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Ö Read Ö The Contempory Tea House: Japan's Top Architects Redefine a Tradition by Arata Isozaki à This book is really cool.
The Tea House Is One Of Japan S Most original Buildings A Very Small, Very Simple Space Consisting Of Tatami Mat, Tokonoma The Alcove Where Wall Scrolls Are Hung And Flower Arrangements Placed , Ro The Sunken Stove Where Tea Is Heated And Nijiriguchi The Half Door Through Which Guests Enter For Generations, Japanese Architects Have Embraced The Challenge Of The Tea House Despite Severe Formal ConstraintsNow, This Beautiful And Fascinating Volume Takes The Traditional Tea House And Turns It On Its Head An Informative Introduction Explains The History Of The Tea Ceremony And The Tea House Then, In Chapters Written By Three Of The World S Most Renowned Architects Arata Isozaki, Tadao Ando, Terunobu Fujimori As Well As A Fourth With Text By Hiroshi Hara And Kengo Kuma The Book Looks At Twenty Modern Tea Houses In Japan Here Are Five Men Who Share A Fascination With Exploring Architectural Space Limited To The Smallest Possible Spatial Unit And The Tea House Is The Perfect Medium For Satisfying This Passion And CuriosityMost Of These Structures Are Used Solely For The Tea Ceremony, But A Few Have Become Spaces For Meditation, Or For Simply Spending Quiet Time Alone, With A Drink Or A Good Book Through Insightful Text, Superb Photographs And Detailed Drawings, The Contemporary Tea House Introduces Each Architect S Philosophy And Creative Concerns, As Well As The Artistic Techniques Behind Their Constructions In Materials Ranging From Wood And Titanium To Concrete, Stone, And Paper The Book Also Offers The Specifications Of Each Building, A Glossary And Profiles Of The Architects this book is beautiful and informative, which is great for a book about architecture my only problem was remembering the Japanese names for certain things, and the glossary was not complete.
This book is really cool.

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