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[ Pdf Unexpected Fate ß young-adult PDF ] by Harper Sloan ✓ I love the Corps Security series The characters are a family and I didn t want their series to end When I found out we were getting a Cohen and Dani book, I was thrilled Not only was it get getting to see some of my favorite characters again, as parents, but I loved Cohen so much as a kid, it was neat seeing him all grown up Dani Reid has had it bad for Cohen Cage for as long as she can remember She s never acted on it, but she s never kept it a secret from him how she felt Cohen is in the service His life is unpredictable And that s just one of the reasons he s stayed away from Danielle Reid The other would be that he s 4 years older than her, best friends with her brother, and her family is like his It would be, well complicated But that doesn t m 4.
5 Protect Dani from everything with a penis mode Stars SpoilersOMG Fan girl Freak out OMG OMG OMG OMG I am a huge fan of the Corps Security series, so to say that I was excited about Unexpected Fate would be a flippin understatement I was over the moon to find out that Mrs Harper Sloan was making a spin off series with the children of the couples I have grown to love I had very high hopes for this book and I have to say it was everything I wanted and God did I love this book Can t stop, Dani girl Now that I finally know what you taste like I can t stop, Cohen Cage Cohen grew up with Dani and even though she is a few years younger than he is, he has always wanted her, but because of their families being so close and with him being in the military, being sent overseas he doesn t act on it Cohen for me was One sexy mofo For real He was protective, and brave, loving and playful, and 3 Unexpected Stars Dani and Cohen are best friends since they were kids Their parents are very close so they pretty much grew up together Dani is in love with Cohen since she learned what love is and Cohen, despite reciprocating her feelings never did anything with them because of their 5 years age gap, his military deployments and their whole family dynamics Until the day both of them can t resist any and everything changes, both of them knowing that there s no turning back now But now, not only is Cohen on the verge of leaving again, but suddenly Dani is in danger and something unexpected is bound to change everything, yet again But how can they be happy together when all the odds are against them As a reader of the Corps Security series, saying that I was anxious for Cohen s story was an understatement I loved this kid since he was a 4 year old brat talking about pen

4 STARS 3 I loved this book I was excited to read it even though I have read only the first book of the Corps Security Series When I saw this one and read the synopsis I was sure this book was for me The story is about Axel s daughter, Dani and Cohen, Cage s son The story was hot, sexy and funny The characters were likeable and captivating.
Dani has been in love with Cohen since they were children Cohen was friends with her older brother and their parents were best friends so they were always together as children Dani doesn t know that Cohen feels the same for her The story is about friendship, love, family and fate There is also some mystery and suspense that will keep your interest until the very end Axel is the perfect daddy He s so overprotective and has a fantastic sense of humor which had me laughing out loud.
Dan 5 Stars I fell in love with this series when it all began Axel was my favourite but Greg became a second and the when little Cohen Cage came into the picture and especially as a child he was the adorable little boy that wore superman capes and joked about cough Greg s manly jewellery, therefore I was really looking forward to this one I would explain this as one big Epilogue on Axel and Izzy and Greg and his beauty s stories altogether for me this was the icing on the cake, it had fun moments, emotional moments and if you loved Cohen as a child your sure as HELL going to LOVE him as an ADULT Cohen has followed his footsteps as his father and is now in the Military he gets sent away to take care of his assign SQUEEE New Harper Sloan book I can t wait D This is Cohen Cage s book Have you ever felt like you were living your life for a future that was predetermined Like there was some bigger picture you just prayed you would someday see clearly That picture has been crystal clear to me since I was old enough to recognize it for just what it was.
Or I should say recognize him for who he was.
I ve loved Cohen Cage since I was a small child He s been my everything for the last twenty two years I ve loved him through every girlfriend he s ever brought home Through his college years and then mine I ve loved him through two deployments And ever since the day I told him how I felt, he s acted like I m a stranger.
My name is Danielle Reid, and it s time for me to get my man O 5 UNEXPECTED but it was FATE STARS Danielle Reid and Cohen Cage it s inevitable Mark my words, Cohen Cage One of these days, you re going to be mine Cause I don t wanna fall in loveIf you don t wanna tryDanielle Reid, you ve burrowed your beautiful soul right into my heart But we were going to fuggle I complain.
He turns sharply to ask, The hell is a fuggle Duh It s a cuddle fuck, I giggle.
When I first saw this I was about to BURST into tears of joy Harper Sloan is without a doubt one of my favourite authors thus I couldn t WAIT to get my hand on this It s a spinoff from the Corp s Security series which already puts the stakes HIGH because those books were phenomenal I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED I know the first step is admittance therefore I admit I am irrevocably in LOVE with this group I cannot wait to continue the journey on with this next generation If you haven Have You Ever Felt Like You Were Living Your Life For A Future That Was Predetermined Like There Was Some Bigger Picture You Just Prayed You Would Someday See Clearly That Picture Has Been Crystal Clear To Me Since I Was Old Enough To Recognize It For Just What It WasOr I Should Say Recognize Him For Who He WasI Ve Loved Cohen Cage Since I Was A Small Child He S Been My Everything For The Last Twenty Two Years I Ve Loved Him Through Every Girlfriend He S Ever Brought Home Through His College Years And Then Mine I Ve Loved Him Through Two Deployments And Ever Since The Day I Told Him How I Felt, He S Acted Like I M A StrangerMy Name Is Danielle Reid, And It S Time For Me To Get My Man Our Future Is An Unexpected Fate, And No Matter What Our Parents, Siblings, And Friends Say It S Going To Be Worth Every Second Of The Fight To Make It Happen I received an ARC via TRSOR PR in exchange for an honest review Thank you 3.
5 fated stars In respect of the author s wishes I will abstain from going into my usual in depth take on this read as it could result in spoilers, but will keep my review subjective in nature Unexpected Fate follows the story of Danielle Dani Reid and Cohen Cage Those of you who don t know, Dani is daughter of Axel Reid and Cohen is the son of Greg Cage both men from Harper Sloan s patented Corps Security series.
All grown up and ripe for the taking Dani has been in love with Cohen, one of her father s best friends son, all her life and has been waiting for the day in which he will notice her and take knowledge of her feelings for him.
She tries to keep herself busy with work, hanging with friends and family, and going on occasional dates but, much to her heart s chagrin and the over I said I wouldn t read any from this author after loathing her last couple books, and yet I was intrigued by this onethankfully, I saw some reviews on it, was reminding of my loathing, and came to my senses.

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