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[ Read Online The Reality Bubble Ö womens-studies PDF ] by Ziya Tong ñ If I can recommend one book to my friends this year it would be this one Please have a read and then re read again.
Wow In just about a week I finished reading The Reality Bubble It is quite incredible and has stirred a lot of thoughts in me from philosophy and my human rights work Especially in the final couple of chapters I found myself thinking beyond ownership of physical property but also of mental property our ideas that we often cling to our ideas concepts and especially to our concept of ourself That clinging might grow stronger when we lack other input to build our ideas and identity eg how emotionally a financially poor and less educated white supremacist will cling to their idea of supremacy because they lack proof of supremacy from any other form of evidence But even there we can t rest on our own supremacy when we are educated and financially comfortable Scientists and thinkers too cling to certain ideas If the history of science over the last 450 years has taught us anything, it is that there is a major mismatch between perception and reality The invisible forces so important to our understanding of the world from heliocentrism and gravity to evolution and microorganisms were discovered only by scientists bold and radical enough to see what everyone else was blind to It is only through the extension of our senses and the transcendence of our cognitive limitations that we have made any progress in our knowledge of the world at all That human sensation and perception is limited is a major understatement humans can see less than 1 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum visible light , making us literally blind to 99 percent of it Other animals can not only see better and farther than us, many have greater sensitivity to a wider range of colors

The research that went into this book is awe inspiring but perhaps, summer was not the best time to read it I learned many tidbits but found it required a great deal of focus which I struggled with I probably would have liked to rank this as a 4 for research but the 3 was related to readability I think many would struggle to get through the important messages and I would have liked to give it a 3.
5 That being said, I will think differently about eating chicken, try to eat with a vegetarian focus and buy local as much as I can I was already concerned about plastic but will be vigilant in considering my purchases and adopting a minimalist lifestyle except maybe books This book is full of interesting thoughts and tidbits, but ultimately it s lacking structure and a clear focus Yes we have many blindspots, but biological blindspots are very different to willful or forced upon blindspots Our senses and brains create a very specific umwelt for us that hides many aspects of reality that science now can reveal But the realities that a capitalist society chooses to obscure the meat industry, plumbing, finance, climate are created, and we are mostly happy to ignore them This book read like snippets of many other books I ve recently read, and I can t blame it for that, because these are all good topics to attack But it absolutely didn t need those two chapters on the history of measuring time and space.
Could not put it down There is so much important knowledge in these pages and told in such an entertaining way.
Every now and then a book comes along that fundamentally changes my perceptions of the world and how I relate to it This is one of those rare, and precious books As a society, we really are living in a fantasy of our own making, and the author shows us exactly how in so many different ways When it comes to reality, what we see is not what we get and as humans, our perspective is not the only one It is a critique on the humanist world view that, despite our unique talents as humans, our species is the only one that matters and our perspective is just one amongst the many species with whom we share this planet with What we experience and believe does not track onto the world that we are actually living in and how those m I am in awe of this book I have never been moved to write a review but this feels like such an important read that I had to give it praise I have learned so much and Ziya has opened my eyes to the big and small all around us I will not only be re reading this as soon as I m done, but will be telling everyone about it.
From One Of The World S Most Engaging Science Journalists, A Groundbreaking And Wonder Filled Look At The Hidden Things That Shape Our Lives In Unexpected And Sometimes Dangerous WaysOur Naked Eyes See Only A Thin Sliver Of RealityWe Are Blind In Comparison To The X Rays That Peer Through Skin, The Mass Spectrometers That Detect The Dead Inside The Living, Or The High Tech Surveillance Systems That See With Artificial IntelligenceAnd We Are Blind Compared To The Animals That Can See In Infrared, Or Ultraviolet, Or In Degree Vision These Animals Live In The Same World We Do, But They See Something Quite Different When They Look AroundWith All Of The Curiosity And Flair That Drives Her Broadcasting, Ziya Tong Illuminates This Hidden World, And Takes Us On A Journey To Examine Ten Of Humanity S Biggest Blind SpotsFirst, We Are Introduced To The Blind Spots We Are All Born With, To See How Technology Reveals An Astonishing World That Exists Beyond Our Human Senses It Is With These New Ways Of Seeing That Today S Scientists Can Image Everything From An Atom To A Black HoleIn Section Two, Our Collective Blind Spots Are Exposed It S Not That We Can T See, Tong Reminds Us It S That We Don T In The St Century, There Are Cameras Everywhere, Except Where Our Food Comes From, Where Our Energy Comes From, And Where Our Waste Goes Being In The Dark When It Comes To How We Survive Makes It Impossible To Navigate Our FutureLastly, The Scope Widens To Our Civilizational Blind Spots Here, The Blurred Lens Of History Reveals How We Inherit Ways Of Thinking About The World That Seem Natural Or Inevitable But Are In Fact Little Than Traditions, Ways Of Seeing The World That Have Come To Harm ItThis Vitally Important New Book Shows How Science, And The Curiosity That Drives It, Can Help Civilization Flourish By Opening Our Eyes To The Landscape Laid Out Before Us Fast Paced, Utterly Fascinating, And Deeply Humane, The Reality Bubble Gives Voice To The Sense We Ve All Had That There Is To The World Than Meets The Eye I consider myself to be curious and reasonably well informed, yet Ziya Tong s booked managed to burst several reality bubbles that I didn t realize I had And even in the subjects I was generally aware of, she offered new and interesting depths An important book for anyone who s not content to sleep walk through life.
Don t get me wrongI really enjoyed this book It wasn t what I was expecting at all, but nonethelessThe author tells us that nobody talks about the 22nd century probably because nobody expects mankind to make it that far It s going to be a battle for sure but at least Ms Tong elucidates many of the pitfalls and always keeps it interesting.

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