Trailer Û The TOGAF ® Standard, Version 9.2 PDF by × The Open Group

Trailer Û The TOGAF ® Standard, Version 9.2 PDF by × The Open Group The TOGAF Standard, A Standard Of The Open Group, Is A Proven Enterprise Architecture Methodology And Framework Used By The World S Leading Organizations To Improve Business Efficiency It Is The Most Prominent And Reliable Enterprise Architecture Standard, Ensuring Consistent Standards, Methods, And Communication Among Enterprise Architecture Professionals Those Professionals Fluent In The TOGAF Approach Enjoy Greater Industry Credibility, Job Effectiveness, And Career Opportunities The TOGAF Approach Helps Practitioners Avoid Being Locked Into Proprietary Methods, Utilize Resources Efficiently And Effectively, And Realize A Greater Return On InvestmentThe TOGAF Standard Is A Framework A Detailed Method And A Set Of Supporting Tools For Developing An Enterprise Architecture, Developed By Members Of The Open Group Architecture Forum The TOGAF Standard, Version Is An Update Providing Additional Guidance, Correcting Errors, Introducing Structural Changes To Support The TOGAF Library An Extensive Collection Of Reference Material , And Removing Obsolete Content It May Be Used Freely By Any Organization Wishing To Develop An Enterprise Architecture For Use Within That Organization Subject To The Conditions Of Use This Book Is Divided Into Six Parts Part I Introduction This Part Provides A High Level Introduction To The Key Concepts Of Enterprise Architecture And In Particular The TOGAF Approach It Contains The Definitions Of Terms Used Throughout The Standard Part II Architecture Development Method This Is The Core Of The TOGAF Framework It Describes The TOGAF Architecture Development Method ADM A Step By Step Approach To Developing An Enterprise Architecture Part III ADM Guidelines Techniques This Part Contains A Collection Of Guidelines And Techniques Available For Use In Applying The TOGAF Framework And The TOGAF ADM Additional Guidelines And Techniques Are Also In The TOGAF Library Available Online From The Open Group Part IV Architecture Content Framework This Part Describes The TOGAF Content Framework, Including A Structured Metamodel For Architectural Artifacts, The Use Of Re Usable Architecture Building Blocks, And An Overview Of Typical Architecture Deliverables Part V Enterprise Continuum Tools This Part Discusses Appropriate Taxonomies And Tools To Categorize And Store The Outputs Of Architecture Activity Within An Enterprise Part VI Architecture Capability Framework This Part Discusses The Organization, Processes, Skills, Roles, And Responsibilities Required To Establish And Operate An Architecture Practice Within An Enterprise If your interested in Enterprise Architecture you must read this cover to cover.
This looks like not original book The pictures in this book looks like copies black and white where as they are supposed to be colorI wanted to return this But, I already started writing on this book So, could not Good quality What s to say It s pretty much the standard No competition.

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