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[ Pdf The Faithful Å medicine PDF ] by Jonathan Weyer ↠´ Conflicted With His Faith In God And The Hypocrisy Of The Church, Aidan, An Assistant Pastor, Is Already A Spiritual Battleground When He Learns That His Ex Fiancee Was Murdered In A Possibly Demonic Ritual, He Finds Himself Catapulted Into An Even Deeper Fight Tormented By Demonic Threats And Haunted Spirits In The Afterlife, Aidan Becomes A Medium That Will Hold The Key To Solving This Murder Mystery As Catholic Priests, Paranormal Investigators And Rogue Law Enforcement Seek Aidan Out, Readers Both Secular And Religious Will Find That The Faithful Tears At The Emotions And Doubts Of Humankind My thoughts I have to confess that even though I m religious and believe in God I was a bit doubting whether I would enjoy this book as I have never read anything pertaining to faith or a religious topic for fun except of course the Da Vinci Code, but that doesn t count p , and especially written by a pastor But I m really glad I took the chance and read The Faithful because I discovered an amazing new author and The Faithful became one of my favourite books read in 2010 Do not be put off of The Faithful because it is categorized as religious horror , I myself don t like horror and I can honestly and in all seriousness recommend The Faithful to everyone, you don t have to be a believer or religious to enjoy it, the only requirement is that you like exciting, thrilling stories and breathholding mysteries And The Faithful is definitely one where you will be holding yo This is written just how I thought a pastor would write a fiction Like, a youth pastor Lots of pop culture references and edgy agnosticism I enjoy how he s complaining about the hypocrisy and nonsense of religion, etc, etc, but omg, get to the horror already Update Okay, finished, and I can t tear a strip off it because it s so goshdiddlydarndely earnest, it would be like kicking a puppy I didn t actively hate it, but it s definitely theology than horror Religious horror is my favourite horror, but this had no teeth If you like your scary stories cute and if you need to reassure yourself about your own flagging faith with some pretty tame philosophy, all wrapped in a vanilla scented package barf , by all means, go for it.
The build up and story telling was very thorough until the beginning of the end, I felt like some details were not explained and skipped over But I still enjoyed the book, I look foward to another book from Jonathan Weyer.
The FaithfulBy Jonathan WeyerBrio Press2010 Reviewed by Angie ManginoRating 5 starsReading this book defined in the religious horror genre made me wonder if I was the best one to review this book, as the horror genre is not one which I enjoy reading and I feared my distaste for the genre might prejudice my review As you can see with the high rating I gave this book, The Faithful dispelled any of my hesitations once I began reading What a story Aiden Schaeffer is in a spiritual battle, both within himself and with the murder of his ex fianc , Amanda What propels the reader into the story is the fine writing, the characters about whom the reader gets to know and care about quickly, and a very believable, fast moving story that keeps one glued to the pages to find out what will happen next While the detai I was in the mood for a good scare when I started this book and it turns out that was the perfect mood to be in I did not have to read too far before I got the distinct tingling that comes with being Freaked Out Christian horror might seem like two words that do not belong in the same sentence but in the hands of Jonathan Weyer they do The Faithful delivered what it promised Aiden is conflicted and I felt compassion for the struggle he faces over his doubts about his faith I really enjoyed all of the conversations that he has with his buddy Brian over Instant Message Those scenes struck a chord with me because there have been times when I have had those deep conversations over IM that don t seem like they should be appropriate but they are Something about knowing that your friend is on the other side waiting for your words makes you think seriously about what you type That Aiden is an assistant pastor at a Presbyterian church in Columbus, Ohio His parishioners rely on him for his strength and faith, but lately he s been questioning that faith His faith is tested even when he learns his mentor is having an affair When Aiden s ex girlfriend, Amanda, is killed in a ritualistic murder,he becomes part of the investigation, first as a suspect and then as a resource At the same time, unnatural things begin happening around town Bare footprints appear in the snow, and a parishioner begins to have prophetic dreams During his investigation with Detective Jennifer Brown, Aiden learns about a group called The Faithful, ghost hunters led by Father Neal, an Episcopal priest When Aiden accompanies them on a ghost hunt, he gets a first hand experience with the supernatural The spirits are attracted to Aiden, the rea This book knocked me off my feet Not necessarily because of the story line, but because of the creative way Weyer wrestled with tough topics Classified as a Christian horror novel, I found the primary story line to be far fetched It read like science fiction than horror Honestly, there were times that I thought Weyer was off his rocker for writing something like this.
But then I d get hit with a nugget of truth The conversations between characters, the character development, the inner wrestlings with doubt and faith Weyer did an incredible job weaving real struggles of faith into the far fetched story All too often we dismiss doubt with a simple hand wave and advice to just give it time Weyer does just the opposite he challenges us all to look our doubts in the face T The Faithful by Jonathan Weyer is an absolutely stunning debut novel in the emerging genre of Christian horror While many may think that term is any oxymoron Weyer proves that not only do the two go together, but they can do it extremely well.
Weyer s main character, Pastor Aidan Schaeffer is undergoing a crisis He s lost his faith in God, is embroiled in the middle of an investigation involving the ritualized death of his former girlfriend, and is being attacked by demonic forces Further, some parishioners of his are having strange occurrences at their home and the wife is having strange dreams that seem somehow prophetic.
Pastor Schaeffer s former girlfriend was just one in line of women killed by a group seeking to resurrect an evil power They are seeking to perform ritualized murders at places of power, drawing on the energy of the places to help them accomplish their purpose I don t normally like Christian fiction, but this novel is the exception In a genre rife with cliche and insincerity, The Faithful is a refreshing and starkly honest novel about a pastor s struggle with his own doubts and with the character of the church body.
Most Christian supernatural horror fiction such as the Forbidden Doors series by Bill Myers I ve read plots its stories along simplistic lines of Christians vs demons with non Christians being either converted or destroyed Weyer s novel, however, creates space for characters that don t fit into black and white definitions and, somehow, the novel exists comfortably within gray areas.
Weyer s departure from a typical Christian fiction formula combined with his engaging style, complex character, and riveting story make for a remarkable supernatural mystery thriller which should be enjoyable by just about anyone.

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