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Û Untruly Yours Á Download by ☆ Smita Shetty To Some Natasha Iyer Has It All Living The Life Of An Affluent NRI, Wife Of A Prominent Psychologist And Mother To A Cheeky Year Old However, Behind Closed Doors, Cracks Are Beginning To Appear In Her Seemingly Comfortable Relationship With Her Professionally Consumed Husband, Rakesh Although Rakesh Seems Content With His Alpha Neatness Fetish Melodramatic Wife And Bright Son Natasha Yearns For Romance, Passion And Excitement Ironically, The Psychologist Husband Fails To read Between The Lines And Natasha Is Left To Her Own Devices To Deal With Her Unresolved Emotions An Unexpected Call From India Takes Her Through A Journey Of Self Discovery With Her Devastatingly Handsome Work Colleague, Steve She Uncovers In Some Aspects Urban India Has Changed Considerably But Equally, Deep Rooted Social Issues Still Prevail In The So Called Modern, Educated, Changing Society A Chance Encounter With Her Blast From The Past Veer, Adds To The Emotional Rollercoaster Ride Her One Man Woman Status Of Many Years Has Failed To Equip Her With Vital Tools To Deal With The Unanticipated Surge Of Attention From Steve And Veer As She Attempts To Master The Finer Points Of Courtship, Flirtation And Seduction Her Life Spirals Out Of Control Natasha Is Compelled To Make Tough Decisions About Her Love, Friendship, Marriage And Parenthood My review at my blog books can be judged by their cover This book, by Smita Shetty, is such a book The beautiful cover translates into the story which is simple and well narrated, mixed with the lightness of humor and the heaviness of emotions Perhaps meant to convey a deeper meaning, that intent doesn t detract the story which is crisp and enjoyable to read The characters are likeable and interesting If I felt something was cliched, it was the career driven husband which seems to be part of a lot of similar stories There was a botanical issue that caught my attention professionally, but there aren t a lot of them that caught my attention A book that is worth the money, and is re readable though not immediately after you ve done Sometimes you have to judge a book by its cover and that is probably what I did when I decided to read Untruly Yours by Smita Shetty The cover design is refreshing and the story summary at the back is extensive, rather very extensive I personally don t like than one paragraph of the summary written at the back cover of the book To me it was something like A spoiler alert I mean it almost revealed the whole story.
Shetty wrote a simple story that is spread across 146 pages the book takes you through the Journey of a modern era women who is starving for a spark in her relationship, which she fails to find in her love marriage she is been into for than a decade The story line is not new and have been a part of many fiction novels but, this book has its own good things to offer which over writes that old story tag.
The language used by author is very mature and clearly depicts that it h

This is a story revolving around a modern day female protagonist, Natasha Iyer Natasha is a Bengali girl, married to a Tamilian who has now earned the status of an NRI At first glance, she has it all A well to do husband, a glamourous job, an eleven year old son and friends and colleagues she can depend on But as one takes a closer look at her life, one realizes that not everything is as it seems Her husband is completely focused on his career and a son who is almost handful She doesn t get along well with her mother in law and has only her father in law who sympathizes with her End of the day, she is lonely and yearns for romance and companionship from her spouse When a call from India takes her on a trip back home, she decides to take some time in order to find h An unresponsive husband, a horrid mother in law, a neglected wife, a flirt ex flame and an attractive colleague Smita Shetty gets together an assortment of characters from the Indian diaspora to churn out a breezy read in her debut novel The book is easy on the head, the senses and the mood It is the kind of book that you would want to pick up on a travel because it makes you smile and it makes you feel good We Indians love a and they lived happily ever after ending and this one gives you exactly that Full Review

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