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[Carolyn Brown] ↠´ The Dove (Avalon Romance) [chapter-books PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Katy Lynn Logan Had Two Friends Andy, Her Father S Best Friend Through His Whole Life Who D Been Her Surrogate Father Uncle Mother Best Friend Since The Day Of Her Birth And Then There Was Joshua Carter, The Love Of Her Heart And Her Soul Mate Or So She Thought Until That Day When She Buried Her Father The Same Day Joshua Broke Her Heart And Tore Her Soul Apart Seven Years Later Joshua Returns To Find His Preacher Father Had Been Right Katy Lynn Logan Had Turned Out Exactly Like Her Immoral Mother And Drunk Father She Ran A Saloon On The Banks Of The Red River Called The Soiled Dove He Can Scarcely Believe The Beautiful Piano Player Is His Katy, But Then, Seven Years Changes Everyone Katy Can T Believe Her Eyes When She Finds Joshua Sitting On A Bar Stool In The Dove, But The Real Shock Comes A Few Days Later When She Finds Him Preaching In Her Church In Spanish Fort, Texas Joshua S Attraction To Katy Did Not Die When His Father Sent Him Away From Spanish Fort Katy Had Not Buried Her Attraction To Joshua When She Built A Saloon Or Buried Herself In Hard Work Neither Of Them Tried To Deny It, But They Both Determined They D Sure Get Over It Or Would They Loved ThisTeenage love and attraction, becomes a source of pain and rejection, until years later they return to the same town During their absence, each has grown and revolver into different lifestyles How they work through and onto a future is the heart of the story Very enjoyable reading I love all of Carolyn Brown s books This book was another great western romance Katy Lynn Logan has lost both parents and then the love of her life breaks her heart Katy is a very headstrong woman who makes her way in the world by opening The Soiled Dove Saloon She then starts buying up other businesses and making them successful Seven years later the man who broke her heart all those years ago returns and is the new Preacher for her church Joshua Carter comes home after seven years to learn that sparks still fly between him and Katy Joshua and Katy try to put an end to their feelings for each other What a wild and hilarious journey their story takes on.
A young girl has her heart broken and vows to prove her worth.
Katy Lynn with the help of her surrogate father Andy works hard to disprove what Joshua and his father predict as her future.
After seven years he returns to find a very different young lady.
Katy Lynn is a successful business woman and owner of The Dove a popular roadhouse.
A most enjoyable time to snuggle down and read.
I have liked all the books I have read so far I love that i can read a soft romantic and be transported to that place and time I will continue reading of these books.
A wonderful sweet romanceWhat happens when the owner of a saloon catches the eye of the new pastor He can t believe it is the same girl he walked away from because if his daddy s interference all those years ago They were kids then Will the love be strong enough to overcome the past A Very Good Story My faith in Carolyn Brown has recovered See other of my reviews.
The tension between the main characters is like reality They wrangle over and over coming to the conclusion that they belonged to each other.
Terrific story.
A great bookI have just found another favorite story teller I love to read or hear a good story and that s what this book was I enjoyed reading about Tillie and her cousinbs and can t wait to read the last book in that series A True Love StoryKatie Lynne Logan is an orphan whose parents did not reach the expected social norms Katie Lynne is in love with Joshua Carter, the preacher s son Joshua s father cannot stand for that, so Joshua finds himself coldly breaking Katie Lynne s heart Seven years later, Joshua returns to pastor the church Although the living feelings remain, Katie Lynne is now a successful business woman One of her businesses troubles the relationship The preacher cannot marry a bar maid and Katie Lynne does not want to give up her roadhouse Can they reach a solution, or will their love die Another Hit I have read several of Carolyn Brown s books and this is one of my favorites Please don t think you have it figured out because, there are several plot twists that I enjoyed being a part of

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