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Ì The Valley of Horses Ý Download by Ì Jean M. Auel This Unforgettable Odyssey Into The Distant Past Carries Us Back To The Awesome Mysteries Of The Exotic, Primeval World Of The Clan Of The Cave Bear, And To Ayla, Now Grown Into A Beautiful And Courageous Young WomanCruelly Cast Out By The New Leader Of The Ancient Clan That Adopted Her As A Child, Ayla Leaves Those She Loves Behind And Travels Alone Through A Stark, Open Land Filled With Dangerous Animals But Few People, Searching For The Others, Tall And Fair Like Herself The Short Summer Gives Her Little Time To Look, And When She Finds A Sheltered Valley With A Herd Of Hardy Steppe Horses, She Decides To Stay And Prepare For The Long Glacial Winter Ahead Living With The Clan Has Taught Ayla Many Skills But Not Real Hunting She Finally Knows She Can Survive When She Traps A Horse, Which Gives Her Meat And A Warm Pelt For The Winter, But Fate Has Bestowed A Greater Gift, An Orphaned Foal With Whom She Develops A Unique Kinship One Winter Extends To She Discovers A Way To Make Fire Quickly And A Wounded Cave Lion Cub Joins Her Unusual Family, But Her Beloved Animals Don T Fulfill Her Restless Need For Human Companionship Then She Hears The Sound Of A Man Screaming In Pain She Saves Tall, Handsome Jondalar, Who Brings Her A Language To Speak And An Awakening Of Love And Desire, But Ayla Is Torn Between Her Fear Of Leaving Her Valley And Her Hope Of Living With Her Own Kind Ouch I ve never known a series to go so downhill in the second book When I read The Clan of the Cave Bear I was swept up into a prehistoric world filled with spirits, survival and a wonderfully intricate belief system After the end of that book Ayla is out on her own, battling the elements, wild animals and her own loneliness It sounded so promising But parallel to following Ayla, we also follow two men Jondalar and his brother Thonolan, unsure of how they will fit in to Ayla s tale What disappointed me with this sequel were two main things 1 Nothing happens Seriously It s over 500 pages and all we really see is Ayla s preparation for season after season alone in her cave, and her adoption of a couple of wild I loved this book soooooo much Ayla is my hero There were some things but didn t keep it from my favorites list I love Whinney and Baby, my heart soared so much And when Ayla and Jondalar met I was so happy I loved going on their journey of learning about one another while he healed It was just awesome and I m glad I got to read it Happy Reading Peeps Mel She walks away alone, a figure in the vast, savage, uncaring, desolate, almost empty region, of what is now the Ukraine, expelled by her adopted, Neanderthal, cave dwelling band, Ayla, at 14, is forced to leaves her small, beloved child, Durc, behind, cursed by the only people the Cro Magnon girl can remember, into the unknown, what the young, fearful woman, believes, will be a final, fatal, fleeting journey With a few belongings , the prehistoric teenager, has, told by the female, who raised her to find her own kind, the Others , and advised to go north, but the scattered tribes, are so rare, that it is almost impossible to encounter them, an unseen spot in the steppes, the object slowly travels in the glacial cold, for weeks, then a blizzard strikes hard, the despairing human, almost welcomes the freezing endYet somehow Ayla, survives This book will forever be in my heart.
I wish I could read it again for the first time.
I didn t mind that it devolved devolved, get it hehehe anyway, I didn t mind that the book turned out to be porn for women who pretend they don t like that sort of thing because its soooo low brow, but what I DID mind was that it became CLICH porn Oooo he s a man whose been with tons of women but never felt True Love Oooo she s a woman who s been raped in a way sanctioned by her culture and never had an orgasm Ahhhhh he s a man who yearns to love a woman who is his equal Ahhh she s a woman who is good at everything but good sex Oooooh he teaches her what real sex feels like and gets her off on the first round Oooooh they have simultaneous orgasms the first time they Make Love Ahhhh he s so big He hurts women with his h This one goes down as my all time, 1, best read I learned SO many things and gained strength and independence than I though possible The story is this, Ayla is cast out from her family, leaving behind her only son, to survive in the ice age and the wilderness alone She has the knowledge of a medicine woman, and the skills of a sling to assist her survival But the greatest challenge is the loneliness She teaches herself to hunt with spears, to make knives, baskets, and implements for cooking And along with her, I learned how to do all of these things How to test plant foods for nutritional or medicinal properties How to survive She adopts a horse foal after killing her dam and then adopts a baby cave lion The three of them make a family, and they give her the only companionship the empty icy world has to offer Until finally after 3 years of emptiness, she meets h Ayla s adventures volume two The writing is as bad as it was in volume one I detailed all the problems I had with it here with the addition of hackneyed sex scenes It makes me almost sad that generations of young girls had their introduction to porn literature through this crap It s enough to put you off of both, sex and reading.
You might wonder why I read the second volume when the first volume was so bad It s a good question and I m not sure myself I ordered it on before I had the time to really think about it I guess, my favourite parts in the first volume were the survival bits I liked when Ayla was all alone and had to learn to manage on her own And since the first volume ends with Ayla being kicked out of the C I ve never seen a series take such a downturn so fast When we last saw Ayla in The Clan of the Cave Bear, she had been banished, sentenced to death by the clan leader, Broud, who hated her The Valley of the Horses takes place immediately after, as Ayla begins to wander the steppes in pursuit of her people Eventually, she settles in a valley populated with horses While she is there, she befriends a horse and ekes out a living.
I don t think I ve ever seen a series shoot itself in the foot so early on I ve seen series suffer burnout, the author tossing up his or her hands and saying I just don t give a damn any , but usually this occurs, oh, say, six books in the series after he or she has drug the main characters all over the universe to death and back again At thi Thank God it is over 2 stars Silver Broken Gavel for Worst Book read in 2014 Random Ramblings I cannot recall the last time I was so happy to finish a book I felt as if I had gone up against a ferocious beast and emerged as the winner Having recently read, REVIEWED and loved The Clan of the Cave Bear, I fully expected another magical story set it the distant past, long before recorded history I liked The Clan of the Cave Bear so much, it was my 7th favorite read of 2013 Unfortunately, The Valley of Horses turned into a prehistoric romance novel I felt duped and angry with how the series had progressed What looked to be shaping into an exciting and memorable series has turned into a series that I will not finish Plot summary Our intrepid female hero from the first book, has struck out on her own after t

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