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Trailer Á Unraveling PDF by õ Karen Lord In This Standalone Fantasy Novel By An Award Winning Author, The Dark Truth Behind A String Of Unusual Murders Leads To An Otherworldly Exploration Of Spirits, Myth, And Memory, Steeped In Caribbean StorytellingDr Miranda Ecouvo, Forensic Therapist Of The City, Just Helped Put A Serial Killer Behind Bars But She Soon Discovers That Her Investigation Into Seven Unusual Murders Is Not Yet Complete A Near Death Experience Throws Her Out Of Time And Into A Realm Of Labyrinths And Spirits There, She Encounters Brothers Chance And The Trickster, Who Have An Otherworldly Interest In The Seemingly Mundane Crimes From Her FilesIt Appears The True Mastermind Behind The Murders Is Still On The Loose, Chasing A Myth To Achieve Immortality Together, Miranda, Chance, And The Trickster Must Travel Through Conjured Mazes, Following Threads Of Memory To Locate The Shadowy Killer As They Journey Deeper, They Discover Even Questions That Will Take Pain And Patience To Answer What Is The Price Of Power Where Is The Path To Redemption And How Can They Stop The Man Or Monster Who Would Kill The Innocent To Live Forever Unraveling is a mythic murder mystery that unfolds as a journey through time and memory Karen Lord does a fantastic job making the undying and angels seem truly otherworldly while also making the undying who are currently mortal familiarly human, and I appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into it However, it never engaged my heart as much as my head, and it just wasn t a book I found particularly memorable as someone who prefers stories with in depth characterization.
3 1 2 StarsFull Review on My Website I received a free e ARC through First to read from the publishers at Penguin Random House Trigger warnings death, child death, body horror, dismemberment, severe injury, violence, blood, spiders.
Dr Miranda Ecouvo is a forensic therapist who helps people who have witnessed violent crime unravel the truth about what they ve seen She s coming off one of the most gruesome cases The City has seen lately a ritual murderer who dismembers his victims and keeps their body parts However, when she s visited by Chance and the Trickster, two brother undying, she realizes that the murders may have been instigated by something other than human The three of them follow the memories of various people involved in the case, bending both space and time, in the hopes that they can get close enough to the real killer to discover their identity and stop them before the I m not entirely sure what I read A story of a serial killer, a forensic therapist, and a pair of brothers, Ajit and Chance, one a Trickster, the other who is sort of human, and sort of undying A story also of angels, and of a powerful being who can make undying individuals, and can separate a less powerful being than her into undying and human.
Miranda, the therapist, is pulled into the oddest investigation she s ever been on by Chance, who takes her through labyrinths to help her find the identity of the serial killer and his motive There was a lot of weird and wonderful in this book, and stuff I didn t really understand, like the pantheon of deities super beings, and the stuff about the amulets but I liked Miranda and her prickliness, and her relationships with Chance and Ajit As I m still processing what I read, I m giving this boo Literary Suspenseful IntriguingThis book requires a bit of trust to get into I spent the first chapter a bit lost, because I hadn t pre read the blurb I rarely do But, the writing was strong, and the pacing was enjoyable In the end, this book turned out to be the type of murder mystery that is as much literary novel as procedural like Smilla s Sense of Snow in quality, though in no other sense I love a mystery novel that breaks genres, like this on with its fantasy and mystical elements I really enjoyed this book, and it is super fast read, partly b c you ache to figure out what is happening 3.
5 Thanks to Penguin First to read for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
I m with the other reviewers on this one it s a fantastic concept and there are marvelous threads in the story, but Unraveling them no pun intended proved to be a LOT of work There are some highly intriguing and original ideas here, and the characters held great potential, but everything seemed weighted down by a vaguely obtuse sense that I wasn t quite getting what the author was trying to tell me The read was surprisingly uneven as a result I d be clicking along and thoroughly enjoying the journey for handfuls of pages, then suddenly find myself pulling back, shaking my head, and rereading the last few paragraphs to figure out what happened, where I got lost, and why things stopped making sense Thanks to Penguin First to read for my review copy.
every time I see the name Miranda this scene pops into my head Review forthcoming I am not going to lie but I don t know the author, so I picked this book only by looking at the cover page which seemed to me very intriguing It s a big maze with an eye in the middle The main characters Dr Miranda Ecouvo and two brothers Chance and Trickster have to go through the maze and solve complicated puzzles in order to catch a killer or rather confirmed that Walther Grey, Butcher of the City killed and mutilated 7 victims I couldn t get into the book on the beginning but when I did I couldn t stop It s difficult reading and needs a lot of attention because scenes change very quickly but it s rewarding on the end There is a lot of characters throughout the book so if someone likes challenging reading I recommend this on I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
The nitty gritty A story with a fascinating premise that is heavy on philosophical musings, this one just didn t work for me.
This is my first Karen Lord book, and I found out after I finished it that it s actually set in the same world as Redemption in Indigo I m wondering if I might have connected to the story if I d read that first, because unfortunately, I really struggled with this book Readers who need a solid plot to follow are probably going to struggle with this as well, since it s of a story of ideas than action This is one of those rare reviews where I m not even going to

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