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Trailer Ì The Mammoth Hunters PDF by ✓ Jean M. Auel In the distant unknown , murky past no history books to tell their stories , during the era of the caveman , two groups of people struggle to survive in a cruel territory that someday the nation of Ukraine will be established our ancestors the Cro Magnon man, the new arrivals from Africa, where the human race was born and the primitive Neanderthals who have been in Europe for at least 200,000 years, never very numerous, short but quite powerful , very durable too and contrary to the modern view of themintelligent, even speaking a language that will never be heard again Nevertheless a weakness that proves fatal , a failure to progress, they have remained static unable or an unwillingness to improve or change I was hooked into this series by the first book, Clan of the Cave Bear , a fun, well written novel with excellent character relationships I instantly read the sequel, The Valley of Horses , but found myself a bit dubious, as there were a couple of issues this time around with the characterisations and it dragged in places Nevertheless, I persisted, convinced that The Valley of Horses had just been a brief dip before the series got back to the good standard of the first book I was wrong, and I was oh so disappointed that this should be the case, but The Mammoth Hunters wasn t even on a par with The Valley of Horses Even after The Mammoth Hunters , I persisted with this series, truly wishing for things to get better but it was all 5 STARSWow These books are good Now I m beginning to see how they became such a craze back in the eighties It boggles the mind how much research and simple creative story telling the author has pulled together to make this epic story come to life And yes, it is a love story.
My only complaint is the length The author occasionally goes a bit overboard with her descriptive explanations of tool making and hide curing etc etc etc Very interesting, but I think they could be honed down a good bit no pun intended There was also a good bit of animosity and misunderstanding in this part of the story And as a reader it was absolutely maddening There was way too much stupid going on between Ayla and Jondalar, and the results were nearly disastrous And considering the sheer length I have a huge Love hate relationship with these books The author repeats herself over and over again she treats the reader like they re stupid and cannot remember a thing In fact I believe any good editor could cut these books down by hundreds of pages Yet, this series is addicting The first one is by far the best but be prepared to be sucked in if you read the first you will want to read them all.
This book could have been much shorter and I probably would have enjoyed it Is she getting paid per word ha The characters became weak and aggravating, their silly storylines were drawn on for far too long Still, it was somewhat enjoyable, but I don t know if I want to continue reading this series I m taking a break ha.
This has been my least favorite out of the Earths Children series, although I find it hard to dislike any of the books.
The love story in this one starts out strong, and by the time you get half way through, you are so sick of the misunderstandings and hurt feelings that you feel no one could be that stupid about love.
For some reason, both of the main characters bothered me to some degree in this book Aside from the love story being obnoxious, you half expect that Jondolar has reverted back to a child that has no idea how to verbalize emotions and handle stress and that Ayla is going to invent nuclear fusion any day now.
I still enjoyed reading about how these people might have lived and survived in that time, but the long diatribes of the Once Again Jean M Auel Opens The Door Of A Time Long Past To Reveal An Age Of Wonder And Danger At The Dawn Of The Modern Human Race With All The Consummate Storytelling Artistry And Vivid Authenticity She Brought To The Clan Of The Cave Bear And Its Sequel, The Valley Of Horses, Jean M Auel Continues The Breathtaking Epic Journey Of The Woman Called Ayla Riding Whinney With Jondalar, The Man She Loves, And Followed By The Mare S Colt, Ayla Ventures Into The Land Of The Mamutoi The Mammoth Hunters She Has Finally Found The Others She Has Been Seeking Though Ayla Must Learn Their Different Customs And Language, She Is Adopted Because Of Her Remarkable Hunting Ability, Singular Healing Skills, And Uncanny Fire Making Technique Bringing Back The Single Pup Of A Lone Wolf She Has Killed, Ayla Shows The Way She Tames Animals She Finds Women Friends And Painful Memories Of The Clan She Left Behind, And Meets Ranec, The Dark Skinned, Magnetic Master Carver Of Ivory, Whom She Cannot Refuse Inciting Jondalar To A Fierce Jealousy That He Tries To Control By Avoiding Her Unfamiliar With The Ways Of The Others, Ayla Misunderstands, And Thinking Jondalar No Longer Loves Her, She Turns To Ranec Throughout The Icy Winter The Tension Mounts, But Warming Weather Will Bring The Great Mammoth Hunt And The Mating Rituals Of The Summer Meeting, When Ayla Must Choose To Remain With Ranec And The Mamutoi, Or To Follow Jondalar On A Long Journey Into An Unknown Future The short rundown A page turner, as in Pedantic description turn page Tell not show turn page Angst and angst turn page Repeat history telling again and again and turn page Describe all actions in minute detail turn page Another long description of pleasures turn pages.
The longer rundown All actions must be described in mind numbing detail Ditto descriptions, feelings, etc AND then repeated later Does anyone actually read these stories word by word by word, or do they, like me, skim large angst description ridden sections And that takes up a lot of the book.
I hear often that authors should show, not tell, and after reading this book, glazing over and page turning past large sections of telling often repeating what has been told before I fully appreciate that advice We did not need to be told about things that were not relevant to the story An example Tel 1 The Clan of the Cave Bear 2 The Valley of Horses 3 The Mammoth Hunters Oh this book drove me crazy This has one of the most emotionally trying love triangles that I have ever encountered For 3 4 of the book I wanted to pull out my hair and slap a whole bunch of people I am glad that in the next book Ayla and Jondalar have left the Mamutoi I could not handle any of that But I still love Ayla and Jondalar despite their cluelessness and I love this story so I am looking forward to book 4.
Absolutely loved this one again, she s keep ing me super into this world and I ve barely been reading other books becuase I ve just been immersed into this world Ayla s story is once continued in this book but now we have Jondalar accompanying her to integrate with new types of people and clans She s managed to learn so much from Jondalar, but her heritage and customs from living as part of the Clan of the Cave Bear are still ingrained in her behaviour and finally meeting Others is both a welcome adventure and a trial once again Ayla is resourceful and inquisitive and highly intelligent, but she s also unsure of all the subtle nuances and the ways that the other s have been raised She knows she was raised unconventionally, but until the Summer gathering o

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