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[ Read Online The Wedding Party ↠´ american-revolution PDF ] by Jasmine Guillory ¹ Jasmine Guillory s The Wedding Party is her best book to date so far I read The Proposal and was disappointed but am so glad I was able to get an advanced copy of her newest book because it was so much fun Jasmine delivers a steamy, sweet, sassy, and oh so sexy romance novel This isn t just a typical romance novel it definitely as depth to the characters and you just fall in love with the entire crew Maddie and Theo have two things in common 1 Alex is their best friend 2 They hate one anotherHahah what a combo right So, this sexy duo of Maddie and Theo land in bed with one another one problem the sex is so good they can t stop They put down some rules and have a plan that it will be over once Alex s wedding is done Of course doesn t always work out like we planned right This one was super fun and you can The plot of The Wedding Party is pretty straightforward Theo and Maddie have the same best friend Alexa Unfortunately for Alexa, they themselves don t like each other at all Maddie thinks Theo is pompous and boring, while Theo is convinced Maddie is as shallow as it gets Despite all this, they suddenly find themselves madly attracted to each other to the point of starting a secret sexual relationship They both agree to keep it secret from their best friend, but where will all this go they are way too comfortable with each other especially since Theo is not pompous, but rather insecure and over responsible, while Maddie really has a heart of gold.
I must admit I didn t connect with the characters straightaway Not until I read about Theo alphabetising Maddie s spice rack and Maddie shoving in a wardrobe her piles of clothes previousl Maddie And Theo Have Two Things In Common Alexa Is Their Best Friend They Hate Each OtherAfter An Oops, We Made A Mistake Kiss, Neither One Can Stop Thinking About The Other With Alexa S Wedding Rapidly Approaching, Maddie And Theo Both Share Bridal Party Responsibilities That Require Interaction With Each Other Than They Re Comfortable With Underneath The Sharp Barbs They Toss At Each Other Is A Simmering Attraction That Won T Fade It Builds Until They Find Themselves Sneaking Off Together To Release Some Tension When Alexa Isn T LookingBut As With Any Engagement With A Nemesis, There Are Unspoken Rules That Must Be Abided By First And Foremost, Don T Fall In Love Jasmine Guillory won my heart with this delightful romance This is her third book and in my opinion the best one yet And I defy you to read this entire book and not crave pizza I am even half tempted to try roasted garlic on my next Pizza Theo and Maddie have never really liked each other, but they tolerate one another because they are both BFFs with Alexa Then one night they accidentally uh oh kiss and then hoops they sleep together What follows is Theo and Maddie trying to find any excuse to be together and every reason not to fall in love Enemies to lovers is one of my absolute favorite tropes, but I am not even sure I would classify this book as such The banter between Theo and Maddie was almost too sweet too tame to be called enemies to lovers This is irrelevant because I really loved both Theo and Maddie, something about them together just worked for me I also really I mean this was alright This is my second book from Jasmine Guillory, and even though I liked this one than The Proposal I still had some issues with it I think this is way too mild for a book claiming to be a hate to love romance These two characters didn t really hate each other, they just made fun of each other sometimes and there was not nearly enough banter They would just pretend they disliked each other and then have sex a bunch of times A pet peeve of mine in romance is when the characters get together right away, and in this one they were having sex by page 30 The pacing in the beginning was strange too, because the first few chapters are like six weeks later, ten months later, etc and there s a lot of weird time jumps So the two main characters hook up 30 pages in and then decide it ll never happen again, and then o I m between 4 and 4.
5 stars.
Jasmine Guillory has really become one of my go to authors when I m in the mood for a great rom com Her books are fun to read as well as well written and steamy, and I find her characters so appealing that it feels like hanging out with friends, especially because the characters in all three of her books are linked in some way Her newest book, The Wedding Party , follows that age old story of two people who can t stand each other yet one crazy night something changes Maddie and Theo have known each other for years through their mutual best friend, Alexa.
There s no denying that they find each other physically attractive, but they re seriously turned off by their personalities Maddie thinks Theo is pedantic and condescending, Theo thinks Maddie is superficial and a bit of a bitch T Aw, this is so much fun I ve read and loved Jasmine Guillory s other two contemporary romances, and The Wedding Party is just as entertaining Maddie and Theo don t like each other however, they have a best friend in common, Alexa You can probably already sense where that tension may lead them They had an oops night together, and ever since, they are each obsessed with each other Alexa is about to get married, and both Maddie and Theo are in the bridal party That attraction will not go away They make a pact that they will end their tryst once Alexa is married, but when Alexa s wedding is suddenly moved up, the pair don t know what to think of it They are actively trying not to fall in love The Wedding Party was such an engaging read with nice tension I loved the witty banter between Maddie and Theo They were so cute together This is the perfect book to pack in your beach bag when you

This book was received in a GoodReads ARC Giveaway I m love, love, loving Jasmine Guillory s Wedding Date series The Wedding Party is the 3rd installment and the perfect contemporary romance summer read I ve been crushing on Theo since the first book and this pairing gave me the feel good HEA I needed right about now This book was the perfect antidote to some of my heavier reads this summer, light and delicious and leaving me hungering for the next one This had the potential to be my favorite of the series because it was enemies to lovers but I didn t love it and I am SO SAD I didn t really feel a ton of chemistry between the characters and the overall writing felt really stilted Blah This definitely wasn t a terrible book, but I think I set my expectations too high Womp Jasmine Guillory s third book The Wedding Party is in my opinion her best yet In her signature style, this book is steamy, sweet, sassy, and has depth to it that will help us all learn a bit about what it is like to be a minority in a majority industry I thought the enemies turned lovers storyline worked so well, with the added element of their personal connection through their mutual friend Alexa.
This is a perfect summer book About the BookProfessional style consultant Maddie doesn t need a man to feel fulfilled Especially not a man like Theo Theo is her best friend Alexa s work bestie Several years ago when they first met, Theo asked Maddie what she did for a living and it was clear from his reaction to her job that he found her shallow and beneath him Maddie has never told Alexa the specifics, but suffice it to say Maddie isn t

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