¿ Wolf Protector (Federal Paranormal Unit, #1) Û Download by  Milly Taiden

¿ Wolf Protector (Federal Paranormal Unit, #1) Û Download by  Milly Taiden As a recent shifter convert, I am constantly looking for my next fix I love the fated mate concept What I prefer is the hero to be true to his mate That was not the case with this story.
Trent is a sexy wolf shifter who works for the Federal Paranormal Unit of the FBI He knows his coworker, Erica, is his fated mate but she is resistant to his charm Trent was described as a womanizer on than one occasion.
Erika was a loner She had been abandoned by her mother because of her special gift and was tossed around in the foster system She was very apprehensive about trusting anyone because she s only ever had one person she could trust, her boss Brock When Trent showed interest, Erica knew better than to trust him because of seeing him with women in the office sexy wolf shifter loner heroine who isn t quick to trust no om drama no o There s a serial killer on the lose, and the victims keep piling up Who better to go on the hunt than the brave men and women of the Federal Paranormal Unit Each member is other and they all have special abilities that aid in solving various crimes The unit is a small, tight knit group Join Trent and Erica as they try to bring the murderer to justice while trying not to give in to their sizzling attraction.
As usual with all Milly Taiden characters, the heroines are tough on the outside with a sensitive side they like to keep hidden The heroes are all alpha males, gorgeous, protective, and undeterred when it comes to winning their women over Erica doesn t want to be attracted to Trent, not just because of his reputation as a ladies man, but she can t afford to let him get too close lest he figure out what her ability is But their newest case has them wo Wolf ProtectorMilly TaidenLatin Goddess PressShifter ParanormalErica is a member of The Federal Paranormal Unit an elite squad of people with supernaturalabilities Erica s is that she can sense what happpens to victims by touching something of theirs But she also has trust issues with people accepting her ability But someone evil is out there killing and butchering young girls There is just one little hitch, trying to keep her hands off super hot Trent Buchanan who has abilities of his own Trent is a wolf shifter who has always recognized that Erica as his mate He has had a hardtime keeping his feelings for Erica to himself But when they go out on assign to track the serial killer sparks fly WOLF PROTECTOR is an edgy, erotic paranorma

This book is full with suspense and hot passion.
Erica has special powers that help her team but she doesn t let anyone know except her leader It has always caused problems for her and she is better if she just puts up a front that she doesn t need anyone Underneath she has a soft heart that has been broken way too many times She has feelings for Trent but knows he can get any woman he wants.
Trent knows that Erica is his mate and has been trying for years to get her to admit her feelings for him He doesn t know how bad she has been hurt or what secrets that she keeps so that no one will ever hurt her again He is one sexy beast and just the sound of his voice can turn you on.
There s a killer on the lose and they need to find out who he is so that he will stop killing women The problem is that the team will have to trust each other like never before and reveal some of their secrets Will This has to be my favorite book by Milly Taiden, hands down.
It s a story of love, romance, hot sex, murder, mystery and friendship It has everything Trent is one hot shifter, out to do anything to protect his mate, even if she dosen t know she is his mate yet Ericka fights her constant attraction to Trent, who she says is a womanizer Together they make sparks fly, with their sexual tension and their witty banter They are surrounded by a great team, their leader Brock The mysterious Brock who watches out for Ericka and tries to keep her safe from herself, and others Tony Ramirez, another hot shifter laid back and very protective of his team mates Jane the hot computer tech She s a bit of a loner, incredibly intelligent and not afraid to stand up for herself Together they make an unbeatable team The murder mystery was intersting and Favorite Line And she would rather wax her nipples in public than admit it to himMy Fairy ReviewI love when I find a book that never has a dull moment Wolfs Protector is that book The first page really sets the book It was just action packed and sexy all the way through Erika guards her heart and her secret I loved her Trent, sigh was just a sexy, cocky, yummy wolf that I think is my new favorite wolf of all of Milly s wolves They both work for the Federal Paranormal Unit and there is a killer on the loose Can Erika s gift help them find the killer Guess you will have to read the book to find out Oh did I mention that Trent wants Erika No Well he wants her, his wolf wants her and he will do whatever he has to make Erika his mate.
Milly s books are always steamy and I love them this one I loved than the other, Who doesn t love a hot shifter Really enjoyed the suspense, Erica, Trent , and the gang Steamy hot, strong characters, and a good story.
A Woman With A Secret The Federal Paranormal Unit Is An Elite Squad Of Supernaturals Dedicated To Solving Missing Persons Cases Erica S Gift Allows Her A Special Connection With The Crime, But It Comes At A Deep Personal Cost Until Now, She S Kept Her Gift A Secret, Even From The Other Members Of The Team But This Case Will Throw Her Together With Agent Trent Buchanan He S The Object Of Her Secret Desires, But He S Also A Cocky Womanizer She D Rather Swim In Shark Infested Waters With A Paper Cut Than Admit She Has Feelings For HimA Man With One Desire Wolf Shifter Trent Wants Erica Than He S Ever Wanted Any Woman He S Spent Years Patiently Waiting For Her To Admit That She Wants Him Too Working One On One In A Race To Find A Serial Killer, Trent S Patience And Erica S Resolve Wear Thin When Trent Discovers The Truth About Erica, Will He Accept Her For Who She Is And Can He Protect Her From The Horrors That Her Gift Brings A Case That Pushes Them To The Edge Erica Will Have To Risk It All If She Wants To Stop The Killer, And When She Does, Trent May Have To Put His Own Life On The Line To Make Sure His Mate Is Protected I had a lot of fun reading this book and loved all of the bantering and antics among the characters as well as the mystery and vast paranormal element Oh and the sexual build and sex scenes between the two main characters HOT A definite must read for any paranormal romance fans that enjoy a fun, exciting, mysterious and sensual read Erica and Trent are very loveable and definitely my favorites from the character cast Loved their teasing, chemistry, team work and back stories.
I look forward to seeing where Milly will go next in the series I have a feeling we re in for a lot fun I loved this book Milly Taiden writes an amazing book with characters taht you fall in love with easily Always leaving you wanting Ericka is insecure about her abilities and Trent is a hot shifter who doesnt know how Ericka will handle his secret They both work for the Federal Paranormal Unit of the FBI Everyone on teh team has some kind of ability I look forward to getting to read everyone story I love the closeness of the group and the easy banter between them all The sex is hot and out of this world

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