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Download Epub Format Ñ The Shelters of Stone PDF by à Jean M. Auel 1 The Clan of the Cave Bear 2 The Valley of Horses 3 The Mammoth Hunters 4 The Plains of Passage 5 The Shelters of Stone I was worried that this book would have conflict After reading the blurb I was scared it was gonna be like The Mammoth Hunters, which was my least favourite in the series But this book was great I love it as much as the rest of them But I am still looking forward to finally finishing this series The books are so long Utter crap Pretend the series ended with Plains of Passage and Ayla and Jondalar had a baby and lived happily ever after.
I can t believe we had to wait 12 years for this book It is a far cry from The Clan of the Cave Bear, which was captivating in its detail and character development This book is in sore need of an editor There is too much detailed description, and the pace moves incredibly slowly Ayla is too perfect of a character, and the characters who don t like her are inevitably drunks or jealous bitches I feel really committed to this series, since I really loved the first two books, and liked books 3 4 just fine, but I was so disappointed in this book I am not sure what happened my guess is that Jean Auel doesn t really want to write these any, so procrastinates by doing incredibly detailed research is this really necessary at this point She has done probably 20 years of research when all is said and done , and phone Total Crap Enough of Pleasures and discriptive scenes of ice age Europe Some new information and a plot would have been great The series has gone from one of my favorite books Clan of the Cave Bear to something I almost didn t finish The series started crashing with Plains of Passage where Jondalar and Ayla Pleasured themselves across the continent while righing wrongs, curing injustice and improving life styles in their spare time Shelter just bombed Can t remember a single scene from the book, nothing happened I think Ayla got drunk once, puked, and swore never to do that again it could hurt the baby whatever , snore Auel has written a beautiful saga about prehistoric man, and if I weren t so attached to her characters and their fate, I would have chucked this book long ago Sadly, this is the worst of the five mainly because it lacks plot and interest Auel spends 200 pages on their first day with the Zelandoni, about 600 on the first month or so, then suddenly the last months whizz by in, maybe, 100 pages She is redundant not only from her previous books, but within the book itself She makes the same detailed statement 4 or 5 or 6 times How many times can she tell us, in great detail, of Ayla s special language for the horses Too many times I love the premise of this book I love the first 4 books tho they are also qui

I couldn t wait for this book to end Repetitive repetitive repetitive Auel uses the same phrases and descriptions so many times throughout all five books that it drove me batty How many formal introductions of the same characters do there have to be How many times do you have to tell the story of how Ayla acquired her animals, found Jondalar, was raised by flatheads, etc etc etc Did Auel really need to write out the really long mother song multiple times And the thing that drove me insane the most were the sex scenes The same sex scenes have been described repeatedly in the last four books and every time one came up it disturbed me and grossed me out I am not a prude by any means but these books are supposed hindsight being 20 20, I would have wished that Auel had spent an ADDITIONAL 12 years revising this book and gotten a better editor instead of dumping this horrible parody of our beloved Ayla on her fan kingdom Not even a brief thank you for your patience on her dedication page to all of us who put her financial portfolio in the stratosphere these 20 years It apprears she took her loyal readers for granted in a big way It s obvious from the writing that she doesn t care about her characters or fans any That s her right It s also my right not to buy any books from her not that she needs the bucks.
This book was an insult to her fan s intelligence She wrote it like we had complete amnesia about Ayla s previous exploits It was like she was concerned with making the last 4 books understandable to a brand new reader as if any new reader to Auel would pick up book 5 from her series on pu This book took me longer to read that the previous four books not because it wasn t interesting to read Rather, I didn t want the book to end Certainly, this book has some fill that could have be cut but it doesn t distract from what is overall, a great read Ayla and Jondalar cross a great glacier dividing northern Europe to return to Jondalars people who live in natural spacious stone caves Ayla is accepted by his people, well most of them Of course, there are a few flies in the ointment in this regard, but it adds to the story Ayla has become preganant during their trek from the plains and over the glacier We anxiously await the sixth, and final book in the Earths Children Series Apparently, Jean Auel is close to completing the book she has been working on for several years now Despite people tellin A Prehistoric Clip ShowOkay, guys, that was really funny Switching the novel with this fan fiction Brilliant joke You got me Now, where s the real novel UhTHIS is the novel Summary Ayla and Jondalar return to his home Everyone loves Ayla Ayla and Jondalar tie the knot Ayla gives birth to the hellspawn and somehow her name sounds better than Twilight s Renesmee but only just barely.
Oh, yeah, and EVERY SINGLE STORY FROM THE LAST BOOK IS REPRINTED So don t bother even READING the previous four books at some point in this book, Ayla or Jondalar will tell you it.
I don t know whether I should be p ssed that I spent all this time listening to the book equivalent of a 90 s clip show or I should laugh my ss off at the ridiculous joke of this being published Or cry thinking about how many trees this piece of sh t destroyed on its route to the bookstore Or rage about the number of books that we The Shelters of Stone Opens As Ayla And Jondalar, Along With Their Animal Friends, Wolf, Whinney, And Racer, Complete Their Epic Journey Across Europe And Are Greeted By Jondalar S People The Zelandonii The People Of The Ninth Cave Of The Zelandonii Fascinate Ayla Their Clothes, Customs, Artifacts, Even Their Homes Formed In Great Cliffs Of Vertical Limestone Are A Source Of Wonder To Her And In The Woman Zelandoni, The Spiritual Leader Of The Ninth Cave And The One Who Initiated Jondalar Into The Gift Of Pleasure , She Meets A Fellow Healer With Whom To Share Her Knowledge And Skills But As Ayla And Jondalar Prepare For The Formal Mating At The Summer Meeting, There Are Difficulties Not All The Zelandonii Are Welcoming Some Fear Ayla S Unfamiliar Ways And Abhor Her Relationship With Those They Call Flatheads And She Calls Clan Some Even Oppose Her Mating With Jondalar, And Make Their Displeasure Known Ayla Has To Call On All Her Skills, Intelligence, Knowledge, And Instincts To Find Her Way In This Complicated Society, To Prepare For The Birth Of Her Child, And To Decide Whether She Will Accept New Challenges And Play A Significant Role In The Destiny Of The Zelandonii Jean Auel Is At Her Very Best In This Superbly Textured Creation Of A Prehistoric Society The Shelters of Stone Is A Sweeping Story Of Love And Danger, With All The Wonderful Detail Based On Meticulous Research That Makes Her Novels Unique It Is A Triumphant Continuation Of The Earth S Children Saga That Began With The Clan Of The Cave Bear And It Includes An Amazing Rhythmic Poem That Describes The Birth Of Earth S Children And Plays Its Own Role In The Narrative Of The Shelters of Stone

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