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[Katherine Elizabeth Clark] ↠´ Where I End [wonder-woman PDF] Read Online ¼ Jesus teaches us to put our question in a way which is meaningful He tells us that we should not ask Why but To what end Jesus is a true Pastor For when we understand the change, we are no longer cloaked with terror We can breathe again We can cry and not be weary We can live by the profound peace in our hearts.
Everything changes under our hands if with our hand in the hand of our Lord we are ready to march forward to the great ends of God Our conscience is stained and we are guilty But being in the hand of Jesus,we may ask with fear and trembling, To what end and we may receive the answer of Paul In order that grace may be mightier, the cross greater, and the Lord dearer to us Where I End, p 194 195, 196 quoting Helmut Thielicke s Out of the DepthsI am tempted to end this review here, for this quote tells you all that you need to know about Where I End a Story of Tragedy, Truth Be prepared when you read this book and have a highlighter handy My book is covered page after page with highlighting This book touched my heart in such a profound way It strengthened my faith and gave me hope where I had none for certain situations in my life Katherine s love for Jesus and her calm faith radiated throughout this book and gave me such a boost in my spirit On a beautiful Spring day, Katherine is at her children s school playing tag on the playground when the most tragic and, truly crazy, thing happened to her A little boy had climbed to the top of a slide platform, climbed over the railings and jumped just as Katherine was passing underneath He landed on her head, breaking her neck and paralyzing her She went from being a runner, active woman to a paraplegic in the blink of an eye This book tells her story, in her own words, with heart felt beauty that bro Those Who Are Hidden In Jesus, Though They Suffer, Will Discover A Beautiful Ending Or Should I Say Beginning Than They Ever Could Imagine Katherine Clark Was Just An Average Wife And Mother With Two Young Children When She Was In A Tragic Playground Accident In Late May A Little Boy Playing On The Jungle Gym Jumped And Landed On Kate S Head, Knocking Her Over And Snapping Her Neck Kate Was Paralyzed From The Neck Down The Doctors Diagnosed Her With Quadriplegia And Said She Would Never Walk AgainThis Terrifying Prognosis Could Have Been The End Of The Story But Instead, God Chose To Work A Profound Miracle In Kate S Life And In The Life Of Her Family Where I End Tells The Incredible Story Kate Describes How God S Presence Carried Her Through The Trying Journey Of Re Learning To Walk, Both Physically And Spiritually Throughout, She Shares The Deep Theological Truths That Sustained Her As She And Her Family Traveled This Difficult RoadFor Fans Of Ann Voskamp, Sheldon Vanauken, And Joni Eareckson Tada, Where I End Offers Hope, Encouragement, And A Timely Reminder Of Who Jesus Is God With Us In A Reflective, Literary Style, Kate Invites Readers To See Pain And Suffering Within The Context Of God S Loving, Tender, Powerful Care And There Find Hope This book was really powerful and inspiring The story of Kate s accident and injury drew me in right away and I knew this would be a book I would finish quickly Not just because it is actually a really short book, but because it is so out of the ordinary I cannot imagine an innocent day playing with children on the playground turning into an absolute catastrophe but in Kate s case, that is exactly what happened She could have let that keep her down She could have believed the doctors when they said that she would never be able to get out of bed She could have let the pain and sorrow rule her life, but she didn t do any of these things Instead she prayed and put all her faith in God What a wonderful show of faith that was.
This book is not just about her accident and rehabilitation, however She describes what happened with her family an Publishers aren t always eager to print memoirs these days and for good reason I suppose I don t presume to know the ins and outs of publishing nor can I see the industry from their perspective As a reader however, Where I End by Katherine Elizabeth Clark, is the perfect example of why I wish the industry would be quicker to print these beautiful stories that hold timeless truths.
Katherine skillfully weaves hope through a story riddled with tragedy and sadness I was moved to tears but importantly, through this book, I was moved to reflection I hugged my children the next morning in a whole new way As a mother who has also experienced tragedy, I felt like I was right there with her In the pain, in the grief, and even in the triumph Her perspective on scriptural truths comes from a heart truly touched by the Master and that was clear throughout this book It was a super fast read yet Wow This was such an incredible story of faith in the midst of life shattering circumstances As someone who has seen God work miracles in my life and others I understood so much on an emotional level Maybe it is because I am a person who loves books and the written word I loved the many references from books that she has read as well as numerous examples from the bible I will say at times these other references overshadowed her own personal story but it also enriched it somehow This is a book that I picked up and could not put down We are broken people in a broken world so I feel this book is something that everyone will be able to relate to on some level We all encounter hardships and things that will forever change the course of our life This book is lovely With literary wealth and theological integrity, Where I End is a story that needs to be read and re read I was struck with the beautiful edgyness of Kate Clark s theology one that allows those who have been deeply wounded to be so, yet with hope.
The only faithful response to living this story is to tell it This is the personal, true story of a figurative journey through drastic life change, physical disability, and faith Kate Clark had embarked on another average suburban mom day of helping at her son s school, and mothering her younger daughter when a tragic accident altered that trajectory forever Playing at recess with the school children, Kate is the unsuspecting landing for a child s fall from the top of the jungle gym He breaks an arm, she severs her spinal cord and becomes a quadriplegic tetraplegia is the new correct term This book recounts in her own words her miraculous recovery beyond what any doctors suspected, her community of support and faith, and her own fai

I thought this book was inspiring and the story of Kate s accident and injury was what made me turning the pages right away This book also had me turning the pages because of the fact that Kate lives in my backyard, which also helped me to relate I cannot imagine how the innocence of playing with her children ended up with her being a paralygic However, just because she received a diagnosis doesn t mean she was going to allow her to keep her down I loved how her faith was strong in this book, but her book wasn t just about her accident or Rehab She talks about what it was like for her family to go through the process and for her children I think this book was great and inspiring I found her story to be strong and encouraging This book will profoundly impact you, change your attitude and help your faith I received an a I couldn t finish this It wasn t for me or I wasn t in the mood for it It is also cringe worthy In fact that Katherine has the worst thing happening to her When she plays with some kids, she fractures her back and doesn t feel anything from neck to toes any And I cried and had shivers through my skin.
It was painful to read and I am sorry for the author Maybe she got through this safely in the end, but I couldn t know I don t think I ll ever try to read this book There are a lot of books out there.
5 stars for this one.

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