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ñ Read ñ Touchwood by Karin Kallmaker é Twenty Nine Year Old Rayann Germaine, Betrayed By Her Lover, Flees In Grief And Rage She Meets Book Store Owner Louisa Thatcher, A Woman Many Years Her Senior, Who Offers Shelter And Work And Soon, Passion, And A Loving Place In Her LifeBut Rayann Encounters Challenges To This New Love From Friends Who Question Its Wisdom, From Her Mother Who Disapproves Of This Liaison With A Woman Her Own Contemporary, From Louisa S Son Who Learns For The First Time His Mother S True SexualityAnd There Are Profound Differences Between Rayann And Louisa Themselves, Two Women Who Come From Dramatically Different Places In The Spectrum Of Age And Life Experience Their Only Common Ground Seems To Be The Searing Attraction That They Both Try To Denyoriginally Published By Naiad Press Second Bella books Edition My favorite Karin Kallmaker book so far.
My, my What a beautiful book I now understand why Touchwood is a favourite for many readers I stepped so deeply into this story I feel like I have spent the afternoon in Louisa and Rayann s bookstore The May December romance is met with the appropriate amount of fear and challenges but what impressed me the most about Touchwood was hearing about the challenges lesbians faced in their personal and professional lives in the twentieth century Kallmaker does a masterful job of educating and reminding the reader that the acceptance and privileges available to same sex couples today is something previous generations could only dream would come true She effectively discusses how labels like butch and femme do not reflect today s sexual fluidity and that indiv

I ve come to the same conclusion as Bib, this is An enjoyable May December lesbian romance Rayann, a 30 something wood sculptor, is viciously betrayed by her girlfriend She runs away and finds refuge in the upper apartment of a woman who runs a small bookstore The woman is old enough to be her mother, but Rayann feels strangely attracted to her Is she just on the rebound Is she just starved for intimacy Or is it something Trouble is, how does Rayann find out Not only is the age gap huge, the woman may not even be a lesbian.
Most of the book is seen from Rayann s point of view, so our perception of her landlady Louisa is seen only through her eyes view spoiler She is deeply infatuated with Louisa But I don t really see why We don t get enough of Louisa to make us fall in love wit May and December have never been so lovely Beautiful, extremely moving and just plain wonderful, Touchwood is the kind of story that is both deep and mature and makes you wish you could find someone like Louisa in real life It can be a bit frustrating at times when Louisa and Rayann fail to effectively communicate with each other, especially in the beginning, but it s also 100% believable As a complete softie for May December romances, I love the dynamics between the two main characters and how much each woman cares for the other Even the love scenes are nicer and touching than in most lesfic You have my heart and just about every inch of my body Rayann smiled slightly I think the little toe on my left foot is the only part of me you haven t left an indelible impression on.

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