Trailer ½ The Will to Climb PDF by Æ Ed Viesturs

Trailer ½ The Will to Climb PDF by Æ Ed Viesturs The Will to Climb Obsession And Commitment And The Quest To Climb Annapurna The World S Most Deadly Peak Book Description Ed Viesturs Has Contributed To The Will to Climb Obsession And Commitment And The Quest To Climb Annapurna The World S Most Deadly Peak As An AuthorED VIESTURS Still Climbs And Seeks Out New Adventures He Lives On Bainbridge Island, Washington, With His Wife And Three Children DAVID ROBERTS Is A Veteran Author Of Mountaineering books, Including On The Ridge Between Life And Death This book was not as cohesive as his previous works the flow of the work was jolting as Ed jumped from scenario to scenario The book chronicles attempts on Annapurna in sequence since the initial summit on the first attempt the only 8000m peak to do so and Viesturs covers each historical epoch with fantastic detail, there are too many references to other experiences on other mountains to keep the entire story straight Facts and people become easily confused to the reader Sometimes you had to wade through paragraphs before coming back around to the central narrative of the chapter He definitely was attempting to do with Annapurna as he had for K2 Life and Death on the World s Most Dangerous Mountain and I hope he attempts to do so for other 8000m peaks down the line the K2 book was absolutely enthralling I believe Ed to be an absolute Another mountaineering book I m fascinated by what drives these people, although I have no desire to climb any mountains myself Ed Viesturs relives his own journey up Annapurna the mountain with the highest death rate of all the mountains above 8000 meters and describes other noteworthy expeditions His passion and his heart shine through the words he s written.
But as interesting as it was, this wasn t Viesturs best book The repetition got annoying it felt like Viesturs wasn t expecting us to read the book all the way through, for some reason, so he had to repeat everything in every chapter I swear, he told us about 47 times that J C Lafaille wanted revenge on Annapurna because Annapurna had killed his partner The K2 s

I liked No Shortcuts better I will always read Viesteurs, and his stories inspire me to get back out there and go up a glacier, but this was less a story about his own climb No Shortcuts tells Ed s Annapurna climb stories succinctly and clearly than this does This is a rambling, wonderfully told set of vignettes about the history of climbing Annapurna It reads as a Who s Who in the climbing industry along with a resume clip of each from the vantage of Annapurna A wonderful read, but not what I was expecting Ed is great, however, at introducing real life characters and making you understand their personalities and making you care about their endeavors, their trials and their successes.
Viesturs phoned this one in It s a sloppily edited rehash of mountaineering anecdotes from other climber s books It s also full of sniping at Jon Krakauer, who really writes good stuff about climbing Take a pass on this book.

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