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[ Pdf We Could Be Brothers ¼ atlanta-campaign PDF ] by Derrick Barnes ↠´ This book was a very good book It showed what true friends should be like, both of the boys had each others back the whole time I really liked this book and I advise that everyone reads this book.
Two 8th grade African American boys from very different sides of the track Robeson and Pacino become unlikely friends when they bond during after school suspension because of a common enemy I was looking forward to this urban school story after hearing it promoted at a conference as short, readable, engaging and having great dialogue Unfortunately, I was disappointed The underlying messages about getting along with others, appreciating differences and striving for excellence are all great, but I don t think the presentation will work for teens Other reviewers here used words like preachy, didactic and heavy handed to describe the writing and I agree The characters felt too stereotypical to me, and the rapid developme I LOVE this book and will be recommending it to students all year long The powerful lessons of self respect will hit home with so many of my students A must read for teachers of those reluctant readers Hi interest tale for young teens about two eighth grade African American boys, one from an enriched background and one from a single parent, economically challenged background, who wind up becoming friends when both are wrongly accused of infractions and end up in after school detention The main characters are interesting as are the situations they face, and both have secrets Sometimes, though, the writing is strained in an attempt to be hip and the ending a bit too sweet What knocks the rating down to a three, for me, is the incredibly one dimensional female characters While one of the teen s mothers is an entrepreneur, we only see her cooking lasagna, and the one young woman, who s a love interest for one of Every year back when I was in middle school, my middle school would have an annual book fair So one year while at the book fair I came across the book We Could Be Brothers After reading the synopsis the book seemed to be very intriguing, so I decided to purchase it That same day when I got home from school I began to read it The book is about two boys who lead very different lives, a common bully brings the two boys closer together than they could have ever imagined That same night after reading the first couple of chapters I fell in love with the book The reason why I fell in love immediately is because the book creates suspense Another reason why I fell in love with the book is because it discusses the topic of bullying Bullying is a big topic throughout the U.
S especially within teenagers The book also teaches readers ab

Robeson and Pacino are 8th graders spending time in PSS Post School Suspension for their misbehavior Normally they wouldn t even talk to one another the prep from the suburbs and the tough guy from the hood United by their need to stay away from and fear of Tariq, the pair become fast friends and find out they have much in common than the thought This is a pretty simple story with some pretty obvious messages, but important ones try hard in school, show respect for yourself and your family, help one another any way you can, and Although the author s purpose is pretty very clear, the interesting and engaging characters and sharp, realistic dialogue help the reader over look the heavy handed approach The ending is a little too happily ever after , but the story that builds to a dramatic climax is worth it all.
My son read this book and he loved it He was 11 at the time.
First, based on the cover, I thought the book involve a variety of narrations from Pacino, Robeson and Tariq It does not First, Pacino acts all hard and then decides to be friends with Robeson It happens completely out of the blue in my opinion Robeson has zero personality, he preaches and preaches and preaches but he s believable because I definitely knew annoying know0it all kids like him when I was in junior high I m not so sure the author intended to make him sound so insufferable though but like Pacino, I was irritated at how he always quoted his father s life lessons at random moments Robeson s only flaw was that he wasn t a straight A student which isn t that serious since he s not in high school yet anyway Pacino s flaw might be that he uses the m word or likes to fight but neither of those is detrimental or explor I read this book a long, long, time ago I was in the 5th or 4th grade when I read this why I was reading these types of books when I was that age, I don t know Even though it has been quite a few years since I ve read it, it has always stuck with me I definitely recommended to everyone Like EVERYONE It was sad and moving, and an eye opener.
With Piercing Insight And Humor, Derrick Barnes Delivers A Fresh, Thoughtful Look At Two Very Different Teen Boys Thrown Together In After School Detention Robeson Battlefield And Pacino Clapton Meet In Detention, Where They Discover They Both Had Scuffles With The Same Person, Tariq Although The Boys Have Different Mannerisms Robeson Is Respectful Of The Girl Sharing Detention With Them And Lifestyles Pacino Lives In A Sketchy Part Of Town Robeson Lives In A Huge Well To Do House , They Become Friends As The Tension With Tariq Intensifies, Robeson Is Conflicted About What To Do His Father Insists On Nonviolence But Tariq Will Have None Of That And The Final Confrontation Is Fast Approaching

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