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[Angelina Bennet] ð The Shadows of Type [gay-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Coaches and counselors who use psychological type need to add this book s wisdom, resources, and model to their practice Too often, type is used as a point in time picture of a client s strengths and needs Bennet s work integrates stages of adult development in ways that will lead to better counseling practices,targeted descriptions of type strengths and blind spots, and deeper development.
First book that I have come across that tackles the issue of personal growth through Myers Briggs personality types She uses a system that is somewhat, but not quite, similar to Kohlbergs moral development and incorporates it with the personality types.

My first experience with a book that claims there are levels of psychological development, from basic and rudimentary power seeking survival, through various others like social self development, personal identification, awareness of the Personal ID s limitations and narrowness, etc.
, and culminating in the never attained self actualized magician Most Myers Briggs sources which focus on how we re all equal, just different Types So this was refreshing, given that Jung s original ideas were all about Type development and mal development I really liked the nature of the hierarchy, bc it emphasizes development of one s psychological self awareness and others awareness, which I believe in deeply So it was tempting to swallow it wholesale Psychological Type Systems Such As The Myers Briggs R Are Incredibly Useful In Helping People To Improve Their Self Awareness And Awareness Of Others However The Current Models Do Not Explain How Well Somebody Uses Their Type, Why Two People Of The Same Type Can Differ Greatly In Their Effectiveness, Or How We Can Maximise The Potential Of Our Type The Shadows of Type Model Provides The Answers To These Questions By Placing Psychological Type Back Into Its original Jungian Context, Upgrading This To Set It Within The Psychosynthesis Model, And Then Combining It With Ego Development Theory This Leads To Detailed Descriptions Of ThePsychological Types Through Seven Levels Of Ego Development Using The Suggested Coaching Techniques And Applications, Individuals Can Gain Insight Into How They Are Using Their Type And The Traps That They Can Fall Into, And Coaches Are Enabled To Work With Psychological Type Developmentally, Transformationally And Transpersonally

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