☆ Trader Vyx (A Galaxy Unknown #4) å Download by ☆ Thomas DePrima

☆ Trader Vyx (A Galaxy Unknown #4) å Download by ☆ Thomas DePrima This series is really captivating with short books containing enough action to keep the story moving You still can t help thinking about the Honorverse though with the author adding even references that remind you of Honor Harrington The pets are one easy reference Space combat scenes could probably be a bit detailed, but no real complaints.
Immensely entertaining Consider me a sucker for space operas and then give me credit for recommending an enjoyable series I think the quality of DePalma s writing matches well with his inventive storyline.
A slight improvement in writing style over the previous three books, but still very reminiscent of 1930 s science fiction The characters still use very stilted dialogues and the author still has problems with tenses Even annoying, the author goes into unnecessary detail over the smallest items Spending several paragraphs detailing how a device works adds too much fluff For example, the details on the Raider s energy draining device All that hand wavium is unneeded simply say it has limited range and can t be used at FTL speeds.
another great book, on to the next one yay An SCI agent sent to investigate weapons suspected of being stolen from the Spaccs is forced to adjust his mission when the Galactic Alliance announces a massive expansion of territory Meanwhile, shortly after returning to the Prometheus as XO, a routine shakedown cruise puts Jennette in a high stakes poker game with the Raiders.
Breaking free of many of the crutches that hindered the earlier books, Trader Vyx takes Jennette Carver s adventures into new territories to prove once again her tactical acumen While elements of the book may seem repetitive to fans of the series from earlier books, the book overall is entertaining and engaging The ongoing running joke regarding Jennette s foul up in the zero G lab at the NHSA

This is the 4th novel in The Galaxy Unknown series by indie author Thomas DePrima As with the previous three novels, there is plenty of action adventure Jenetta Carver is in the thick of it in space battles and the Intel sector , winning, as usual, against seemingly impossible odds Not likely in reality but isn t that the whole point of this style of writing Jenetta reminds me of Lee Child s or Matthew Reilly s type of hero heroine who, with a few hiccups along the way, always ends up on top However, instead of winning with superior physical tactics, she wins with her superior IQ At last a geek actually wins Other reviews have mentioned that DePrima s writing is a bit simple or unpolished well maybe it is, but the story itself than makes up for any such flaws It drags you in and at the end, leaves you wanting Tha I like the kind of trashy but entertaining style of this series The author has a proclivity for cumbersome explanations of fictive technicalities, which can be tiresome In this book I noticed that he hijacked the monologue for narrative explanations, which seems to be out of character and out of context It s still telling not showing, just in dialogue form rather than narrative.
Maybe I m just tired after finishing the previous three books in three days hence the maybe later shelf.
OK so I ve finished the book.
Part of it reads like a tedious recollection of events, and the many complicated explanations of technical details makes me dizzy, so I didn t even try to follow them.
But skimming those parts, the rest was enjoyable.
Thomas DePrima continues his space opera in Trader Vyx I don t know how gets these names as often they have little to do with the plot This was fun than the previous book It serves its purpose for me, which is to distract from the exercise that I m doing at the Y The characters are entirely two dimensional, the plot straightforward, though exciting.
In short this is a perfect beach read nothing remarkable, but fun 3 stars.
Am grateful to see that the author is addressing the time it takes to travel in space finally in this book series Setting up a plot where it takes months to travel anywhere in the galaxy was not a great idea despite jenetta s miraculous anti ageing ability.
Overall it was a fun book to read.
Advanced Weapons Manufactured For Space Command Are Being Offered For Sale On The Galactic Black Market Trader Vyx, An Undercover Operative For Space Command, The Military Arm Of The Galactic Alliance, Has Been Sent Into The Frontier Zone To Procure Several Weapons From An Alyysian Arms Merchant, As Part Of An Effort To Trace The Serial Numbers And End The Thefts All Is Going Smoothly Until A Tsgardi Mercenary Enters The Room He Utters A Profanity As He Recognizes Vyx And Immediately Reaches For His Sidearm Vyx Grabs For His Own Sidearm, But Then Has To Dive For Cover As The Weapon Merchant S Bodyguards Open Up, Turning The Room Into A Killing Zone Of Deadly Crossfire Vyx Manages To Kill The Mercenary And Escape, But Is Hotly Pursued By Bodyguards Who Believe Him Responsible For The Shooting Incident That Severely Wounded Their Boss The Chase Continues Through The Small Gollasko Colony As Vyx Uses All Of His Skills To Evade Guards Bent On Ending His Life Each Time He Thinks He S Lost His Pursuers, They Turn Up Again While Vyx Is Fighting For His Life On Gollasko, Commander Jenetta Carver Is Facing Problems Of Her Own In Another Part Of The Galaxy The Galactic Alliance Has Decided To Expand The Border, And Commander Jenetta Carver Is Venturing Into The New Territory As Captain Of A Prototype Scout Ship An Onboard Accident Sends The Small Ship Flying Wildly Out Of Control They Find Themselves In A Disabled Ship, Unable To Contact Anyone, With Life Support Systems Beginning To Fail When A Passing Raider Warship Happens Across The Apparently Derelict Ship, Jenetta Must Face The Question Of Resistance Or Surrender , Words Pages

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