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ó Read é The Salt Path by Raynor Winn ó Just Days After Raynor Learns That Moth, Her Husband Of Years, Is Terminally Ill, Their Home And Livelihood Is Taken Away With Nothing Left And Little Time, They Make The Brave And Impulsive Decision To Walk The Miles Of The Sea Swept South West Coast Path, From Somerset To Dorset, Via Devon And CornwallThey Have Almost No Money For Food Or Shelter And Must Carry Only The Essentials For Survival On Their Backs As They Live Wild In The Ancient, Weathered Landscape Of Cliffs, Sea And Sky Yet Through Every Step, Every Encounter, And Every Test Along The Way, Their Walk Becomes A Remarkable Journey The Salt Path Is An Honest And Life Affirming True Story Of Coming To Terms With Grief And The Healing Power Of The Natural World Ultimately, It Is A Portrayal Of Home, And How It Can Be Lost, Rebuilt, And Rediscovered In The Most Unexpected Ways When this book first caught my eye I picked it up and but it down again, because I thought that the story it had to tell might pull me down at a time when I needed to be lifted up but a warm recommendation and the news that the author would be appearing at my local literary festival sent me back to the bookshop to buy a copy.
It was a wonderful investment A story of people who had than their fair share of trial, but who fought back by realising what was important in life and living their lives accordingly Raynor Winn s husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness the couple lost a court case and incurred massive debts that would swallow up everything they owned, because the evidence that they were not liable arrived to late to be admissible in court and that was why baliffs were hammering on the door to complete the process of taking their farm and livelih This is my favourite non fiction novel because it s about a mid age couple who tell a true story It made me cry for them loosing everything that they had worked for all their lives It also made me cry of how little money they had to buy something to eat on their journey walking to Cornwall Raynor and Moth had lost their home and their business The bailiffs came in and took everything that they owned They have almost no money for food or shelter With little money they did have they buy a tent and walk The Salt Path to Cornwall Sometimes they have to choose to either eat or use a little money for a ferry The one thing that went through my mind while reading this true story is how lucky I am to have a roof over my head and food to eat With all my heart I definitely recommend read After a few pages into the book I googled the author I had missed before that this is a non fiction book, a kind of memoir I thought it was a novel at first because Raynor Winn writes very well.
The decisions she and her husband made after having lost nearly everything in their lives are so far beyond how I would react that it makes interesting reading on the one hand and annoying on the other They run away from one set of problems to encounter another The struggle is painful and I admire their perseverance In my comfortable home I cannot begin to feel what they must have felt I can see that this walk worked for them By following the coastal path for nearly 600 miles they manage to face their demons and deal with them as best as they can Hopefully they will have many years together ahead of them.
A middle aged couple in the UK, facing bankruptcy and a terminal illness diagnosis, decides to take off and walk the South West Coast Path in the United Kingdom, from Somerset to Dorset, via Devon and Cornwall Most identity crisis take a walk memoirs are from younger, healthier people who still struggle physically, emotionally, and financially, but all of those elements are worse here They are frequently mistaken for vagrants, asked to leave, and sometimes given food for free and they really need it in these moments, so the kind strangers are not wrong There is a bit of desperation in the pages The path is almost insurmountable, but they do not have any way to make a living or any place to live So they walk It almost intersects with books like Nomadland Surviving America in the Twenty First Century than with your typical sojo I am not normally a fan of the memoir in general, but this one was pretty good It had a lot of interest for me in its setting as I spent many childhood holidays in Cornwall and Devon and have family in Poole So everywhere Ray and Moth went I could visualise the sights and sounds and the beautiful scenery.
When I read memoirs I often wonder how the other people in the book feel about having their problems and their lives exposed to the rest of the world or to the ones who read the book anyway I felt for Moth so much that I did a quick internet search and made sure that he is still alive and actually doing well despite his awful diagnosis It appears too that Raynor is a much feted author in the UK as a result of this book.
Anyway it told of a brave or foolish couple who set out to walk 630 miles of the Brit The bad news came fast, Raynor Winn s husband had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness, they had just lost a court case even though they had the evidence that they were not liable for debts and now the bailiffs were hammering on the door to take their farm and livelihood away Their only income would be 48 per week It is at times like these that some people would have a breakdown or consider a permanent end to the problems, they didn t inspired by the book 500 Mile Walkies by Mark Wallington they decided that as they were homeless anyway they may as well walk the south coast path With the precious little money they have, they buy a new lightweight tent, a couple of sleeping bags and new rucksacks and drive the van to Minehead in Somerset as that is where all the guidebooks begin Moth s condition of corticobasal degeneration or CBD, meant I really wanted to like this book The story has the potential to be a life affirming, heart warming work and I love walking but I just couldn t get on with the style which, for me, was flat and monotonous and the tale itself was repetitive and overlong in many areas I felt it needed harsher editing to pare what is a fascinating story down to its core but there was so much repetition that I lost interest It did pick up a little towards the end but by then I was just waiting for the book to end I realise I m in a tiny minority here so please read it for yourself to make up your own mind.
Thank you to Penguin books who provided an advance reader copy via Edelweiss This is an inspiring memoir written by Raynor Winn, wife of Moth Winn and mother of their adult children Rowan and Thomas This utterly devoted married couple find themselves homeless at the age of fifty They ve spent their married lives restoring a farmhouse in the English countryside stone by stone, which they also parlayed into a family business They have farm animals, a vegetable garden, and the ability to share their lives as well as pay their bills When they made a failed investment at the advice of an old friend, a court case ensued against the Winns At the last minute they procured a document to prove that they were not liable in the court case however, the judge refused to accept it into evidence because it wasn t submitted A beautiful book that made me think about what s really important to me and what matters in my world Moth and Raynor find themselves homeless, and then things get even worse when Moth is diagnosed with a terminal illness With nothing else to do, and no where else to go they walk the South West Coastal path The bravery and sheer determination the couple have is breathtaking I really enjoyed it and recommend it highly It s made me grateful for my home and my bed, and of course my health The writing is perfect in parts and very poetic A lovely, bravely honest book.

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