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Download Epub Format ¾ Touch PDF by ✓ Natalia Jaster This was an interesting romance where Love one of the immortals who pings humans with her love arrows to incite romance winds up falling in love with Andrew, a human, and since of course, this is forbidden, chaos ensues I thought this was a cute idea for a story Please excuse typos name misspellings Entered on screen reader.
WrensReads Review So I received a copy of this book from Natalia Jaster, the author, and she made it the cutest little package She had bookmarks to go in with it that I am totally taking advantage of and had string tied around the book and I said awh for about five minutes It was adorable If I wasn t so frantic with moving I would have stopped and taken a picture of it I sincerely regret not taking a picture Not to mention that the cover of this book is so cute The story is as cute as the cover looks as well Grant it, there is some adult content in the book it is about Eros, so I m not sure what else you would expect So Love goes around and shoots arrows at people to help them find, er, love She has a lot of human interaction without actually interacting with people Basically she is like a bubble person except her whole purpose for living is to help t Love Is An Immortal Bad GirlWith A Strike Of Her Arrow And A Smirk On Her Face, She Pins Human Hearts Together Yet Love Has Never Loved Not Until She Collides With A Mortal Whose Existence Threatens Everything She Stands ForThe Longer They Re Entangled, The Love Wishes She Could Touch Him In Gentle WaysIn Other Tempting And Reckless Ways, TooBut It S Impossible She Isn T A Part Of His World She S A Mischievous Goddess Who S Destined To Be AloneAnd He S Destined For Someone ElseAnd It S Love S Duty To Make Sure That Happens At The Tip Of Her Own Weapon Mature Young Adult New Adult Sexual Content And Language For Readers And Older I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for review Let me just start out by saying, I absolutely loved this book It s very rare I m given the opportunity to read a book for review, and it far exceeds my expectations into favorite territory Let s start with the awesome premise of this story It s a modern day retelling of the myth of Eros If any of you are unfamiliar with the Myth of Eros, definitely look it up It s one of my favorites Taking a turn from the myth of Eros, our heroine, Love, is not the son of Aphrodite She is a daughter of the stars, whose training and guidance is overseen by The Fates She is the goddess of love, the only one of her kind Sent to Ever, a small snowy town, to help the people come together and fall in love Before I dive into the story, and talk about the writing, which is beautiful by the way I want to talk about the charac The writing in this book is absolutely breath taking Jaster has an amazing way with words Everything is written with such care and it shows when you re reading Everything is deliberately crafted to make you feel emotions from annoyance, confusion, happiness, and sadness Her writing grabs you and refuses to let go until you ve reached the end.
The world building was simply fantastic Jaster creates a world where the gods and goddesses of Love, Anger, Sorrow, Envy etc are alive and watching over modern day society She does a great job of explaining the world of the gods and goddesses while not giving us too much of an informational overload She also does a great job of creating a realistic town in which this story is set.
The characters in this book are fascinating While there aren t many minor characters that If she could explore and heal his injuries with her fingers, it would be another type of magic, her skin making contact with his Putting her mind to it, Love would become familiar with his body She would know him from top to bottom, from beginning to end Touching this boy would be the death, and life, of her Everything I love when it comes to writing and reading is in this book I LOVED IT Some mortals indeed love well, but most don t And none do it perfectly A gender flipped, ya retelling of Eros and Psyche Well sort of Love has been meddling with human relationships for years without feeling the pangs of love herself Until she sees Andrew, who can see her too This is a great premise for a new series Instead of it being a straight Greek myth retelling, it borrows heavily from Greek mythology but does it s own thing There are the Fates, in another dimension, who send out classes of their gods and goddesses to meddle with fate Anger, Envy, Sorrow, and Wonder are Love s contemporaries Andrew can see her because he is one of the few humans who is selfless, and therefore is a threat Love is commanded to set him up with another girl, or she will be forced to watch as the Fates kill Andrew But the time she spends with Andrew, the human and weaker she becomes Four stars the plot did drag toward the middle Bu

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
When I read the summary I was so interested in the idea of this story especially the mythology and the forbidden romance aspects It sounded different to anything I ve ever read before It took me a little while to get into the story but I was in a bit of a reading slump before reading it so that might have been partially the reason What kept me reading was my interest in the main character Love She was written so well and I constantly found myself just wanting to know out about her and about her history I enjoyed reading all the other characters as well Although there weren t that many secondary they were all unique and it was very easy to distinguish between them What I really loved were the other fates Anger, Wonder, Sorrow and Envy Natalia writes ab Update 6 26 2018 New cover My eyes are so happy right now I m so proud of my first book I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review LISTEN UP Y ALL BECAUSE THIS IS IT THIS IS BOOK IS ON MY TOP TEN books OF 2015 SO FAR Touch by Natalia Jaster if you haven t heard me raving about this book already then buckle your seatbelt is PHENOMENAL When I was approached by the author to read this book, I honestly didn t know what to expect I read the blurb and it peaked my interest enough to read the book Then I started readingAnd I was sucked into those pages I didn t even feel like I was reading a book I felt like I was in the story Snuggled amongst the characters Enjoying every, single, thing about it I cannot praise this book enough Natalia Jaster combines beautiful writing with extraordinary characters, that creates this magical story that will leave you hungry for I wis

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