Don t you see, I have out Kafkaed KafkaPhilip Roth, The Breast As Philip Roth awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself reading Kafka in his bed and decided to turn Professor David Kepesh into a mammary gland So, yeah, that is basically it Think of this as Roth being fixated with Kafka see Metamorphosis and Gogol see the Nose Roth was in the middle of his Kafka Czechoslovakia preoccupation After Portnoy s Complaint and its huge success, Roth moved to the woods in Connecticut he started teaching courses on Kafka at University of Pennsylvania He was experimenting He was playing around He was being indulgent Late 60s early 70s Roth novels have never been my favorite, but understanding he was going to spend his next Phil, Phil, Phil What s the matter with you You don t publish this kind of thing under your own name, you put it on DeviantArt under the username BoobMan33 like everybody else.
In many ways, The Breast is a wonderfully original novel The idea of metamorphosis is by no means new, but that doesn t mean that Roth doesn t give it its own signature touch The protagonist of this story is a literature professor Kepesh who, quite literally, gets turned into a giant breast While The Breast obviously takes inspiration from Gogol s THE NOSE and Kafka s METAMORPHOSIS a fact often mentioned in the book itself , it is very much written in Roth s style In other words, it is fabulously absurd and than a little grotesque It is written very cleverly it had to be for it to be readable, for let s face it it is bizarre in a whole new way It walks a fine line, mixing banal and vulgar topics with substantial o Pre read Titilating Post read The titular tit is a tit This has to be something from Roth s early days, thrust later on his publisher who, given Roth s previous track record, must have said, Sure, why not The stunning characters, the sense of place, the underlying history, and the story itself all combined to make Conversion of the Jews one of the best short stories I ve ever read But this This is bullshit It had potential A guy awakes one morning to find himself changed into a female breast Paging Dr Freud, Herr Kafka By the time Roth wrote Conversion he was than capable of pulling off an absurdist story with a ripe underlying meaning But this had nothing No underlying meaning Just a hundred fifty five pound breast with an ego the size of Manhattan who lounges in a hammo

I justdid not get this I didn t dislike it, I wasn t offended by it, I was justbaffled I don t get what he s trying to do or say or what the deeper hidden meaning might be If there was one, it flew right over my head Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.
In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook Andiamo incontro a grossi guaiDiciamolo uno di quei due o tre libri di Philip Roth che si pu benissimo non leggere Per , visto insieme agli altri, interessante.
Nel 1972, infatti, Roth invece di rilanciare il suo primo alter ego di successo, Alexander Portnoy, ne proponeva qui un secondo, destinato a ben maggiore importanza ma mai quanto quella di Nathan Zuckerman David Kepesh, professore di letteratura, che si ritrova trasformato in un enorme mammella.
Non c neanche bisogno di sottolineare il gioco di rimandi con la Metamorfosi di Kafka uno dei principalissimi tra gli autori principali di Roth , ma anche con Il naso di Gogol Si pu ricordare, invece, che citato anche Swift mentre il finale demandato a una poesia di Rilke.
Insomma siamo di fronte allo scatenarsi di una malattia letteraria, adeguata al protagonista professore, che qual

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