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[Erwin W. Lutzer] ↠´ The Church in Babylon Study Guide [yaoi PDF] Read Online ☆ How Do We Live Faithfully In A Country Becoming And Hostile To Our Faith In Christ Like The Israelites In Babylon, We Must Find A Way To Maintain Our Faith In The Midst Of A Pagan Culture But That Requires We Answer Two Crucial Questions How Did We Get Here How Do We Prepare For The Dark And Difficult Days Ahead In The Church In Babylon Study Guide, Dr Lutzer Answers Both Of These Questions He Will Walk You Through The Many Parallels Between The Church In America And God S People In Babylon, And Embolden You To Be A Gospel Witness As You Work Through The Book, You Ll Be Encouraged Not To Compromise Your Faith Even When Under Constant Pressure From All Corners Of Society And Than All This You Will Have A Fresh Encounter With Jesus Christ, As You Delve Into The Biblical Role Of Those In ExileThis Study Guide Will Help You To Engage The Material Via Study Questions, Discussion Points, And Personal Reflection The Church In Babylon DVD Is Also Available To Help Guide Your Group Or Individual Study Excellent stuff Bolstering for Christians living in a country that has dramatically shifted away from the Judeo Christian ethic over the last few decades Covers a good range of topics with understanding and practical wisdom.
There are plenty of diseases in the church that create rot the hollowing out of bible doctrine, the strife between members, and the lack of urgency and failure to feel the weight of the momentous task we have been given All of this is evidenced by the casualness of many Christians their stinginess in giving and their lack of vision beyond themselves Add to that our self righteousness and lack of transparency, and no wonder are not having the lasting impact we should Ouch Hard words to hear but a reality that we need to face I have not read the accompany book to this study guide however, that being said the study guide is helpful and should be read along with the book to deepen the study of the church The Church in Babylon is relevant to the church today and is meant to be studied together as a church The study deals with

How should Christians relate to a world where they are increasingly marginalized There has been a decline in Christian value and culture Christians are no longer respected, no longer seen as a light to the world Lutzer helps us understand the problem and what we can do.
Lutzer suggests we cannot hide Christians are to infiltrate without contamination Our love should abound, even as we refuse to compromise our convictions 94 Christians must know where to draw the line in obeying God rather than the state.
Lutzer has been around long enough that he is not afraid of telling the truth, even though it might offend He writes, technology is weighted against a pure mind and Christ honoring lifestyle 124 He has good information on the t Thought provoking Lutzer s book opened my eyes to some of my own thought patterns that have shifted over the years, and this made me take a hard look at things Am I truly living out truth Or am I living so comfortably that I ve become complacent I am grateful for having had the opportunity to read this book and I intend to share it with others Maybe even my pastor if he has not read it already.

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