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[Sherie Holbrook Labedis] ↠´ You Came Here to Die, Didnt You [global-warming PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Sherie Labedis Recounts History In The Making By Turns Terrifying, Touching, And Provoking, Her Experience As One Of A Handful Of White College Students Registering Black Voters In Rural South Carolina During The Summer Of Is Riveting This Memoir Validates That Committed People Can Make A Difference

I loved the book.
An innocent young 18 year old who believes in doing the right thing signs up for a summer program sponsored by Martin Luther King That bold decision changes her life and the lives of those around her He appealed to my sense of righteous indignation How could Negroes be refused the right to vote Sherie Holbrook Labedis had the courage to leave the comfort of her life in California to travel to South Carolina to really make a difference, to help make things right This was dangerous business in 1965 Sherie is an inspiring woman whose story helps us to understand the dynamics and dangers of the time, especially for those who stood up against bigotry and discrimination Reading this story inspired me to want to be the best I can be Thank you, Sherie for having the courage to step out and be part of a mov Disclaimer I served as editor on this book.
Sherie has written an important book Until now, most of the books about The Movement were by African Americans or academics During the summer of 1965, Sherie went to the rural South to register voters many of whom couldn t even write their names She shows truly shocking living conditions, was driving a car forced off the road by the KKK and one of the young black men was dragged from the car and beaten The local school and church were torched so close she felt the heat from the flames.
Many photo illustrations, updates on many of the people involved both white and black and passionately written.
Available on her website www.
com If you know anyone involved with Black Studies at a college or university, please steer them to this book.

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