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[Varsha Bajaj] Ç The Home Builders [victorian-romance PDF] Read Online ê The storyline is a little scattered, but a great book to use when learning and talking about animals and how they build homes and families.
An interesting look at the materials, locations, and building methods used by several different kinds of critters A nice, subdued color palette for the illustrations and simple, rhyming text with only a few words per page make it easy for even tiny humans to follow.
This Vibrantly Illustrated Picture Book Celebrates A Variety Of Woodland Creatures As They Make Their Homes And Prepare For Their YoungWelcome To A Serene Woodland Where Lots Of Expectant Animal Parents Are In Their Nesting Phase That Is, Busy Preparing Safe, Cozy Homes For Their Growing Families As They Dig, Tunnel, Gnaw, And Gather, They Create Dens, Burrows, Lodges, And, Of Course, Nests Soon The Woods Are Full Of New Little Ones Peeping, Crawling, Romping, And Snuggling And With Artwork So Gorgeous That It Feels Like An Invitation Into The Scenery It S Depicting, Readers Will Be Eager To Join Them In Their Beautiful Home 3.
5 starsThe illustrations in this soft picturebook are provide great color contrast, and stylistically match the tone of the narrative While some of the animals anatomy is a littlecreative in their depictions, overall, the illustrations capture soft moments in the forest Unfortunately, the rhyming text doesn t really offer a narrative, but instead feels like a list of animals in the forest A decent read, just very, very slow.
Recommended as a mentor text for word choice.
Animals burrow, hide, tunnel, creep nibble and gnaw to make homes in the outdoors.
5 rating Overall poetic look at animals and what they do to make a home and family in toddler friendly language

Various animals make their homes.
Wonderful book with delightful illustrations The forest is full of life creatures who build all sorts of homes, nurture and raise young, and set off to do their jobs in nature Great reminder that there is life all around us and that we should take time to stop, look, listen and respect.
Appealing art and text will make this introduction to various animal homes a favorite It is not intended to consider predator prey or food chain cycles, but the complexity of the situations would lend itself to those discussions with slightly older readers With the setting of a temperate forest to anchor the examples featured, this will work well with Messner s OVER AND UNDER series, Aston s A NEST IS NOISY, and Fleming s THIS IS THE NEST THAT ROBIN BUILT.

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