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[ Pdf The Spaniards Stolen Bride (Brides of Innocence #2) É gods PDF ] by Maisey Yates ↠´ This book has ALL the feels Lots of unhappiness, unresolved childhood pain, fear about the future and fear about love The H s childhood left him scarred and believing that he was dark and disturbed like his father His father was evil Then he met the h She is the daughter of a business associate She appeared to be all that was good and bright He needed her light to help dispel his darkness Then he learned she was engaged to his brother So he kidnapped her and married her Together they had a lot to learn and the lessons were not easy ones They tried to keep things superficial, but that never really works in a MOC Soon there were feels than expected I adored Diego He s perfect for Liliana IRL, I d kill him He s manipulative and controlling But with a big heart Kinda Liliana The real reason I wanted you It was never the inheritance, Liliana It was always you The rest was an excuse Diago was not awful enough for me lol but he was deeply in love with h Thus 4,5 stars.
Stolen For The Spaniard S Inheritance Will Her Innocence Be His Undoing For Notoriously Ruthless Diego Navarro, Kidnapping And Marrying His Brother S Shy Fianc E Seems A Perfectly Sensible Way To Secure His Inheritance Yet When Liliana Hart Willingly Goes With Him, Diego Is Reluctantly Intrigued Though The Heat Of Their Marriage Bed Is Scorching, It S The Intensity Of Their Connection That Pushes Diego To The Edge But Is It Powerful Enough To Redeem This Dark Hearted Billionaire Feel The Heat In This Intense Marriage Of Convenience Diego and Lilliana s story.
I love an anti hero, there is something about a bad boy villian finding the love of his life and maybe some sort of personal redemption for all his past misdeeds along the way But,I do still want him to retain some of his bad boy qualities, not necessarily his villainy of course.
A bad boy villian screams,and I mean screams, Danger,Danger,Danger Will Robinson.
And when a bad boy villian falls for his one true lovewell, HelloCrazy in love,jealous ,possessive,and stalker hero.
And we now come to the hero of this tale,Deigo.
He was the so called villian of his brother s story where he kidnapped his brother s fiancee ,Lilliana,and absconded her away in the dark of night to his hidden island off the coast of Espana.
For our fair Lilliana,this was no hardship because 2 years prior,these two had met at her father s home and a connection was made.
This sto What I particularly like about the Mills and Boon Modern collection is that the newish style of covers all look nearly the same, but with many different stories I wouldn t want anyone who has never read a Modern book by Mils and Boon to think that all the stories are the same because they are not Each author brings there own voice to the characters Here in The Spaniard s Stolen Bride, we have a bad character named Diego Navarro and I for one love reading about a bad man I despised his unruly behaviour Diego was bad from a young boy, breaking his toys, he even burned down his fathers shop I wondered as reading on just how bad can Diego Navarro get Well he will do anything to get his own way even kidnapping Liliana Hart, why he kidnapped Liliana is something I m not going to tell you Maisey Yates is one of my favourite authors and I would love all you readers to explore some of her My review and rating disappeared on this book, so weird What the heck I ll rewrite my review soon, again.
So, Diego the damaged and the villian brought down to his knees begging for forgiveness by sweet liliana God I loved this.

As marriages of conveniences go, Diego kidnaps the fiance of her brother Matias and takes her to a private island He needs a wife in order to inherit the ranch and destroy it He is attracted to the virginal Liliana but knows that he is not capable of love and will ruin her with his touch All he wants is to possess her.
Liliana has been smitten with Diego for a very long so when he kidnaps her she is conflicted between wanting freedom and wanting to be with him, and most of all, wants to please her father, the only constant in her life that until Diego proves to her that her father is not who she thinks he is.
The story is hot and steamy, plenty of scenes of sexual enlightenment for virginal Liliana and I enjoyed their dynamics, Liliana holding her own often than not Sometimes I didn t know how to feel about certain scenes wh I am conflicted on this storyI loved Lilliana and Diego was freaking hot Not going to lie about that but it bothered me when he wanted her for two years but pursued other women his thoughts and then he said he had been faithful somewhat to someone for two years and I thought it meant her but later on I realized he meant his first wife I just am so unsure what to think Their sex was hot and I totally loved it until I realized he was talking about his dead wife He was just an a What He did to her in the hotel after his brothers wedding broke my heart Not hers at all but my heart broke And when she got pregnant I wanted to hurt him She was an amazing heroine and I totally loved hated Diego He was hot but so messed up It was great until it wasn t and I just wish he h Very passionate and emotional read The hero was very dark and tortured and I loved him for that His past was really tragic but he managed to overcome it with the help of his sweet wife I was rooting so badly for Diego and Liliana They both deserved a HEA so badly Their story was sad and angsty but the ending with their son was sweet I am so glad I bought this book I had very high expectations for this book, and Maisey didn t let me down.

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