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[James H. Austin] ↠´ Zen-Brain Horizons [islamism PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ A Neurologist And Zen Practitioner Clarifies The Benefits Of Meditative Training, Drawing On Classical Buddhist Literature And Modern Brain ResearchIn Zen Brain Horizons, James Austin Draws On His Decades Of Experience As A Neurologist And Zen Practitioner To Clarify The Benefits Of Meditative Training Austin Integrates Classical Buddhist Literature With Modern Brain Research, Exploring The Horizons Of A Living, Neural ZenWhen Viewed In The Light Of Today, The Timeless Wisdom Of Some Zen Masters Seems Almost To Have Anticipated Recent Research In The Neurosciences The Keen Attentiveness And Awareness That We Cultivate During Meditative Practices Becomes The Leading Edge Of Our Subsequent Mental Processing Austin Explains How Our Covert, Involuntary Functions Can Make Crucial Contributions To The Subtle Ways We Learn, Intuit, And Engage In Creative Activities He Demonstrates Why Living Zen Means Much Than Sitting Quietly Indoors On A Cushion, And Provides Simplified Advice That Helps Guide Readers To The Most Important Points

Not entirety sure what to make of this book The appendices were quite interesting The neuroscience bits quite over my head and sometimes eye glaze inducing Kind of an odd cycling between Buddhist stuff and the Science stuff with change in tone and register at each juncture also switches between the first person and the author Neat to hear about all the random fun with fMRIs experiments though I kind of suspect I ll be wanting to read his earlier books for a coherent experience This one was worthwhile, just left me with an uncertainty about what I d just read and the urge to take a walk on a nature trail.
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