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[ Read Online What the Greek wants most ↠´ senegal PDF ] by Maya Blake ↠´ Theo our hero wants revenge He wants to ruin the man who tortured him and kidnapped him when he was only a child When he meets his enemy s stunning daughter his plans change He asks her to become his mistress in order to save her family s company But Inez doesn t know that her father is a monster or how he ruined Theo s life When she finds out Theo s secrets and his painful past she can t help feeling guilty She knows she is falling for Theo but she feels their love is an impossible love Great angsty read Hero is a dark tortured man but he is also very noble He treats Inez like a queen and he doesn t let bitterness poison their affair He is an alpha but a loving vulnerable hero I had some issues with Inez I hated that she abandoned Theo and walked away from him but I cou What the Greek wants most by Maya Blake is a well written romance based on enemies to lovers trope I felt the story moved a tad too fast for my taste but overall it was an enjoyable romance with likable characters.
Theo is a sexy charismatic hero who in his own words has many demons to deal with in his life He is claustrophobic and still has nightmares of what his enemy put him through In short he was the tortured alpha hero obsessed with revenge for a pretty good reason too Inez wants the freedom to live her own life ,without any interference from her father or brother She resists Theo s advances at first because she does not need man in her life to control her She is depicted as a smart heroine who longs for freedom but is pulled down at every turn Theo s back story and chara Hero had been tortured and held captive for two weeks when he was 17 on the orders of the heroine s father His own father was also a dirty businessman Now that the hero and his brother s have cleaned up their father s house and are billionaires, it s time for the youngest brother and third in the series to finally have his revenge.
He already has the heroine s father s business His next step is to discredit the man in the public eye because he is running for office in Brazil When he sees the beautiful heroine, he decides that seducing her and ruining her reputation will sully the father s campaign I guess not really sure how that works but it does in this universe Hero blackmails the heroine to be his mistress for three months he ll withhold his signature on the business deal and her father won t have campaign funds Heroine

Well, I did it, I read the third book in Maya Blake sThe Untamable Greeksseries, finishing the series out I read all three books in three days as I went on the journey with each of the Pantelides brothers and their love story I figured since I read the other two one after the other, that I misewell read this once since the series was pretty fresh in my mind plus I wanted the scoop on Theo and just the demons he was facing from his past and what woman would help him heal because of said demons My feeling of the book was that it was good and an enjoyable read that I could finish in one sit through and not be bored for a single second This was a great end to a great series feature these hunky Greek brothers with this on Theo Pantelides is a man bent on revenge A man with deep secrets, and a burning desire to finally punish the man that caused all his nightmares The daughter of his enemy will now fit nicely in to his plans.
Inez de Costa wants to escape her family obligations and get out from her father s punishing thumb Finding herself up against the enigmatic Theo Pantelides, she wonders if she is now in a worse situation But Theo is much than he seems.
Theo and Inez find there is much to work thru and the past that haunts Theo s nightsmares must be put to rest.
When I read a HP I exect the story to heroine focused I want to read her journey to happy ever after I want to see what motivates her I want to see her background explained What the Greek wants most is not that This is the hero s journey His story The romance is secondary That s why it failed for me It wasn t compelling I kept putting it aside to read other books.
I did like the hero was flawed and obessed with revenge I did like the heroine She wasn t a shrew tho the hero gave her reason to act like one Unfortunately the positives weren t enough to make this a book I could finish and enjoy.
Blake s emotionally powerful story is based on betrayals and retribution, beautifully staged in glittering Rio, featuring some distinctive local flavor RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.
Miniseries The Untamable Greeks Theo Pantelides Wants Revenge Theo Came To Brazil With One Desire To Destroy The Man Who Once Ruined His Life And When The Proud Greek Sets Eyes On His Enemy S Stunning Daughter, He Knows Victory Will Taste Even Sweeter With Her In His Bed Inez De Costa Wants Freedom Inez Longs To Escape Her Father S Shadow And Follow Her Own Dreams Not Be Blackmailed Into Becoming Someone S Mistress But It S A Thin Line Between Love And Hate, And Soon Theo Unlocks A Desire Virginal Inez Never Could Have Anticipated Now Theo And Inez Will Have To Reconsider What It Is They Both Want Most Of All Siempre hay un rayo de luz.
Sometimes I just don t get rich people Inez

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