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[Jeffrey Thomas] ↠´ Unholy Dimensions [parenting PDF] Ebook Epub Download ß Fantastic Weird FictionJeffrey Thomas has absolutely blown me away As a huge reader of weird fiction, and Lovecraftian stories in general, I find this collection to be teeming with a dark, though sometimes humorous energy that just grabs a hold of you and doesn t let you leave I often found myself saying onestory Just oneAnd I did just that I read, and I read, and I loved every second of it I m telling you now, if you like weird fiction, especially of the Lovecraftian variety, buy this book Physical copy or otherwise You will NOT regret it.
I just got finished reading Unholy Dimensions by Jeffrey Thomas.
It s a collection of Lovecraftian tales Let me say, this was an enjoyable book overall.
There are some standard tropes done in the style of the older Lovecraft stories right down to the verbosity of the old writing style which were a lovely homage to the master There were also some done in stanzas that reminded me of Poe s poems, it was a refreshingly different method of writing this sort of story.
I really liked his sci fi versions taking the mythos into the depths of space After all that s where these creatures all came from anyway That inspired me to think about the mythos in different lights I hope that the futuristic trio of stories that open the book evolve or already have evolved into additional stories or a novel, they were really interesting.
I learned some wonde Unholy Dimensions Lovecraftian Tales CollectsEerie Short Stories Inspired By The Writing Of H P Lovecraft, Creator Of The Cthulhu Mythos, But Told Through The Unique Imagination Of Jeffrey Thomas Acclaimed Author Of Punktown, Deadstock, Blue War, And Monstrocity Stories Include The Bones Of The Old Ones, The House On The Plain, The Cellar Gods, The Boarded Window, And Book Worm The enterprising small press Mythos books has finally been releasing some titles that we have all been waiting on for some time And some we had no idea were pending release their website is extremely user unfriendly compared to Elder Signs Press, Hippocampus Press or Golden Gryphon Press On the other hand Wildside Press and Pagan Publishing won t win any prizes for keeping up to date either , like The Taint of Lovecraft and The Tales of Inspector LeGrasse Coming soon is a highly anticipated collection by Walter deBill, The Black Sutra I feel like I was waiting on Unholy Dimensions forthan a year.
Jeffrey Thomas is a highly respected horror and science fiction author who certainly needs no introduction from me all us reviewers write this be By far the best Mythos book I ve ever read THIS WAS FUCKING AWESOME I bought it months ago when I was on a drunk buying spree, but was so tired of Mythos stuff by the time I got around to it I just let it sit there for monthsI loved the cover, though I finally started reading it a few days ago, and was totally fucking hooked Not nearly as wordy or atmospheric as a lot of Mythos writing is, and not nearly as much irony as, say, Nick Mamatas recent book, this collection of stories are told pretty directly, no florid writing except in one of the parody pieces , and excellent plots These stories run as a rule pretty short, no fat and gristle, just lean, mean badass stories I can t believe I d never heard of this guy before Some of my favor hello children, can you spell cthulhu A wonderful collection of short stories of weird fiction and Cthulhu mythos All very atmospheric with Thomas s twisted way of looking at the world which is a good thing.
If I had to choose couple of favourites from the book they would be The Servitors a nice perspective on parallel universes and what happens when that veil is breached.
Corpse Candles a family feud taken to the extremes.
The Boarded WIndow another story about worlds colliding with those on the other side being just as fearful as the narrator.
A good addition to the shelves of any weird fiction Lovecraftian fan.
How is this guy notfamous than he is These stories are really, really good.

One of the finest, best written, and varied, truly Lovecraftian concept collections I ve ever read.
Jeffrey Thomas is simple a master of the Mythos arena, and one of the best working writers in any genre.
I haven t read much Lovecraft, but reading Thomas s collection has given me a grounding in the Lovecraft worldview and what can be done with it Jeffrey does a great job taking us to outer space, to backwoods towns, while showing us the dangers of conjuration, and those little rips in reality where evil is itching to leak out of.

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