[D.H. Warehouse] Ñ The Woman of the Snow [coptic-language PDF] Read Online ↠´ usobet.co

[D.H. Warehouse] Ñ The Woman of the Snow [coptic-language PDF] Read Online ↠´

The Woman of the Snow A Novel Of Magical Realism Broken Hearted, Jon Reluctantly Goes To A Japanese Mountain Village To Teach English There, He Hears Of The Mythical Snow Woman, A Beautiful Woman Who Only Manifests With The Snowfall And Whose Touch Causes The Instant Death Of Unwary Men Jon Searches For The Mythical Woman Of The Snow Skeptical But Curious, Jon And One Of His Students Go In Search Of Her After An Acquaintance S Death Is Attributed To Her Touch When Snow Begins To Fall, They Discover, To Their Surprise, The Snow Woman Near The Ruins Of An Ancient Summer Villa To Break The Curse, Jon May Die The Snow Woman Tells Them That A Tengu, A Mountain Forest Spirit, Cursed Her Into Her Present Condition For Failing To Return His Love And Before The Snowfall Ends, She Tells Them That To Break The Curse, She Must Truly Be In Love With The Brave Man Who Touches Her But I Cannot Fall In Love And Many Men Have Died, She Laments Before Vanishing Learning Later That The Snow Woman S Life Is At Stake, Jon Resolves To Break The Curse Keywords Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Fantasy, Paranormal Mystery, Supernatural Romance, Supernatural Love, Fantasy Romance Kindle books, Supernatural Mystery

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